Snap Out Of It Or Not, But At Least Enjoy The Views.

I’m having one of those weeks where I feel heavy. And not the ‘my azz is huge’ type of heavy. I’ve not been my typical pollyanna, happy-as-a-lark girl. We’ve all been there, a couple of things can bring you down to ground level when you’re usually soaring at or above butterfly level.


Like sands through the hourglass, this too shall pass.

I was wandering, probably aimlessly with the dogs when I noticed how many orchids were blooming in various crotches or baskets on our compound property.

{SIDE BAR: I was looking for a Crotch Post to link back here, and in my search, I found out that I’ve written the word CROTCH more times than I’d like to admit in the past 13 years. Is my blog flagged?}

Surely colorful orchids can snap me out of a funk, right?

And you might have thought I was ONLY The Queen of Butterflies, but no, I’m also the Head Honcho of the Orchid Department.

*wipes brow from carrying such a heavy burden*

Ok. I have to fess up, I really don’t do anything with the orchids to get them to continually bloom. They just love the environment and the sound of my voice as I tell them how special they are.

I found my ‘to be inserted in a crotch or basket‘ assortment of orchids on the lanai and one of them had started reblooming as it was impatiently waiting for me to tend to them.

Hey, I’ll get there when I get there, I’m SEMI-BUSY.

Bring me your dried up, non flowering orchids and I will give them a nice home.

One of those up there the Coach gifted to me on my birthday, (September!) so I’m a bit behind.

You would think it would be out in a tree ASAP because I remember when he brought it home on my very special day. He handed it to me with a very sweet card and said:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, put this in your crotch.

Please, don’t be jealous of our romance, after 36 years, that’s considered ‘courting’.

I hope all my friends are having a nice week and not feeling the weight of the world, because goodness it is heavy.


30 thoughts on “Snap Out Of It Or Not, But At Least Enjoy The Views.

  1. I’ve had a weighty week too. I cannot get myself motivated to do anything worthwhile and we had SNOW here which did not amuse me. I love that you have orchids, btw. I admire them but have never tried to grow any. Wrong climate outside for them, of course.

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    1. Sounds like S’NO fun for you. Me, trying to be punny.
      Yes, orchids would have to be inside for you and I’m guessing you’d have to add in humidity.
      I hope your weekend is looking up.

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  2. Bijoux

    I adore orchids and am jealous of your assortment, plus the fact that you can grow them outdoors. We were in Key Biscayne last year right before Covid and on a walk, I saw the most amazing tree full of orchids in crotches! Not that I was thinking of that description at the time!

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    1. Tree crotch IS a thing.
      Maybe I just made it up. Who knows?
      It’s not uncommon in our area to see bloomers popping out of tree (crotches) trunks.


  3. Well, I’ve never claimed to have a green thumb, so it shouldn’t surprise you that I’d never heard of crotch in reference to orchids. So, I googled it so I could comment intelligently. Well. I did see some gardening type reference that made sense in my search, but the first link was an Amazon item called Exposed Women’s Lace Trumpet With Crotch Inserts by Wild Orchid. I didn’t click on the link because I enjoy my status as an innocent adult. I’d also prefer not to have the internet start making interesting purchase suggestions. Doing my part here to keep getting you flagged further. 😉

    Your orchids are so pretty. How nice that they grow in your climate, with little effort? Lucky you.

    Sorry that things are feeling heavy. Hope things brighten and lighten for you.

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    1. Now I’m wondering if I MADE up the crotch term? Sounds like something I would do and then expect everyone to KNOW WHAT IT IS.

      Perhaps for Christmas Coach will gift you with a woman’s lace trumpet with crotch inserts. I expect a full review.


    1. I was actually feeling crotchety.

      The card was a typical sweet birthday card full of lovely sentiments and perhaps a poem.

      The orchid was what he instructed me to put in my (tree) crotch. I hope you knew that, but I wanted to clarify.

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  4. Sorry to hear you are having a heavy week. You sure still made me laugh! Now that I know how you feel about orchids I have to ask if you’ve been to Fakahatchee Strand State Preserve, if not you need to go asap. It’s known as the Amazon of North America and it’s the continents orchid and bromeliad capital! Hope you are your peppy self soon. Enjoy the weekend.


    1. Martha, I’m ashamed to say we’ve not visited Fakahatchee Strand, although I’ve heard it is a wonderful place to spend the day.
      I’ve been to some other swamp-like parks with groups before though searching for some elusive orchids. Florida has endless opportunities for nature and wildlife viewing.


  5. I should send you my poor orchid! It grew a nice long stem but no flowers I waited and waited and the stem got more and more shriveled so finally I just cut it off! Oh well, I guess I’ll keep trying!

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  6. I have five orchids and not ONE has ever bloomed after the initial blossoms…they are alive but bloom-less. One looked like it was going to put out a bloom, and then that stalk died. I keep them in the house – do you think if I put them outside when it gets warmer that will help?

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  7. Melanie Galliano

    This week has been a s**t show over here too. Hope things are looking up. Wow, look at all those orchids!! So pretty. I have never tried to plant them but I see them around here quite often.

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  8. I’m sorry your week was heavy. I understand those kinds of weeks. Sending you love.
    I had an orchid for years many years ago. I only watered it with ice cubes…not sure if that was why it lived so long or not. My gardening “guru” friend told me to do that.

    I’ve become THAT plant person who adopts the plants that are dying or that no one wants anymore. I want to hang a PLANT HOSPITAL sign above our garage, but my husband isn’t sure about that. Sounds like you and I have this in common as well. 😉

    I hope your weekend is much better. XOXO

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    1. When I have one blooming inside the house (usually a gift from someone) I will feed them with an ice cube or two a week, so yes, it’s a thing.
      I DO love getting plants from the clearance section and bringing them back to life, or not. I suppose I like a challenge in that department. I’m glad you are also a fan of doing that.

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  9. What a lovely sentiment for a card. And romantic, too. He’s a keeper.

    Around here, in NEO, crotch plantings occur, but only in summer. The plant of choice is impatiens or the occasional begonia.

    We had three inches of heavy, wet snow on April 21. I blame my husband, who put away not only our snowblower, but our snow shovels the weekend before. I warned him.

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