Literal Butterfly Kisses and I’m Creating More Than Food In My Kitchen; Spoiler Alert, It’s Not Edible.

One day this past week, I was releasing some monarchs, and one of them decided to come in for a closeup. I was all, “Oh, ok. Make yourself at home”. I was impressed with myself that I had my phone in my pocket as she sat there gazing into my soul.

Why did I convert this to black and white? I was in a hideous state when this occurred. I’d been working the yard, flush from the heat; honestly, my hair hadn’t been touched by a comb or brush. Or, as my Dad would lovingly say, “You look like you brushed your hair with the leg of a chair.” 

Speaking of butterflies and weirdness. This is the cool thing I wanted you to witness

The monarch caterpillars LOVE to make their chrysalis on the edges of milkweed pots. Had you heard? They’re famous for this. BUT, this was an anomaly; two of them using the same exact spot for their silk. I wondered how this was going to work out with them being ALL UP IN EACH OTHERS BINESS. 

They always create this “J” formation for a good part of a day before going into the chrysalis state. J as in J’AMAZING. 

I could tell that they were going to create their chrysalis around the same time, and I didn’t want to miss it so I brought them into the kitchen. Which, by the way, they said Holy mackerel, nice digs, lady! Even caterpillars know a good kitchen design when they see it. 

Do you want to see something cool? 


Are you wearing socks? No. Then what the heck are you holding on to? 

I recorded it in time-lapse because I care about time. And lapses of judgment time. The guy on the right was SO annoyed with the guy on the left; he kept bumping into him with all his life-changing. Life-changing CAN be messy and wiggly. 

By the way, that’s the guy on the left’s skin that I picked up. Cool right? They shed their outer layer. Talk about exfoliation. 

For real, I’ve been at this butterfly thing for many years, and I have two observations: 

  • It is still amazing to watch
  • I still don’t fully understand how it all works. 

Oh, and guy number two made his chrysalis about 30 minutes later while I was in the shower. I should have taken them to the shower with me so I wouldn’t miss it. They might have been equally impressed with our bathroom but also traumatized from seeing me nekkid. I can hear them now: What in the world happened to her chrysalis? Body shamed by a caterpillar; that’s a new low.

Can I top this with anything cooler for next week? Well, there are rumors in the ‘hood that Sasquatch has been spotted riding a unicorn; I’d better check the surveillance cameras.

Until next time.


32 thoughts on “Literal Butterfly Kisses and I’m Creating More Than Food In My Kitchen; Spoiler Alert, It’s Not Edible.

  1. Body shamed by a caterpillar! Oh I love the idea even if it didn’t happen. It could have.

    I also like you dad’s saying: “You look like you brushed your hair with the leg of a chair.” That’s kind of my standard look. At least I know how to describe it now.

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  2. Maddie

    J’Amazing! I can totally hear Eleanor from The Good Place saying that! Or maybe Jason… Either way – thank you for the laugh!

    That photo! So cool. Butterflies are obvs excellent judges of character.

    Thank you for the chrysalis video – waaay cool! I’ve never seen that before. Love how annoyed the lil guy on the right is – like watching 2 kids “share” the same lazy boy/hammock/coveted-but-built-for-one object. Ha! And look at all the empty pot edge space they had to choose from! It was near the gorgeous Salvia, wasn’t it? (Sheesh I really *must* plant Salvia this year.)


  3. That butterfly kiss picture with you? You look like a teenager in that picture, my friend. I love that picture with all of my heart. You have a gift, my love. I love all of this so much. My friend, the Butterfly Whisperer.

    Also, I just read Maddie’s salvia comment up there and I just learned that they derived the essential oil Clary Sage from the Salvia plant. Clary Sage helps with menopause. I am like the Forrest Gump of menopause facts.

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    1. Maddie

      I second the Menopause Guru – you do look like a teen in that lovely pic Butterfly Whisperer!

      I am also here for the Salvia info. Did not know that tidbit! And I’ve even tried to grow Clary Sage (sadly Clary hates my soil).

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  4. You have a gift at holding still and lining up the camera even with one eye out of commission due to butterfly attachment. How did it not fly away? Maybe it recognized you for the birth mother that you are.

    I love the notion of the butterfly body shaming you. Bah ha!

    Plus leg of a chair? Too funny.

    I have been crazy busy this week. Just hopped in the car for a road trip and the video won’t work (don’t worry, Coach is driving). . . but I will tune it later when I am in a WiFi friendly zone.

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    1. I think I got lucky with the phone photo.
      My father had a lot of bizarre ‘go to’ phrases, but most can’t be put into the blogosphere.
      I hope this is a fun road trip. 🙂


  5. Bijoux

    Omg, you look like a 20 year old! And that video is amazing! I’m torn between how cool it is, but a little gross, too. I’m not a fan of creepy crawlies. Thanks for all the work that took to show us.

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    1. Nothing gross. They’re really darling little caterpillars, but then again, I’ve been playing with bugs for almost 54 years. 🙂
      Thank you for the sweet compliment.


    1. I am here to bring it to you whenever the situation presents itself.
      Thank you for the compliment. I was thinking I looked haggard, but maybe when I think I look good, I am looking haggard. Who knows?!


  6. Suz–Nature Meddler and Supervisor. THANK GOODNESS YOU WERE THERE.

    I watched this video twice and imagined narration from Sir David Attenborough, but not all sped up.

    But seriously, so cool.

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