2021 Can Return The Unwanted Gifts, My New Bestie And I’m Starting To Feel Like A Chatty Cathy.

Happy Friday to all 8 of you!

Baby, it’s hot outside.

My heart breaks for all of you who are going through winter hell right now. Pretty shitty of you 2021. NO power? NO water? That’s horrid. I spoke to my girlfriend who lives in North Texas and they were without power for over 40 hours. She said it was 45 degrees INSIDE their home and they slept in ski clothes. That does not sound pleasant at all. I certainly wish we could send some warmth and sunshine to everyone affected. As I type this (Thursday afternoon) it’s 85*. I took the dogs out to the sundeck for a bit to catch some Vitamin D and enjoy the breeze and butterflies who were swarming us.

I’ve dealt with no power/water from hurricanes, but we were never COLD at the same time. I’m sending good vibes, positive mojo and prayers out there for all affected because I just can’t imagine.

Transition to Lillie and my needy ass self.

Do I blog talk too much?

Thinking of taking a break. Not for me. FOR YOU. I feel like you might be over of my being repetitive about dogs, butterflies, Georgia, and my disdain for olives. Goodness. Just typing that word and I can smell ’em. Oh and teeth. Here I go again…

I have this image of me taking a long blog break, I come back, start to type something and then I have to say: Oh, I can’t share that with you because “WE WERE ON A BREAK!”

Friends might have been my most favorite (light hearted) sitcom ever.

But before I jump ship, your life would not be complete without knowing this: The Coach and I can NOT get over Lillie’s apparent overbite. She shows us her teeth even when she’s not threatening to eat us. We giggle about it all the time. And that led me to wonder: Does SHE actually have an overbite or is she afflicted with very small lips? OR is she smiling at us? Maybe she’s JUST one of those weird people who smiles all the time.

WHO KNOWS? This is The Question for 2021.

It’s both the weirdest and cutest thing ever. She reminds me of this guy:

Also, I’m completely smitten with her, you could say borderline obsessed.

Totally didn’t need to type borderline.

Did you notice I referred to her as a ‘people’ up there?

That’s all I’ve got to say about that. (~Forrest Gump!)

The Coach is coaching ALL weekend, so if you need me I’ll be working in the yard, brushing Lillie’s teeth OR stretching her lips.

Whats on the agenda for the weekend? Do we even call it a weekend anymore?


32 thoughts on “2021 Can Return The Unwanted Gifts, My New Bestie And I’m Starting To Feel Like A Chatty Cathy.

  1. You’ve heard of ‘NO SOUP FOR YOU’ – different sitcom, can you guess: YES, ding, ding, ding – Seinfeld . . . my version: ‘NO BREAKS FOR YOU’, dang it. How would I get through my weekend without thinking of you stretching Lillie’s lips? I mean, MAYBE I’d survive without the video of the lovely Florida weather. Don’t mind me, I’m just jealous. It’s really cold here and I can’t remember the last year we had this much snow, but we have heat. No heat or water or electricity would be awful.

    We have a pretty busy weekend with some visitors coming for the weekend and Curly has travel ball on Sunday and Mini has a game tonight and tomorrow and Reg plays tonight. I used to be accustomed to busy, so this is a throw back.

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    1. Throwback—too funny.
      I wish I could share the weather….personally I’d like it to be about 10 degrees cooler here and you can have my 10 degrees in warmth.


  2. What a great headshot of Lillie. And her charming teeth. Seriously, if you don’t have that in an 8×10 someplace, then you’re not a good Dog Mom.

    I’m apparently on a Blog Hiatus of my own. I am so buried in snow and despair in NEO that I just can’t seem to do anything but play Wordscapes on my phone and feel resentful. We are taking the granddog to the lake for the weekend just for something new. If Zydrunas can’t help us, no one can.

    Finally, I love olives. All of (olive?) them. Where do you land on raw oysters?

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    1. Now I’ve got to run to Walgreens and print that photo or my Dog Mom Card will be revoked.

      A trip to the lake with the granddog will be just what you both need! If you take pictures, then you have a new blog post to share.

      Oysters? Can YOU SEE THE FACE I AM MAKING? It’s not good.


  3. You most definitely do NOT blog/talk too much. I enjoy your insights and ramblings and photos and whatevers. Lillie is going to steal this blog, btw. She is a star now.

    I’ve been without electricity and no heat in the middle of winter, but our water was running so that made it more bearable. I cannot imagine how stressed I’d be if I was in the mess that TX is going through.

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    1. I feel like Lillie was meant to be famous.
      Thank you for the compliments; I will forge on, but maybe after a little break.
      Poor Texas—they are not prepared for this at all; especially those in the South.

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  4. First, DO NOT TAKE A BREAK. *WE WERE ON A BREAK (said like Ross)
    I think you should try Gilmore Girls. Have you ever watched it? Very light hearted and funny. You will love the humor.

