The Lillie Diaries; Get This Dog A Blog

How about an update on our Lillie Bell. Lillie of the Valley. Silly Lillie. Little Bit. It’s a wonder that she even knows her name.
She is doing just fabulous, thank you for asking.

I just checked the calendar to see how long it’s been since she adopted us and I’m surprised to see it’s only been six weeks.

One thing that amazes me so much is that she listens so well. She follows me around the yard, and if she straggles or starts to wander off, I call her, and she comes running, which isn’t easy for someone with extremely short legs. (that’s my story too, and I’m sticking to it!)

lady ma, I just chill here and u tak care of da crawly tings dat will fly and teaz me

She hasn’t grasped what or why I’m cleaning out cages and moving milkweed plants/cuttings here and there for my caterpillars, but Coach doesn’t really get it either, so it’s ok.

She doesn’t understand the sit command, but she does know how to ‘stay’. I have NO idea how she knows this, but she does. When I take the long walk down the driveway to take out the garbage or retrieve the mail, she will follow me to a certain point now and stop because she knows I’m going to say STAY. The first time I told her to STAY, and she stayed, I said: WHAT THE HELL? WHO TAUGHT YOU THAT? **crickets** It must be top secret because she wasn’t telling.

Ma Lady why U laugh an show me ur teef 2 every time U look at me.

We’re still working on the peeing-in-the-house issue, but I feel that eventually, it will not be a thing. Please Lord, let it not always be a thing.

I took her to the Vet last week, and even our Vet was surprised to see me with a little Rat Terrier: What happened to you and your love of boxers? What can I say, I’m evolving. Lillie has lost weight since she’s been with us; I’m sure it’s all the exercise. (she previously lived in an apartment with an older gentleman, so I don’t think she was very active; perhaps that’s why she loves watching TV so much. I swear I heard her whisper Wheel Of Fortune when I picked up the remote once or thrice.
Our Dr wasn’t worried about her weight loss, though; she said she looks perfect at 12.6 lbs.

ma lady I sit wit U in car all day if dats how long it taks 2 get sissy grate dane out of wating rum.

She’s such a curious little booger which is funny since I was always told that Cat Are Curious; take that Cats. She loves to chase lizards, birds, squirrels and has eyeballed a few of my butterflies. After dinner yesterday we were walking around the property and she was intrigued by a bird that was taunting her.

Ma. Ma. Ma. lady. u hear dat? it’s jus on da uderside of big wall. I need squakin bird.

She still sleeps in the bed with Coach and I and generally her favorite place so snooze is at the back of his legs. Luckily he’s very aware of her being there because I think just one of his calves is entirely bigger than her.

I love her so much and I tell her at least 59 times a day just in case she forgets.

Don’t even think for a minute that I’m giving less love to Callie because that ain’t happening.

Callie is in denial of her 70lb size and really loves being cozy in the beds I purchased for Lillie; she cracks me up.

Well, that’s all I have to say about that. Until next time.


23 thoughts on “The Lillie Diaries; Get This Dog A Blog

  1. Lillie has the cutest smile. Oh, and Callie cracks me up fitting her full sized figure in the tiny dog bed. My Theo is a rat terrier, Chihuahua mix. Don’t you know Lillie is enjoying the outdoors after living in an apartment with an older man. Have a blessed week.❤️🦋

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    1. Thank you, Mildred. She DOES love being outside and we are out a lot of the day.
      Rat Terrier and Chihuahua mix; we think that is what Lolo’s Max is too. Quite the personality.


  2. Sweet Lillie. I love the close up of the teeth and the ear. She has her own look, and it’s so dang cute. I, too, noticed that she is quite the coordinated dog matching the throw pillows. I also appreciate that she has an extensive wardrobe with a pink harness, too. She certainly looks settled in and is no doubt enjoying her new digs, her new people, and her new pal Callie.

    Callie, killing me. The face, like SO WHAT IF I WANT TO BE SMALL. STOP BODY SHAMING ME.

    Is it too much to hope for a video clip of Lillie requesting Wheel Of Fortune?

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    1. Funny about her 2 harnesses. She came with the blue one and I wasn’t a big fan because SHE IS A GIRL and girls wear pink. LOL. I purchased a pink one, but this girl loves to roll in the grass, so I’m forever washing her harness. When one is being cleaned, she wears the other. I swear, there was no setup for this with coordination in mind.


  3. Watch how you talk about Cats.

    Just sayin’.

    Dogs are too funny with how jealous they get. My grand-dog Zydrunas forbids me to interact with his cat brothers whenever I come to his house. FORBIDS IT.

    Lillie is livin’ the dream that she never even knew she had. You did a Good Thing.

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    1. No Offense to the cats of the world. I do love cats too.
      Dogs really have strong emotions; jealously, joy, annoyances.
      Lillie is living the dream and I’m SO happy with our decision to add her to our menagerie.


  4. Awww! Sweet Lillie! She is adorable and I can see the love in your eyes in that picture! Callie is so cute in the little bed, too! I would say a little jealousy going on there! Don’t worry Callie. Your mama loves you just as much!

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  5. Maddie

    Yay adorable Lillie photos and update! She looks so happy (and healthy – gosh her coat positively glows). And Callie in the little dog bed! Am dying from the cuteness. She fits just fine. Nothing to see here – except happy dogs and a very happy dog ma and an outdoor lounge set-up with the best accent pillows & accent Lillie ever!

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