I Thought You Knew Me Better Than That. And I’m Adding An Octopus To My List Of Wants.

How fun was our wedding song trivia that I threw at you last week? I loved reading all of your comments about our possible choice and your choices too….I thought it was funny that many of you don’t even remember your song. Only one person guessed correctly. Bijoux realized that I had weird taste in my younger years when I chose a Mariah Carey song for our first dance. What was I thinking? Who knows; I was so young and my brain had not fully developed. I suppose we’re fortunate that I didn’t choose a Billy Idol or Adam Ant tune because I was semi-obsessed with both of them. Wait a minute, White Wedding would have been apropos!

Funny though back in the early 2000’s the Coach and I were at the wedding of one of our employees; a couple that were quite a few years younger than us and they chose the SAME Mariah song for their first dance. I suppose we might have been trendsetters. But probably not.

Please remind me after Lolo’s wedding to share what song she/they chose, you know I’ll forget right? It’s not until late October, so I might forget a lot of things by then.

A few weeks ago I was searching for something light to watch and stumbled upon My Octopus Teacher on Netflix.

It was a mesmerizing documentary; it literally pulled me in (with it’s tentacles) from the very start. The Coach arrived home shortly after I started watching it and he enjoyed it as well; but of course he watched it with both of his skeptical eyeballs. I don’t recall why or when, but there were tears streaming down my face at one point. If you know me at all, this is NOT a rare occurrence, but this was the first time I remember crying about an octopus. The gist of it is this gentleman (who can hold his breath for days I think) visits the same octopus everyday for just short of a year and they create a bond.

After it was over I said to the Coach that “I need an octopus. Who knew they had personalities?”

Of course Mr. Skeptical thought the octopus wasn’t as friendly as he appeared and only came to visit this guy because he had some sort of fish food on his hands. Whatever Donnie Downer.

Can someone else watch this and confirm MY feelings. Pretty please with a tentacle on top?

Well, if I say much more, we won’t have anything to talk about later. (I love quoting my Grandma!)


25 thoughts on “I Thought You Knew Me Better Than That. And I’m Adding An Octopus To My List Of Wants.

  1. I have had that octopus documentary on my list since the beginning of the pandemic! I need to watch it. Also, I will say I need an octopus as well. This year alone, I have said to my husband, I need:
    -a goat
    -a pig
    -a ferret
    -a weasel
    -another bird (I miss Joy)
    The list goes on. I really want a mini zoo.

    Man, I can’t believe I didn’t win the contest. Mariah was my next guess. Do I win a boobie prize??

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    1. You do need another bird. Are weasels pets? I’m pretty sure you’d get tired of that “Pop goes the weasel” tune in no time.
      I had a dream this past week that I had two wolf dogs, two ducks, and my two old lady dogs. It was a car-full.
      Let me know about the octopus thing.
      Boobie prize? are you asking to see a pic of my boobs? People, this has got to stop at some point. {{HAHA!}}

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  2. Bijoux

    Yeah! I only guessed it because Mariah was popular then. Hey, I loved Adam and the Ants! Thinking back, I don’t know what kind of song we would have chosen…….The Cure? Psychedelic Furs?

    My question for the Octopus Man is how did he find the same octopus everyday? It’s the ocean! Mind boggling.

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  3. Oh, man. Mariah. I felt like you’d posted something once about Mariah being a mean person so I decided against choosing her. But that might have been another blog calling Mariah out for being a beast of a person. That was a fun guessing game. In this picture Coach looks like an 8th grade boy who is loving having cake shoved in his pie hole. He has my Coach beat. In our wedding pics, Coach looks like a 12 year old. No joke.

    I do love a documentary. I think I’ve seen this one in the list on Netflix. Someone voted it down when I suggested it. Might have been my Coach. I had the same question though – how does he know it’s the same octopus? Does he tag it? Beautiful footage. I’ll let you know if we watch it.

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    1. I think I might have hinted before that I didn’t LOVE Mariah Carey.
      I don’t know how he knew it was the same octopus….but in watching this documentary, there were not any others around. Who knows? You guys watch it and let me know what you think.


  4. *snort* I also thought what Debra thought. I love me some calamari. 😉

    I’ve heard good things about this documentary and will try to get to it – currently trying to get through The Crown and Outlander at the same time. This was a bad idea on my part, as I am switching between the accents is confusing and I keep mixing up the story lines.

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  5. Mariah? I’ll bet you a lot of your guests were singing along with her as you were walking down the aisle.

    (But keeping it all inside.)

    I recently informed my husband that the cats needed a baby duck as a pet. The Rural King outside of town has baby chicks and ducks, and I told him I was going to go get one. We do have a backyard pond, and once it outgrows that, we can take it to the lakehouse where it will have the whole lake. He has no idea if I’m serious or not.

    Either do I.

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