I Suppose The Air Could Be Fresher & Nightmare Hiccups.

The other day I was driving down the road and noticed a gentleman driving a convertible with the top down while wearing a mask. He was alone. He was not an uber driver. Yet, he was wearing a mask. Outside. Alone. Me thinks he might be on the weird side.

After I pondered on it for a minute, I decided I should NOT be so judgmental. Perhaps he’s afraid of the pollen that has taken over the South.

I’ve been getting these alerts on the daily.

I also get these alerts regarding our place in the GA mountains. What UP Mother Nature?

Hiccups. Literal hiccups.

Last Wednesday the Coach arrived home from exercising around 8am. Shortly thereafter, he had a case of the hiccups. We all get them, right?

I’m not sure what he did wrong that the universe felt like punishing him, but his case lasted around 38 hours.

He puts in a full day of work running our empire business and has softball practice each night. He’s a BUSY BEE. He was drinking lots of water all day long, and that paused the hiccups for a few minutes, but they would come back. So, when we went to sleep Wednesday, they would slow down, but as soon as he got up to empty his full bladder, they would rear their ugly head again.

A vicious cycle.

To say he was exhausted is an understatement; Ya’ll he tried every remedy known to man and the internet.

Thursday late afternoon he threw in the towel and called Teledoc. After a conference with the Dr. he was given an RX for Prilosec. The Doc said that hopefully this was just a type of acid reflux that instead of affecting you in a form of heartburn or indigestion, it was affecting his diaphragm. The Dr. said that if two doses of this didn’t affect it, he would need to go to the hospital for some sort of IV that would help.

Luckily, the first dose stopped them for about 40 minutes. And over the course of the night, he was having more ‘breaks’. Do you remember timing contractions; he was kind of like that: 30 minutes since the last one. 45 minutes since the last one...He went to bed at 9:30 Thursday, exhausted from it all and he was able to get about 4 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Friday he took his second dose and things were starting to get better. He was afraid to eat though; thinking that anything that added/changed the acidity in his belly would bring back the hiccups. He was having a bit of PTSD if he felt one coming on. I felt so bad for him. By Saturday all seemed to be back to normal, but wow.

What a weird ordeal.

It’s Monday and I’ve enlightened your life with weird mask habits and weird hiccups. How’s it looking from your corner of the world?


33 thoughts on “I Suppose The Air Could Be Fresher & Nightmare Hiccups.

  1. I have forgotten to take my mask off after leaving a store and have found myself alone in the car driving down the street, with it still on. Hehehe! Perhaps the same happened with this gentleman?
    Constant hiccups sounds pretty nightmarish to me to me too. Hope this has been resolved permanently!


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    1. I understand that people forget to take them off, but I am seeing way too many people driving with them, walking (alone) with them, or riding their bikes with them. I think this virus has opened our eyes to the weirdos. 🙂

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  2. I see so many people in cars by themselves wearing masks, it’s so confusing. What could they possibly be thinking?! Glad the hiccups finally went away, I’ve never heard of such a long case of them!

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  3. I still remember when everything was shut down and we saw our first person wearing a mask while driving in a car alone. We were like, HUH? It is an odd thing, I agree.

    Oh, those high pollen counts. This reminds me how life-changing, I mean LIFE-CHANGING, my allergy shots have been. I would make the roof of my mouth bleed with the itching by dragging hard, crunchy food across it with my tongue. Or I would just eat more and more to try and get rid of the itch. Eating more than necessary is healthy, right?

    Those hiccups – yikes. I’ve never heard of such a lengthy case. When I went in for my endoscopy, I thought they were going to diagnose me with a thing that my brother Pat has. E.O.E. Basically some allergic thing in the esophagus. He takes Prilosec everyday. I was all ready to sign up for that ‘fix.’ When I woke up and found out I had celiac disease . . . I was ticked. I hope that was an isolated incident.

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    1. The pollen is a bitch right now. It doesn’t affect me that much, but Coach struggles. And, our Lillie is having allergy issues too; go figure. I’m happy you don’t stress eating or rubbing the roof of your mouth raw any longer; crazy.
      Prilosec would have been easier for you for sure.


  4. Bijoux

    That sounds horrific! I can’t imagine hours of that. I would not have associated them with acid reflux. I see people taking walks alone with a mask on. Nobody seems to understand air flow.

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  5. I wondered if the guy forgot to take his mask off too. I’ve sat in my car for a solid five minutes and had mine on. Then thought, “I bet people think I am a loon for having a mask on in my car”. I leave mine on while Ella is at horses even though it’s safe because I can finally breathe. The barn dust shavings usually get to my allergies, but now? It is lovely!
    I don’t know how you all do it down there in the south; I don’t think I would fare well with my allergies.

