Porch Pizza Party, Projects & Perhaps a Pyro Partner?

Gird your loins, she’s talking about Georgia, again.

Kidding. This is a safe zone for all your parts.

That title does make me want to pee though…

We had such a nice time on our last visit to GA, but my only complaint is that time there goes by so damn fast. The Coach agrees with me on this. We planned this trip in between two college softball tournaments that he’s assisting with. One in Jacksonville, FL, and one was conveniently located in North Ga, 45 minutes from our home.

In case you were wondering, I’m the Head Coach of Dogs and Domestic duties.

I was so happy to see that the porta-potty has left our home as 99% of the outside projects are complete. BUT now we have started some inside work; replacing the fake doors and converting a workshop into a bedroom and ensuite.

The outside update really deserves its own post as this was a BIG EFFING DEAL. It started around the first of the year and was just completed when we arrived on April 9th. Have I mentioned that the Coach doesn’t know how to do anything on a small scale? The previous owners didn’t use their backyard. We, on the other hand, will have to live in the backyard now.

On the upside, we are keeping a lot of trades in business.

I’ll share more pics when all the furniture has arrived. But here are Lillie and Callie lounging in the Pizza Oven Area; don’t you love how critters can find a slice of sunshine? Of course, they’re also happy that they sampled some pizza crust; I’m not an animal.

They did the same thing on the upstairs screened-in porch. (this was already here, not new to us)

Oh wait. I forgot I did a little video from the new upper deck area to send to the girls showing some of the new upper areas and the new stone lower patio. Patio? Porch? Deck? Whatever…it’s a lot.

He’s a proud peach.

Coach’s Dad and Step-Mom joined us for a few days and we celebrated my FIL’s 77th birthday.

We christened the fire pit on this visit; my FIL, MIL and friend Tito.

It was all fun and games until a giant moth flew into the flames and I threw a hissy fit until someone turned off the gas. Spoiler alert: It was too late for the moth, but now everyone in the vicinity knows how serious I am when I’m trying to save nature.

You can see in the little video the stone fireplace and the firepit. Plus we now have the old-school wood fired pizza oven; I’m starting to think I’m living with a Pyromaniac. Of course, he’s a sweet Pyro, but a pyro just the same.

Anyone else find out later in life your partner is obsessed with something like fire. Or huge decks. Or Fire AND huge decks?


31 thoughts on “Porch Pizza Party, Projects & Perhaps a Pyro Partner?

  1. Oh those inside doors! I remember them and will await the photos that prove they’re history. As for the moth in the flames of the fire pit, I’ve always wondered about such a thing happening. Leave it to you to confirm my curiosity.

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  2. Bijoux

    Lots of beautiful scenery and outdoor living space! We put a new deck on our house about 5 years ago and have the same black posts or whatever they’re called. I really like them. Hey, my oldest daughter was a fast pitch pitcher back in the day. She was an county all star and 4 yr varsity player, but changed her mind about playing in college because she was going into nursing. My husband misses softball tournaments big time!

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    1. Thank you for the compliments.
      Yay for softball players! It sounds like she had a great career going.
      Coach has been coaching since our Lolo started playing at 5; so 23 years now? He’s a ‘hitting specialist’ so he’s in high demand. LOL


      1. Bijoux

        That’s awesome! My hubby would love to do that. He did a lot of coaching of my kids in baseball and basketball and much preferred working with girls because they actually listened…LOL!

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  3. Wow – this is amazing. Your Coach does go BIG and he does look proud. I have no doubt you will be spending lots of time out there, enjoying it. Love that the dogs are already finding their favorite spots. Lillie must be pinching herself, thinking ‘I’ve arrived. How lucky did I get with my adoption family?” I feel like you could host a wedding back there. So dang pretty. I’m sure time flies by because you are so busy enjoying it.

    My Coach is obsessed with projects, but that isn’t new information. I always new that about him. Sometimes he finishes a project in sort of a half-ass way because along the way he runs into ‘issues.’ I’m at the stage in life where I prefer to hire out.

    We’ve had the same portable metal fire pit for like 15 years and it is a piece of junk. I feel like a decent fire pit is in our near future. But if a moth went on a suicide mission, I don’t think I’d bother with a rescue. You’re a better outdoorsy type than me.

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    1. I can predict lots of memories being made out there in the future.
      I love hiring out too; it guarantees that the project will be done at some point.


  4. The deck, fire pit and oven are gorgeous and will be used a lot, I am sure. Love to see the doggies having a nice time, too. Your home has beautiful views, too. You will have to share more photos when more green is visible in the trees.

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    1. Thank you. We will probably need to be buried in the backyard as we’ll be out of money before it’s all said and done, but hey, what a place to rest for eternity. We LOVE IT.

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  5. My wife has suggested we add a screened-in porch, but I prefer the cool, direct kiss of the Great Outdoors, if you will. We did just splurge on a firepit of our own to take the bite off on those chilly evenings. This being South Dakota, there are many chilly evenings.

    After reading your post, I have to talk my wife into an outdoor pizza oven now!

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  6. Melanie Galliano

    How nice! That deck area looks amazing and what a view. It’s going to be so nice sitting out there. I can’t wait to see what you do with the inside.

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  7. OMG, I’m so jealous I could spit…. but that would be rude. That is absolutely gorgeous and I see no good reason why you’d ever have to go inside again. Add pizza? Heaven on earth right there.


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