You’ll Want To Send Me A Gift After This.

I used to find myself stumbling around looking for a nice gift for birthdays, Father’s day, and Mother’s Day. I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but I have over the years found a few really nice, unique gifts and I thought I’d share with you, my dear friends.

Remember how much some of you loved the pop up Flower Card suggestion?

That was fun, wasn’t it?

Anyhoo, like much of my life, I am NOT being compensated for this.

Stephanie Burgess Peace Poles

My girlfriend Kelly and I first saw these while on a trip to Asheville, NC almost 10 years ago; they were selling them in the Biltmore Mansion gift shop. She gifted one to me a few months later and we’ve been gifting them to each other and other people since then. I think I have 3 in various places on our property; some small, some tall.

Recently I sent a bereavement pole to our neighbor in GA to place in her garden in memory of her husband who had just passed away.

She has them for just about every occasion; joy, sadness, silliness, etc… 20″ to 6ft. The gifting possibilities are endless.

I’ve seen knock-off brands around, usually at my high-end nursery, but I give them the finger as I’m loyal to the original creator and artist. Every time I order one, Stephanie herself will send me an email with the order update; she’s very much a hands-on artist & business person.


Everyone knows about Etsy. I’ve shopped there for years, but more recently, I hit Etsy hard; like 90MPH hard.

I was trying to be proactive and purchase gifts way ahead of time so, if I couldn’t think of a specifc item, I would type in what my friend/family members interst is and go from there.

Boston Terriers? Absofreaking-lutely.

Butterflies? ALL DAY LONG!

Sloths? They have those!

Hummingbirds? A MILLION choices.

Underwater basket weaving? Well, now I might be reaching.

You can find a plethora of unique ideas that make lovely gifts.

One of my favorite finds that I’ve given several times are recycled wine bottle wind chimes.

They’re unique and they ship so fast, you might be able to get some for Mom. You know she’d love to be outside having a glass of wine while her chimes are chiming.

I recently ordered several different Stained Glass Window Hangings ; they are absolutely amazing!

I know my friends will look at them hanging in their window and think of ME. Hey, it’s gotta be about me at some point, right? I’m not an idiot.

The door mats that I found are too darn fun!

They have tons of them for specific dog breeds, back in the day I would have got one that said: I HOPE YOU LIKE BOXERS.

Now, I’d need one that said: I HOPE YOU LIKE WEIRD ASS MUTTS.

Ernie the Kids one made me think of you and your large, lively clan.


I’ve blogged about my gift of flower delivery from the Coach many times. It truly is the gift that keeps on giving. Flowers come every two weeks direct from the grower via Fed Ex. I can go into our account and adjust the flower type and the delivery dates since we aren’t always home. Of course, I LOVE grocery store flowers too, but it’s so nice to have some different flavors and they show up at my door.

I send these all the time to friends/family for birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc… I always skip the vase because everyone has a cabinet full of vases and they are redundant.

My only complaint is that the recipient doesn’t always see who sent the flowers, so I always send a heads up the day before. {Hey! Fed Ex is bringing your something special tomorrow!}

Again, I like to get credit for my good deeds.

These arrived yesterday; I always have at least 2 or 3 full vases from each delivery.

My MIL and Aunt Trisha will be receiving flowers from The Bougs next week.

Well, that is all I can think of this lovely Wednesday morning. If you can add to my list of clever gift ideas, I’m open to suggestions!


28 thoughts on “You’ll Want To Send Me A Gift After This.

  1. I’ve a neighbor with a Stephanie Burgess Peace Pole, the real thing, in her front yard and I love it. I’ve only seen them for sale in upscale garden shops, but do think that I might NEED one. Maybe as my reward for surviving this past year+ in one piece?

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    1. I love her artwork and the garden poles are So fun. You definitely deserve one!

      The ones in my upscale garden shop aren’t made by Stephanie though; they’re a knock-off, so I go right to the source.

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  2. Bijoux

    The Peace Poles are such an original idea! I love them! I’ve been giving mostly consumable gifts in recent years; things like candles and specialty food items. My latest find was a set of colorful loose leaf tea infusers on Amazon. I’ve been giving one with a tin of loose leaf tea to friends.

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    1. Consumable gifts are a great way to go. My Uncle Jim said years ago that he only wants consumables as gifts, and it works out perfectly. The teas are a great idea!


  3. I’m loving the flower subscription idea. Nothing makes me happier than a beautiful bouquet. Off to check out that company.
    P.S. We lived in Coastal Carolina for 18 years and made yearly pilgrimages to Asheville and Biltmore. Great area!

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  4. These are all great ideas. I really like the Stephanie Burgess Peace Poles. they would make excellent gifts. I used to have one of those door mats that just said Go Away but people would still knock, It didn’t work lol!

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  5. These are great ideas. Love the etsy idea. Etsy has popped up on my search a few times when I’ve looked for something, but I have yet to buy something there. I babysat for a family (the one who now employs Lad at the car dealership) for YEARS and the mom was the all time best, most thoughtful gift giver. The few times I’ve come up with an outstanding gift idea, I’ve thought ‘AH, SO THIS IS WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO NAIL IT.’

    I bet my mom would like one of those peace poles. She convinced my dad years ago to buy her a life-size size, wooden, carved monk. Yes, a monk. Maybe it was supposed to be St. Francis, lover of animals? It was a bird feeder. It might still be in their yard. Not sure. Guessing the neighbors would find a peace pole a tad more mainstream. And now we all begin to understand why my mom is so hard to shop for . . . we can’t all find a wooden, life-size monk bird feeder.

    For fun little gifts, I really enjoyed my little Red Bubble sticker shopping that I did at Christmas for all my family members, nieces, nephews, etc. It was addicting to find something specific for each of them. So much to choose from.

    I did feel drawn to that particular welcome mat. Hey, some people like to be warned. Ha.

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    1. I have a feeling your mom would like one of the peace poles; I’m sure there is one with her name on it.
      I’m giggling thinking of the life-sized Monk in the yard!
      I remember the red bubble stickers. I tried to order some for Christmas, but I was slow on my roll!


  6. I love that you get flower delivery!!!

    Those peace poles are beautiful and I covet them.

    My friend has a doormat that says There’s Like, A Lot Of Boys In Here which cracks me up. She has three boys and since she lives near the school, their friends (including my boys) eat lunch in their backyard every day. Or garage when it’s cold. Pre-covid they were actually IN THEIR HOUSE CAN YOU IMAGINE. God, we have GOT to get out of this pandemic, I’m losing my grip.

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  7. These are such good ideas! I sent my mom the paper flower card, and she keeps it on her mantel. 🙂
    I’ve seen the peace poles in garden centers before, I LOVE THEM! I also love that website you linked to. I feel like I am a hippie in my middle age.

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    1. I love that you sent Mom the flower card. 🙂
      I’m a big fan of yard decor and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before I have an old toilet out there with some flowers blooming in it.

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  8. I love the recycled wine bottle windchimes! But I’d be too nervous to hang them up out here, where winds on the Northern Plains often gust to 75+ mph.

    I also really like the “check ya vibe” doormat. It’s got just the right amount of swagger to adorn my front stoop…

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    1. Yep, 75MPH might be too much for the wine bottles.

      I love people with a sense of humor, so if I went to your house and the mat said Check Ya Vibe, I’d already be in a great mood.

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  9. I love when you share these great gift ideas, my favorites are your stained glass pieces. Of course, I think the Coach sending you the flowers is the sweetest gift ever. You two are lucky that way. 🥰

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