The One Where You Dance Like Everyone IS Watching. You Know, The First One.

Lolo was over a few weekends ago and we discussed songs for their first dance. Wait, DID I TELL YOU THERE IS GOING TO BE A WEDDING?

Oh, I did? 49 times? really? *snicker snicker*

Photos by Ailyn La Torre Photography

She’s struggling come up with a first dance song for them and since Nathan has jumped ship for the Marines, his input is mute. I worry that she/they are so untraditional that if one is not chosen, it will be scrapped from the event and I’ll be over in a corner crying.

Wait: Lets backtrack for a moment, shall we? I mentioned that they are untraditional, but really, not in that weird way that some people are. She’s a bit more feminist about things and they’re more spiritual than religious. I was at their home about 6 months ago; we were talking about something and I noticed on the dining room table Lolo had hand embroidered table napkins. (we love cloth napkins in this family) What did she embroider on them? Characters from Star Wars because who doesn’t. You know, CP30, Darth and the like. I noted how cute they were and I know how much they both love Star Wars because deep down inside they are just the sweetest nerds. They both stood there and with a serious face Lolo said:

Oh, we’ve decided that I will walk down the aisle to the theme song from Star Wars.


They both laughed and said they were kidding. I swear, I thought they were serious. And did you notice how I took this as a “IT’S an ABOUT ME” thing?

Back to choosing a song. I love this song by Train: Marry Me. Whenever I hear it I think: “this would be the perfect song for their first dance” and whenever I mention it to Lolo she says NO; too obvious Mom.

I told the Coach a few months ago the same thing: This would be the perfect first dance for Lolo and Nathan, but they don’t like it. I don’t get it. Shouldn’t they do what I want? He laughed and said NO.


“You wear white and I’ll wear out the words I love you. “

While she was here Lolo and I did come up with some nice non-traditional songs that are not obvious she’s gonna think about.

Now, lets really make this about me. And he.

The Coach and I were married in 1991. I was 23, he was 25. I believe I chose the song and he showed up. What did we have our first dance to as husband and wife?

I’ll give you four choices and if you pick the right one I’ll mail you a plaque handwritten in calligraphy stating that you are the Official Smartest Guesser On The Planet. Or at least on this blog.

Some songs are just a classic and never go out of style and some, well, some are just forgettable.

Please share your best guess and if YOU were/are married, share your first dance song.


32 thoughts on “The One Where You Dance Like Everyone IS Watching. You Know, The First One.

  1. Always by Atlantic Starr. What do I win?

    I love that they are outside of the box. They sound like such a fun couple. But yes, it is ALL about you. 😉

    Our first dance was At Last by Etta James. I mean. COME ON. That is typical. We originally wanted God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts because it really summed up our story, but it was hard to dance to. But I love At Last too. 🙂

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    1. You might be right. Or you might be wrong. I don’t want to call the winner just yet, but all my friends are WINNERS, aren’t they?
      They are a very fun couple and they are so perfect for each other.
      At Last….yes, that is a lovely first dance song. I also love that song by Rascall Flats; so perfect for many of us.

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  2. Always and Forever.

    We got married in 1981. I’m not entirely sure, but I think our first dance was to Unchained Melody. It’s Rick’s alltime favourite song. It’s now also our sons’ fave, too.

    Then again, it could also have been Longer, by Dan Fogelberg. I can’t remember. And it’s not because I was hammered on our wedding day (neither of us had anything but the toast champagne). It’s because after forty years, that stuff just didn’t stick with me.

    He did. And that’s the really big deal.

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    1. You might be correct. Or not.
      Unchained Melody. Like in the movie Ghost, but I think you did it before Patrick and Demi. Did you know you were a trendsetter?
      But wait, Longer is also a great song. I’ve got to go revisit it now.
      WHEW. That is a beauty. I forgot how perfect the lyrics are for a moment such as the first dance.
      I agree, having the marriage ‘stick’ is the most important facet of a wedding.


  3. For the life of me I cannot remember what song we did our first dance to! Oh well, the hazards of being married for almost half a century! When my daughter was planning her wedding she didn’t do anything I suggested! LOL! It was a beautiful wedding anyway!

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  4. kmvollono

    Always and Forever?

    I got married in 2016 and our song was “I Got You” – Jack Johnson, and we almost picked “Love is a Verb” – John Mayer. My sister used “Nothing Can Change This Love” – Sam Cooke, which I love, but couldn’t use!

