New Office Duds; Who Has The Best View?

Callie and I made an impromptu trip to GA this past week for a little pet project. I’ll share my little situation with you later this week; it’s kind of adorable.

*Vague much?*

~~Hey, if ya’ll want me to stop blogging about this darn house, just let me know. But, I’m not gonna. Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

While I was here though our desks that we had ordered way back in October were finally finished and were delivered. We commissioned them from the same gentleman who made our fantastic dining room table. Oh and a bench that is in our master bedroom. I thought I blogged about the finished dining table, but can’t locate it. Did I share a pic of the dining table? I can’t tell you how obsessed I am with it. Wait, I just eluded that I was obsessed, so there you go, problem solved. All amish made (no bolts/screws) and the tops are locally sourced Georgia pine, just stained.

It’s a dreary, cold and blustery day in N. Ga. Perfect for napping, reading and snuggling.

There is a ‘morning room’ off of our master bedroom. Well, that is what the GOLDEN PLANS called it; a morning room. Or is it mourning? Can I use it after hours? WHO THE HELL KNOWS. The previous owners had one desk and a daybed in there. Maybe they napped in there. IN THE MORNING.

A set of French doors leading to the morning/mourning room. I need a rug, but a dog bed will suffice for now.

The Coach wanted to make it a dedicated office for both of us, so we ordered two matching Amish made/Georgia finished desks. Are we disgustingly cute or what? Say it! My goal is to be disgustingly cute and in-love forever.

Coach’s desk. I gave him the printer and better view because he works a tad bit more than I do. And you know a tad bit means a helluva lot.

We are using extra dining room chairs for now, but eventually we’ll have dedicated desk chairs, but not really ‘desk’ chairs because, you know, aesthetics and all.

Suz’s desk. All I can think of when I look out the window is:

Merry Christmas! SHITTER’S FULL!

And for real, the wind is blowing SO hard that the door to the shitter keeps opening up….I have visions of the darn thing flipping over and toppling down the hill. I can smell it now…

Why the pretty porto-potty you ask? Doesn’t Suz and Coach have enough bathrooms? It’s for the big hardscape/landscape project going on in the backyard. Surely our new neighbors love us.

I wasn’t even gonna blog today, but seeing that potty out there just cracks me up. I hope everyone is having a lovely day whether looking at the mountains, a snow covered backyard or a pretty turquoise toilet in the driveway.

Bee well!


25 thoughts on “New Office Duds; Who Has The Best View?

  1. Oh that table! So pretty. And the bench. How lucky that the French doors to the morning room OPEN. What a perk. I love how Callie is in the photo – looks like one of those magazine shoots. Pets and all. Maybe I should’ve gotten Coach a dedicated desk because he has yet to open his file cabinet. But where would we put a desk for him? In our room? Then where would we put the twin’s pack and plays. Yes, please blog about your house – clearly those of us with non-magazine esque home need to live vicariously through you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the doors work. Who would’ve thunk it?
      Callie usually isn’t too far from the Mama.
      Do you think your Coach would use a desk? I think he’s so used to his chair, there is no changing him.


  2. Leslie W

    I think the Morning room may be the same size of my actual bedroom.. i have to turn sideways to walk along my husbands side of the bed. lol.
    LOOOOOVE the table. It’s totally understandable why you would be obsessed with it.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bijoux

    That is a lovely view, except for the potty. I’ve never heard of a morning room, but I’m wondering if it faces the East and gets full sun in the morning? Usually, rooms off the bedroom are just called sitting rooms, which is a dumb name, too!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Maddie

    Please keep the GA house posts coming! Honestly don’t know what I love more – the interior or the gorgeous views (well…. not the Potty one). The view of the mountain from your sofa makes my heart sing. Though now I’m all anxious… is that a mountain? A ridge? Whatever it is – it is peaceful & must be wonderful to greet every morning. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! The views are amazing and the funny thing was when we first saw the house we thought the views were ‘meh’…could be better. But we’ve grown to really love and appreciate all of it. There is a mountain ridge behind us….and then mountains and possibly more ridges. 😉


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