Time To Make The Donuts

Not a lot happening around these parts lately, but I did have a Big Event planned on Tuesday. I’m almost reluctant to share with you as I don’t want anyone to think I’m a bragger.

Tuesday was Dog-Food-Making day. It takes me around four hours from start to finish.

The dogs are so smart, they know as soon as I bring out the big metal pans and/or the food processor, they line up in the kitchen knowing full well they will get to Lick The Pans in a hot minute. Or in this case, in a couple of hot hours.

How exciting is my life when I’m blogging about making dog food? Don’t answer that.

Anyhoo, it’s a process that requires my food processor. I now I understand why they named it that!

This scene sets the tone for drooling excitement.

In case you were wondering about the ingredients: Ground beef, ground turkey, white rice, eggs (with the shells processed into bits) cauliflower, green beans, carrots, broccoli. Usually, I add a large bag of spinach, but our friends had just gifted us with copious amounts of kale/collards, so I used those. Other items not off the list: sweet potatoes, squash, well, really ANY veggie is not off the list.

I process and divide all the ingredients into the metal pans; kind of like a meat loaf and then I bake them, let them cool and then we fill as many canning jars as possible. This time it was close to 40 jars. We store them in the freezer and take a few out every couple of days and mix some of the ‘meat loaf’ with their regular kibble.

They are happy hounds. If I had a Yelp Rating, you can bet your sweet azz it would be five stars.

I don’t know that you’d remember but back in February of 2020, our Vet said Callie had 2 weeks to 2 months to live and here she is 14 months later living her best Meat Loaf life. I do believe she’s living ONLY for the food.

Are you good at math? You’ll now notice we have THREE dogs when just a few weeks ago we only had TWO.

We’ve taken custody of Max since Lolo is back to working the mean streets; she’s on a 5:30pm-5:30am shift and it’s too long for Max and Mattis (the extra hyper Husky) to be confined together. Lolo’s future FIL comes by and feeds/lets Mattis out, but Max and he are not good together for some willing volunteer to come in and deal with. (picture baring teeth and fur flying, Max is the instigator)

All is good here though. At first, Lillie was an asshat towards Max (karma), but they’ve settled into a nice rhythm. Everyone gets along, or they just avoid each other and life is good.

How lucky am I? Don’t answer that.

I do hope y’all remember the Time To Make The Donuts Reference. It has nothing to do with Lolo being in Law Enforcement; although she is a self-proclaimed Professional Donut Eater.

Have a great weekend! Anyone else have an exciting event this past weekend?


27 thoughts on “Time To Make The Donuts

  1. I feel you really need to turn this into a business. A homemade dog food business. You could have designer dog food. I’m thinking of that 80s movie with Diane Keaton and the baby food.

    But I love how Callie is still with you and yes, I believe it’s for the food. And the love you put into it as well. 🙂

    Now I need to eat a donut.

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    1. Turn this into a business? yeah, I can see myself making thousands of cents. It’s drudgery.
      Callie has a few bad days here and there, but I believe she says to herself: KEP GOIN, DA FUD IS WERTH IT.

      I haven’t had a donut this year…I do enjoy them.

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  2. I applaud you making your own dog food. I did that for the last 9 months of my Lucy’s life, and the vet credited her extra time with me due to that. My recipe was close to yours in terms of ingredients, although I cooked everything first, then put it in the food processor and into the freezer (as Lucy had lost a few teeth by then). i would definitely try your way for my next dog, right from the start. I wish I had known to start making her food myself much sooner.


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    1. Awwww…I’m sure Lucy enjoyed the last of her days, eating in style.
      We started this a few years ago when I noticed that Callie just wasn’t enthusiastic with her kibble any longer and at the time we had our other old girl Cocoa. They both seemed to perk up with this ‘meat loaf’ combination. My Vet approved of it as well but advised we keep some kibble as it has other nutrients that they might not get from our homemade stuff.

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  3. My Beefy boy would be so jealous. I suppose the food most of give our dogs is probably the equivalent of raising kids on McDonalds. You sure do have some lucky fur babies, and just for the record it made for a great blog post. Have a great weekend!

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    1. Thank you, Martha.
      We have happy pups. Funny you mentioned McDonald’s; I do not frequent Mickey D’s, but when we travel back and forth to GA, I do stop at Chic Fil A and I always get the dogs some of the grilled nuggets. They love those and it feels like a special treat for them.


  4. No, I did NOT get that “time to make donuts” reference and I must say I read this post with growing disappointment and disillusionment as I realized it had NOTHING AT ALL to do with donuts. But my gawd, your dogs eat well. Better than some people!

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  5. Your dog food regiment reminds me of my pasta platter making when I host one of the kids’ teams for a team building pasta dinner. Tank just asked me last night if I wanted to sign up for one for the volleyball team. I reminded that after the fact my kids all tire of the leftover TRAYS of pasta . . . I live in fear of running out and starving an innocent teenager.

    The egg shells, too? I had no idea. This is a huge undertaking. You are one dedicated pet mama, and to take on Lolo’s Max is big of you. I love how Max and Lillie shook paws and decided to get along. I envision Callie scolding them – LISTEN I DON’T WANNA HEAR IT. QUIT YOUR YAPPING. And I especially love how Callie is still going somewhat strong.

    Lolo’s hours make me shudder.

    I did get the TIME TO MAKE THE DONUTS reference. I used to ‘open’ Burger King when I was in high school over the summer. The early hours took a toll and I really related to those commercials.

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    1. The shells are full of calcium.

      Pasta trays you say? 🙂

      Callie was totally sick of their shenanigans.

      Burger King in the morning; who would’ve thunk it?


  6. Leslie W

    wow. you are an awesome dog mom! I thought I was Top Dog mom because I cracked open a daily can of carrots to mix with their lunch and cooked the pups a sweet potato a few times a week. : )
    And you are right.. Dogs are smart. They know! These guys get a whiff of the sweet potato cooking and they all start going goofy.
    Bon Appetit!

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      1. You are a good mommy to your doggies. That is a lot of work to make them healthy food, but it certainly has paid off. Good to see all three and I am happy they are getting along for the most part!😋

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  7. Those are lucky dogs to get such good homemade food! My son has been here visiting from New Hampshire so we’ve been busy with him all week. He leaves today though so we’re going to have a quiet rest of the weekend! Happy May!

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  8. Melanie Galliano

    We still say Time to Make the Donuts around here too! You are a good doggie mom to make their food. I have thought about learning to make cat food for my kitties but haven’t taking the plunge yet. I get tired of cooking for the humans so I don’t need to cook for the fur babies too if I can help it!


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