Chilly, Boots & B**bs

We’ve had some really nice winter weather this week in Florida. 50’s at night, high 60’s during the day. ‘Tis a lovely time because we know it will soon be over and it’ll feel like our eyeballs are melting just walking to the mailbox to pick up all the junk mail. Time to dust off my cute boots and break out that cardigan that hasn’t seen the light of day in a year.

GA leaves as we only have palm fronds down here.

The Coach opened up all the doors and windows yesterday and 15 minutes later, I closed them all because I was cold.

Nothing really exciting to talk about today. Can you imagine?

But something funny that I finally noticed. Our friend Kelly took this photo of us on the front porch of our Georgia home many months ago. I made the pic my desktop screensaver many MONTHS AGO. It wasn’t until last week that I noticed I was being felt-up by the bear. Or the Coach. Or both.

Excuse me, but I had my mammogram in August

I hope everyone is healthy and moderately happy today.


20 thoughts on “Chilly, Boots & B**bs

  1. Love those boots! Reminds me I have some cute boots that I’ve stopped wearing since I’ve retired. Hmmm…could it be that the cute boot time in my life is over??? Nah, it’s just because of the pandemic and not going anywhere much. Whew…crisis averted.

    Lovely looking home in Florida!


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  2. I took when Lad was days old. I was going through photos to find a good one to put in his birth announcement. There was a beautiful pic of Lad. He was smiling, I know, prob gas. It wasn’t until a bit later that I almost died laughing. I was with my Mom. She was like WHAT???? Um, Lad was laying in my lap and in the bottom corner of the pic was my naked breast. I guess I’d just finished feeding him. My mom and I were doubled over. Imagine if I’d sent that pic out?

    Nothing quite like cute boots. Envious of your weather.

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  3. Melanie Galliano

    Cute shoes! I live in flip flops. Funny how us southern gals can’t handle cool temps. Below 70 and I’m cold! I think the bear really really liked you, lol!

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