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    1. Jack Johnson has some great songs. I think that was one Lolo and I saved in a list.
      I thought I knew ALL of John Mayers songs, but this one somehow escaped me. I just listened to it and I LOVE IT. Maybe Lolo will like it? She does read my blog and your comments…..

      You can’t go wrong with a classic like Sam Cooke, now can you? NOPE.

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  5. Always and Forever . . . for the win?

    I’ve been trying to help Tank pick songs for his Mr. (insert name of high school) competition and Tank and Mini were like: HUH? So I anticipate much push back if I one day make suggestions for their weddings. He has to be able to sing the lyrics to a song, then he also has to have a song to walk into during the formal wear competition. This whole thing has take over our lives.

    Coach proposed the night that we went to see Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Music of the Night, and we danced to one of his songs. I can’t remember which one though. See, just not big into music. How could I have forgotten that? It hasn’t been THAT long. We celebrate our 25th anniversary in August. Oh, maybe I should’ve called Kari to see if she remembers – she was there. 😉

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    1. You might be a winner. Or not. It’s too soon to show my hand.
      I can’t wait to see what Tank comes up with!! That kid is a trip.
      You guys went to see an Andrew Lloyd Webber show? Movie? Concert? What? Are you guys secretly 200 years old? 😉


      1. So funny. Yes, Andrew Lloyd Webber downtown Chicago. It was 1995 and it was a big deal to go to the theater. I had seen Phantom of the Opera when I was in college with my family. I think his folks suggested it. We had dinner before hand. Coach once took me to Country Buffet for a date and was quite proud of himself. So, I sort of suspected something was ’bout to happen since this night he seemed to have official plans. I think I’ve mentioned though, we’re secretly almost 80.

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        1. I thought it was funny that Ernie mentioned ALW. I probably didn’t know about him until I was more ‘mature’. The Coach and I spend our youth at live concerts, but a different type. We had our first date at a Robert Plant concert and then continued seeing live performances for many, many years, really until the pandemic hit. Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, you know, all the classics. 🙂


  6. Bijoux

    The Mariah Carey song? We didn’t really have a first dance because we had a piano player instead of a band or DJ. It was an afternoon reception. I have no clue what my daughter and her husband’s song was, but they had a baseball themed wedding, so it might have been related to that. The father daughter dance was Five For Fighting ‘100 Years’ and if that doesn’t make you cry, nothing does!

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    1. You MIGHT be correct. Or not. 🙂
      Well if your Daughter used “Take me out to the ballgame” I’m sure you would have remembered it. Me, wracking my brain thinking of baseball-themed songs…

      The Father-Daughter dance song is pretty important/special as well. I like the one you guys chose; I’m sure there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.


  7. Please tell me that it was Always!!! I used to LOVE that song back in the day! 🙂

    Our first dance was Mary Chapin Carpenter’s version of Grow Old Along With Me. If you ask me that’s THE perfect first dance song. Can’t wait to hear what you (I mean they) pick!

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    1. Your song was just perfect! I will have to do a little search and see if I can find Mary Chapin’s version of that song. I will let everybody know once they pick the song but it probably won’t be until October. 🙂


  8. Married in ’91, too!! So untraditional, we had a late morning wedding, an afternoon “reception” on my parent’s lawn, and no dance at all. My friend married earlier than I did, and a friend from highschool sang at her wedding, and the song she sang was…. We’ve Only Just Begun. A classic and one guaranteed to bring tears to a bride’s eyes. So I’m guessing, it was the one, the only, Carpenters’ We’ve Only Just Begun. -Jenn

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    1. 1991 was a good year. I love your non-traditional wedding. I never would have thought of that, but I do love it. I always had a vision of a church wedding with a big poufy dress and I got it. I DO love the Carpenters; even to this day, I enjoy listening to them.


  9. Leslie W

    Oh my gosh.. I swear that you were describing my daughter and her boyfriend. Last year she bought a wedding dress ~ not she is not engaged ~ The dress was pink with red cherries all over it. I’ll have to ask her about wedding songs, now I’m curious. haha.

    Our wedding songs were not blasé at all… The first dance was Linda Ronstadt and Aaron Knievel ( think I spelled that okay) ~ Don’t know much but I know I love you Annnnnd the last dance was Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings. The year was 1990 and I was 18 ~ that’s my excuse! hahaha.


  10. I could not hazard a guess as to what was your first song. That seems like the sort of question that no matter how you answer it, somehow you’ve insulted the asker of said question. Whatever it was I’m sure it was lovely.

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