    Poor Coach! I know I get annoyed after a temporary bout of hiccups. I am glad he is better now! My anxiety always goes to dark places, so if that were Mike, I would surely think it was something much worse. HA! Tell Coach he should be glad he has you. 🙂

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    1. Horse shavings would not be fun to inhale; I get it.
      When I depart a store, I’m whipping my mask off like it’s my bra on a Friday afternoon. 🙂

      The hiccup Dr. actually told him some other weird examples of why this could happen and M.S was one. WTH?
      Oh, he knows he’s lucky, I tell him all.the.time.

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  6. Maddie

    All that and he didn’t even get a baby!
    (This is my attempt at a joke bc you had funny comparison to timing contractions…)

    Thank you (and your poor husband) for making me laugh.

    Oh the pollen. Forking oaks. Lovely trees. Terrible pollen.

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    1. Maddie

      Ugh. Posted too soon. Sorry! Meant to add –
      Not laughing at your pain…. just *with* your pain bc u had such funny asides. But obvs, I hope your husband’s hiccups never return. If a comfort – a similar thing happened to a friend of mine (she went to the hospital and everything!) and she *never* had it happen again. Ever!

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    2. FORKING OAKS and FORKING CEDAR, FORKING JUNIPER….we get it, your superpower is pollen. 😦
      No babies, but he’s still clear on the hiccups. Thank you baby Jesus!


  7. I always smirk to myself when I see someone wearing a mask driving alone in a car. Someone mentioned to me that maybe they were somewhere and are scared to death to touch the mask until they get home and wash their hands! Whatever! I have seasonal allergies but mold is the one that bothers me the most! Poor Coach! I hope they stay away now. I can see how that could be distressing if it lasted for that long!

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  8. Hiccups are the absolute worst! I have a sneaking feeling that the longer they go on, the more freaked out you get, which causes them to keep going. One thing I have found that SOMETIMES works, is a large spoonful of crunchy peanut butter, stuck to the roof of the mouth and let it slowly dissolve. When it works, it works. When it doesn’t I cry.

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  9. When I was reading this, I was reminded of the documented story about a man who had the hiccups for 68 YEARS, SIXTY-EIGHT YEARS, SUZ. Like, he hiccupped 20-40 times a minute for sixty-eight years. I don’t know at what point you just ask someone to stab you but…I am really glad things are back to normal. Thank goodness for modern medicine, is what I say.

    As for the mask, I am really interested to see if it helps my son’s terrible hay fever that he gets every May. He wears his mask outside because he’s generally walking home with a group of friends, so I will be interested to see if it helps his hay fever.

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  10. Hiccups are the worst. If I have them for longer that a few minutes, they can trigger a migraine for me. I can’t imagine having them for as long as your husband fought with them. Yikes.

    Tree pollen is just starting here. Once the pines start releasing it, my husband is in Hell. The whites of his eyes actually develop big blisters if he hasn’t had his twice-yearly shot in time. We’re actually glad we’re getting a blast of cold weather this week because his appointment isn’t until the first week of April.

    The masked guy? That’s probably how I’d ride in a convertible. Also with a turban and sunglasses. I hate, hate, hate wind. I don’t get convertibles. They seem dumb to me. Very…unevolved. Like camping in a car.

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    1. OMG. Blisters on his eyes? That sounds horrible. I hope the pollen stays at bay until he gets his shot.

      I’m also NOT a fan of convertibles, but for a different reason. 1) I feel that if you have a rollover accident-you are toast. 2) You are so vulnerable. In this day and age, some loon can just walk up to you at a red light, take your purse, or your damn car. I’d be paranoid sitting in an open vehicle.


  11. Oh my, that’s a lot of hiccups and I’d be very worried. I’m glad Prilosec helped. Still, strange…

    I hadn’t thought about how wearing a mask this spring would reduce my exposure to the evil tree pollen, my sworn enemy. I wonder, I wonder, if I shall overcome it this season. Bwha-ha-ha!


  12. Mildred Nalley

    I always smile when I see someone alone in a car wearing a mask…are they afraid of themselves? I a happy the Prilosec helped with Coach,s hiccups. That is terrible. Wishing you all a happy Easter. By the way, the pollen is much worse in SC than in GA this week. Ugh



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    1. Happy Easter to you too. I saw this morning that the pollen is worse in GA than in Florida….so there’s that. 😦
      Maybe you should keep your mask on everywhere?


  13. Melanie Galliano

    I see people driving alone with masks all the time! We’ve been getting pollen alerts every day for weeks — it’s definitely spring in the South!!! What a strange case of hiccups! Poor Coach – hope he is doing much better by now.


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