Libby~Lillie~Libby And Another Genius Idea I Didn’t Come Up With

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement regarding our adoption of Lillie. I’ve aptly nicknamed her Little Bit or Lillie Bell, and sometimes I sing that darn Libbys song, but change Libby to Lillie and she looks at me like I’m insane because I might be.

Are you old enough to remember the annoying as hell jingle?

When it says Libby’s Libbys Libby’s on the label label label

You will like it like like it on your table table table.

How come I can remember nonsense like that but can go blank trying to remember what 8 x 9 is?

Anyhoo, the point of this post is that if I could, I would deliver to each of you a beautiful bouquet of flowers. But when I say bouquet, I’d like for you to actually hear me as I pronounce it boo-ket. I’m all sorts of classy.

File this under WHY CAN’T I COME UP WITH CLEVER THINGS? Have you seen these? {Freshcut Paper, Pop-Up Flowers}

I found them in a gift shop and purchased one to send to my Uncles widow. She is stuck in her house and lonely. I just know they will cheer her up. It was 10$ and only takes only 3 stamps and you can drop it in with regular mail.

Paper flowers. *sigh* I thought it was the cutest and most clever thing I’ve seen in a while. And they’re made with recycled paper which is my favorite paper.

No water required and the flowers will never die; like my love for you and wine. I love you both. Mostly wine, but it would nice to share it with you. The wine. And a boo-ket of paper flowers.

Am I rambling? It’s hard to tell anymore.

You can order them online directly but I can only assume that Amazon has them too. Is there anything Amazon doesn’t sell? Bueller. Bueller? I thought it was super cute, but maybe I was just feeling hormonal or joyful. Again, who knows anymore.

Happy Humpday. I’m told that’s a thing.


19 thoughts on “Libby~Lillie~Libby And Another Genius Idea I Didn’t Come Up With”

  1. Yes, I remember Libby’s commercial. Does that brand still exist? I’ve seen ads in my social media feeds for paper flower pop-up cards similar to that bouquet. They really are pretty.

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  2. I remember the Libby’s commercial and if I was you I’d be singing it all the time now, too. The pop-up flowers are lovely. Thanks for the link to them. I bet my MIL in a nursing home would get a kick out of them and they would be easy for her to handle. 🤔

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    1. Ally, I asked the ladies in the gift shop: “Please show me how this works so I can make sure Joani can open it.” She’s older, but even when she was younger she wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box. It really is easy, plus the directions are IN BIG PRINT. 🙂

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  3. I do not remember that commercial. I was born a few days shy of 1971. It is cute and the next time I want to buy meat in a can, I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for Libby’s.

    Glad to hear Lillie is settling in so much that she’s picked up a nickname AND a song.

    Those flowers are really fun and I’m sure they will brighten your aunt’s day, and brighten many days since they don’t die.

    I tried to return something from a place that isn’t Amazon last night and they wouldn’t let me because I missed the window. More on that in an upcoming blog gripe session, but it has me loving Amazon even more.

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  4. Those paper flowers are awesome! And I’m happy to say we never had that commercial or gawdawful jingle in Canada. One less scar, sweet Jeezus, one less scar.

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  5. I DO remember the Libby’s commercial! Wait until you see next month’s tater tot post. JUST WAIT. You are gonna love it.
    I am so excited about those flowers! I am going to send some to my mom. I hope she isn’t reading this now because I sent your blog to her a few months ago knowing she’d love your humor.
    Oh well, she will still love it, anyway. 🙂

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    1. Well, dang it. I can’t wait until the tater tot post now!
      I hope you get your Mom some flowers…paper or real. both are splendid.
      I hope she reads my silliness; that makes me so happy.

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  6. I remember that jingle…and now it’s stuck in my brain!

    What a great idea re: the “flowers.” I’ve seen random ads on the internet but you’ve given me the idea to send some to my mother in law. Thanks!

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  7. Well, I wasn’t born yet so I don’t know that Libby’s commercial! I adore those popup flowers. I had never seen them before but I know several ladies in my card exchange group who would love them. I just looked and Amazon does have them – yay!

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