I Suppose I Could Collect Stamps; But doesn’t that Seem Too Mainstream For Me?

I might need to rename my blog because I mention teeth a lot around here; my current teeth, my kids baby teeth, my baby teeth. Busy Bee Talks Teeth. It has an odd ring to it.

A few weeks ago when Callie and I were heading to GA to meet/adopt Lillie, I dropped a box of butterfly chrysalis off to Lolo’s house; she lives an hour north of us. I couldn’t leave the chrysalis with Coach, because most days he leaves before the sun comes up and comes home after the sun goes down, and the butterflies need to be released while it’s sunny out. Lolo had a blast being a butterfly Mom. She released about 12-15 while I was away.

She had a few that didn’t quite make it, this sometimes happens. It’s nature and sometimes I loathe nature. After the first one died she asked if she should put it in her compost, bury it or throw it out.

I said, it doesn’t really matter what you do with them, but at home, I keep them in a bowl on the craft table.

Lolo: “WHAT? That might be more disturbing than saving baby teeth.”

Behold, my bowl of dead butterflies, right next to my House Hippo and our weird hand mould.

I find them all over the yard; they have such a short life span, it makes sense that I would find them here, dying in their oasis.

I asked her: What are you gonna do with your babies teeth one day? Just toss them in the trash?

Lolo, not missing a beat: Probably. OR I’ll grind them up and add them in a smoothie.

I had a good laugh at this because we still can’t get over women ingesting their own placenta after giving birth. Lordy, I hope that was just a phase. If you ate/drank your own placenta, please do not tell me, nor invite me over for dinner.

I digress. See how I can go from butterflies, to old teeth to eating body parts? It’s a problem.

After I started writing this post, I went to the my garage fridge to retrieve something to prepare for dinner. Lo and behold I found a white peacock butterfly; dead as a doornail on the floor, just waiting to join the others.

My home; Where They Come To Life and then Rest For Eternity. Dang, that sounds like an advertisement for my stories a soap opera.

Does anyone else collect things that might be umm, uh, unconventional?

Have a great weekend doing whatever it is that you do while we’re not together.


22 thoughts on “I Suppose I Could Collect Stamps; But doesn’t that Seem Too Mainstream For Me?”

  1. Hmmm… I don’t know what to think about the dead butterfly collection. People used to pin dead butterflies to boards, so I guess that putting them in a decorative bowl is kinder. Yep, I’m going to think that you’re kindness personified with this collection. And most clever. And a little off your nut, but that’s why I like you.

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  2. Well, if nothing else its a good conversation piece or subject for a blog post! At least they’re dried up (I assume) and not rotting corpses! I never could figure out the benefit of eating the placenta. Gross!

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  3. Oh, dead butterflies… this is so sad yet beautiful too. So, they don’t look dead. That’s so odd. They look alive. I guess I don’t know what living butterflies are SUPPOSED to like either. I am very new to all of this. I need to digest this.

    Of course, I didn’t flinch with the baby teeth comment either. 😉

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    1. Now I’m wondering if I should pin them on a board and sell them on etsy. They look alive, but since they’re not moving, I can only assume they’re dead. I DID not check for a pulse though….

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      1. Are they selling such a thing on Etsy??
        They are beautiful, honestly. In that bowl, they don’t look creepy. They are very calming. I am sure there is a huge market for them because so many people believe that loved ones manifest as butterflies.

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  4. Um, hair. I collect hair from first haircuts . . . but as long as we are confessing things, I have collected hair beyond first haircuts too. But just pretty hair. Hello, have you seen Curly’s hair? I have enough hair from Curly’s head to decorate something. Keep it in a Waterford bowl on the dining room table perhaps? I haven’t done that and I won’t. Maybe I could make a statue (like your hands) of her head and then glue the hair to it. I’m kidding. I stick a piece of paper in the baggie of hair in my archives, like: Curly’s haircut, age 4. I’m sure she will appreciate it one day and not think I’m weird. She’s my velcro kid, so I think there is very little I would do that would make her think I was nutty.

    I love how Lolo was your surrogate butterfly mama.

    Placenta eating? Hell to the no. I almost gagged on those prenatal vitamin/horse pills. That’s as healthy as I get. Besides, whose to say that the placenta is gluten free?

    My mom used to catch butterflies, stick ’em in the freezer in an empty cool whip container, and then display them in a small glass case with some bits of branches and things. It was the early 80s.

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    1. I have a feeling that YOUR placenta was gluten-free.
      I still can’t get over your mom catching LIVE butterflies and freezing them. She needs an intervention of sorts.


  5. I don’t collect anything too far out there, but I did date a woman once who kept the bleached skulls of her deceased pet cats in her bedroom and the ashes of her deceased son in the living room. I bet you she had baby teeth stashed somewhere too, but luckily I never saw those.

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  6. Weird collection other than baby teeth – I can’t think of any (that doesn’t mean I don’t though, I’m sure after I hit “post comment” I’ll remember something).

    Kari’s right – they do look alive and very pretty in your bowl. Don’t pin them to a board – that seems cruel…even if they are dead.

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  7. I’m not sure I could enjoy my coffee sitting next to a bowl of dead butterflies, but that’s me! I’ve never actually seen a dead butterfly in the wild, but I live where the sun doesn’t shine, so there’s that. . .

    I’ve saved all the postcards I’ve ever received and all my kids’ postcards bought during family vacations, so I guess you could call it a collection.

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    1. I raise a lot of butterflies and I think a lot of them spend their entire lives on our property or at least close, so it makes sense for them to end their time here. We have sunshine almost all of our days here, so the butterflies flourish in this climage.
      I LOVE postcards. I have all of mine that have been sent to me and occasionally I will purchase one or two while traveling just to keep.


  8. I’ve always thought that the pinned boards of butterflies were sad and sadistic. I mean, I know they weren’t pinned on there when they were alive (at least…I hope they weren’t), but that’s what it makes me think of, some poor struggling butterfly, trying to break free.

    Your dish of dead butterflies oddly doesn’t weird me out much. It’s way less icky than having them all in an album or something.

    And–I once saw someone selling a feather, a branch, and a leaf on etsy. It was advertised as A Nature Vignette. SIGH.

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  9. a bowl of butterflies. huh. (i have the same bowl… you probably strong armed me into buying it at a party!) and i haven’t done our hand mold yet – i know i had a valentine gift for him and i just didn’t remember. i have the kids baby teeth in my jewelry box…maybe i could bury them in the plaster hand stuff?

    you can be bought 🙂 ha! i might feel bad for your kids but this is definitely win win for YOU! xo


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