    Second, I feel for the people in Texas too. I am shocked your friend even had ski clothing. Most don’t even have that. I am so upset for all of them and what they must feel and be going through. After last year, most of us don’t have the mental capacity to deal with a blow like that.

    Keep writing about the dogs, the butterflies, hell, write about the shape of your bowel movements. WHO CARES. Just write. I don’t even have a post lined up for Monday. I have been writing as it comes. That is how mushy my brain is as of late.

    Nothing for the weekend. Just muddling as we do. 🙂

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    1. Back at the beginning of the pandemic, I did start watching Gilmore girls after you shared something about them. I think I watched the first two seasons and then forgot about them. That’s how I am. Forgetful.
      Our TX friends love to go skiing yearly to Colorado, so they were prepared in that aspect. I’m shocked they don’t have a fireplace though….so, I’ll have to question them about that part.
      I’m not going to write about the shape of my BMs. Are you nuts? I’ll only blog about the frequency, urgency, and bad timing, but never the shape, that’s just TMI.

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      1. Sometimes mine do have nuts! You are so smart!

        Oh and I was going to comment that we were watching Forrest Gump last night for the 900th time. Love that movie. I’ll tell the story about how it relates to my dog in my blog bc that’s content and I can’t squander content. 😉

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  5. and softball has begun again! i’m here for you 🙂
    I am just in shock over texas… thankful that our family lives on the same grid of the hospital so they are warm… and have invited others in. ugh. i’d send some of this heat their way in a heartbeat.

    a break? oh come on… this world needs your humor!

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  6. Bijoux

    Dang girl, that looks heavenly right now. Unfortunately, I do know what it feels like to be cold and without power. Fortunately, we avoided that this round. You can’t quit blogging when I just found you!

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  7. Maddie

    Happy Friday! Lilly sparkles in her photos. Those teeth, the jaunty ear angle. That’s charisma baby. Callie pictures also get me. She looks like she thinks deep thoughts and has much wisdom to share. Also the photo of Max doing taxes (praying I’m remembering his name correctly. Photo was a few posts back.). I laughed so hard I almost hyper ventilated! The world needs this right now!

    Tho dude if I had 85 degrees and butterflies and flowers and my dream kitchen/ lanai combo that is your beautiful kitchen/ lanai… Well.
    I will understand if you take a breather though you *will* be missed. Your blog always puts me in a sunny, kind mood. How do you dooo that?

    Speaking of sun. Oh those poor Texans. I hope sun heads their way soon. I’m just stunned at what’s happened. I have been through a very bad ice storm and also a bad hurricane. Both times we discovered how awesome our local fire department is (up and helping before the sun!), how amazing our neighbors are, etc. It breaks my heart to read what’s going on in Texas.

    Enjoy your break. If you really need one, I guess it is okaaaaay 🙂

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    1. She certainly does have a lot of charisma….well, I suppose that is what we would call it.
      Yes, Max is my granddog and he’s versed in all things mathematical.
      I agree, first responders are always such a gift when we need them.
      Thank you for the sweet compliments; I’ll make sure the break isn’t so long that I’m forgotten.


  8. Oh please do not take a break. I do not always comment but I most certainly read and enjoy every post you share. Lilly is cute as can be, what a lucky girl. She reminds me of Brooke’s mom’s doggie that is a rescue. Only one snow here this year…about three inches and it melted within twenty four hours. Wishing you guys a great weekend. Mildred

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  9. My poor friends in Houston! It has been total hell for them. Even if they had a crystal ball to see it coming six months in advance – they still wouldn’t have been prepared. They just don’t have the equipment/know how to clear the roads, etc. And, they probably figured at worst, the weather would last a couple of hours tops. I can’t tell you how many times, when I lived there, we’d be warned that winter weather was coming and it never really showed up much less lasted for days and days.

    The cold, snow and ice was bad enough – to be subjected to no power or water (which most of them still don’t have) made everything even worse.

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  10. Oh, I HOPE you don’t take a blog break, because your blog is a real highlight for me. I love your dogs and butterflies and Georgia stuff. I also think that living in Florida in the winter would be amazing, 85 degrees what the what. That sounds glorious.

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  11. Debra She Who Seeks

    Hi Suz — Sometimes, on certain WordPress blogs, my comments post correctly, yet other comments go mysteriously to the recipient’s spam file. I don’t know why, but they just do. Two of my comments on this post have posted successfully and two have disappeared — can you check your spam file to see if that’s where they went? Sorry to be a pest. But others may be ending up there too? Thanks. (I hope this comment posts!)

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  12. 16blessingsmom

    Well go ahead and abandon us! I’m up here in the frozen tundra, with MORE snow pummeling us here today, and you’re afraid you’ve shown us too much doggie cuteness and sunshine, HA. I thought maybe you were nicely telling me, in a roundabout way, that you’ve heard enough about the snow! It’s the sameness of the snow that gets difficult at this time of the year, so reading blogs from sunny places is refreshing. Lillie’s as cute as can be, btw.

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