Career Revisited. {aka, I Can’t Control Everything}

On Friday, April 2nd, I attended the swearing-in ceremony for Lolo and six other newly deputized Police Officers.

She’s so happy. *sigh*

I was going to create a long post, sharing the details of how she got here, (again) but I thought I’d do a short and simple post.

After earning her Masters, we didn’t think she would be back in this field, but what’s the saying? You make plans, and God laughs (in your face)?

I was there this time to pin her Badge on her. (the last time, Coach did it) She and I both snickered when the Chief called me up and said “Her Mother Susan” will be pinning her. Always with Susan…

She’s intelligent, compassionate, and dedicated. Just what Law Enforcement needs.

Please keep her in your thoughts. This Mom won’t be getting decent rest until She is the Chief Of Police, which should be any minute now.


33 thoughts on “Career Revisited. {aka, I Can’t Control Everything}

  1. Well, congratulations to your daughter! I can totally understand your being proud and worried at the same time. We worry enough about our kids without them being in a career that could be dangerous! At least it will only be for a few weeks then she’ll be chief of police!

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  2. She looks ready to burst with happiness and pride.

    I sympathize with your feelings. The cord is never really cut with our children, and while we’d love to be able to stop worrying about them, the reality is that we carry that concern forever. With your daughter’s career choice, the cord pulled a bit tighter.

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  3. Oh, she looks so happy. Congrats to Lolo. I can only imagine the range of emotions you feel. May God watch over her. Love you all.
    You and the Susan reminds me……no matter where I live or how I. Introduce myself, even on the phone, people then call me MISS Mildred. John and I can no longer even look at each other when someone does this! Lol

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  4. That is such a beautiful picture. Sunny. Water. Accomplished kid. Congrats to her, and here’s hoping your worrying eases up. Easier said than done.

    If my kid was getting pinned, they probably would’ve introduced me as “her father, Ernie” same scenario if they were using my real name. 😉

    Anytime you want to share a longer version of how she got here, I’m ready to read all ’bout it.

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  5. Pat Birnie

    She does look so proud!! The world certainly needs more police officers with those qualities. I hear your concern as my stepson is in policing as well; he works in a very high crime area outside of Toronto (loves it because there is lots of action). We are relieved that he’s no longer on regular patrol but he is still in a unit where they deal with some pretty bad guys. Our coppers need thick skin these days — 99% of them are hard-working souls trying to make a difference.

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    1. Hi Pat. So nice of you to visit, I always enjoy and appreciate your comments.
      Yes, I agree with you that 99% are the best of the best. Thanks for your encouragement and I will keep your Step-Son in my thoughts as well.
      Be well


    1. I love that phrase: A million points of light. (I think it might have been 1,000, but why not UP it?) Don’t you feel that when you see your girls smiling and happy? I do when I see mine happy…it’s the best feeling.
      Susan thanks you for your support.

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  6. Bijoux

    Oh, wow! She does look happy! Congratulations to such a brave young woman. The world needs more compassionate and intelligent people in charge! God bless her and MOM!

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  8. bibliomama2

    Omg, she’s a Actual Rookie! She looks so awesome in that uniform. The police force surely needs all the intelligent and compassionate people they can get right now. I hope her light shines out for the people who need to see it.


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