Comings And Goings; Bird Peepers, Sparks, Talking With Nature, Tails/Tales.

The Coach left me Friday morning until late thirty Saturday. I’m counting down the days until my Softball Widow Title can be rested. The season is almost over and don’t ask me why he’s not exhausted, but I am.

Anyhoo, much like my childhood where I found myself alone, I am never bored. I can easily entertain myself with the most mundane of things.

Such as this male cardinal looking INTO the window the other morning while his wife/mother/side piece was taking a bath right behind him. I imaged he was inquiring if there was any shampoo available for his girl.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter how many times I see a bird in the bath, I will become instantly happy and proud that they chose MY bath out of all the baths in the ‘hood.

I had a typical conversation with these two regarding how wonderful they are and how much I love them. I’ll call this photo Before & After.

I went on a cleaning tear Friday evening; vacuuming, mopping, dusting. I mean, it’s Friday night, lets PARTY clean!

I topped off the night with the epiphany that I’d already Sparked Joy in my closet a few years ago, so why didn’t I do it with my linens? Marie Kondo would have kicked me out of the club had she known, so I worked on the guest bathroom drawers and the kitchen towel drawer.

Don’t hate me because I get high on organizing. But you should probably suggest a meeting…

The dogs and I started the new season of The Handmaids Tale. None of us can count how many times June has fled or almost fled Gilead, only to be yanked back in. *sigh* I’m sure it’s hard for June, but it’s also exhausting for ME.

Look at them, almost tail to tail; they’re coming around. Well, Max is coming around, Lillie already wanted to jump his bones. The adoption agency failed to tell me that she was a Hussy.

That’s all the excitement I will can legally share with you on this delightful Monday.

Was anyone else lucky enough to Marie Kondo their home or experience a cute peeping Tom?


29 thoughts on “Comings And Goings; Bird Peepers, Sparks, Talking With Nature, Tails/Tales.

    1. The bird bath was something I had wanted for a long time. I got mine a few years ago and it took a few tries to find a spot where the dogs would NOT drink out of it. 🙂


  1. I share your love of organizing. Hell, my striped plates are perfectly lined up in the cupboard… what time is the meeting?
    As for bird baths, I agree. The joy with which they bathe makes my showers seem lame in comparison.

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  2. I now know what my life is missing – a bird bath. OMG this guy peeking in your house is killing me. I had a squirrel do that once for a freaky long time. Oh, I just remembered . . . I don’t need a bird bath – I have a raccoon bath. Thinking about filling it to see who decides to bathe in it.

    I’m going to be a ‘teaching a PT class’ widow this Friday/all day Saturday. Coach is also currently a professional witness for 3 different cases. He didn’t even remember that he agreed to the 3rd case. Goofy overachiever.

    Anytime I Marie Kondo anything, I end up looking for something I got rid of. I bought cute green cropped pants. The striped shirt that I rarely wore that would’ve been perfect with these pants had been donated and I didn’t realize. Grrr.

    Very fitting name for your pic: before and after.

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  3. Bijoux

    We’ve had a few odd bird incidents. One was a robin who kept pecking at our office window. I actually used a poop emoji pillow (not kidding) that i propped up in the window, hoping the eyes would scare him away. It did not work.

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  4. I’m with you–I get unreasonably excited when birds choose to frequent our pond/waterfall and our feeders. And watching birds splash around in the waterfall, especially robins because they really have zero inhibitions, makes me giddy.

    We have one house finch–bright magenta–who stands on the window frame of one of our living room windows. It drives Marlowe (the Maine Coon mix cat) nuts. That bird is fearless, and I’m positive it now climbs on there expressly to taunt her. Love that bird.

    Try not to get your dogs so stressed out with that show. I hate seeing them so upset.

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  5. I love Cardinals, so you getting one looking in your window feels like a celebrity sighting to me.
    I used to have a birdbath for years until it cracked over winter. I need to get a new one.

    I love organizing too! I never tried to do that to my undies or towels. I may try that someday, though.

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    1. Surprisingly, I get a lot of cardinals; I think there are a few nests going all the time. I love the birdbath; I feel like when it’s really dry out (like now) it’s not only a good place to bathe, but they also drink out of it.
      I know. That sounds gross, but birds don’t care. I asked.

      I don’t want to brag, but my underwear drawer is very pretty.

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  6. We had a peeping tom bird a few years ago just sitting on our window sill looking in. The only reason I ccan figure is to stick her bird tongue out at our cats, who were going crazy because they wanted her bbad! I haven’t started watching The Handmaids Tale yet but sounds like more of the same!

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  7. We have a cute gray peeping Tom who’s a dove in the process of building her nest where it should not be, but will be, in a gutter. She fearlessly peeks into the house each time she flies by with some building supplies. I like her spunk.

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  8. Can I come to the meeting? All of our dressers have been Kondo’d for a while now…and honestly why wouldn’t you? I’ll bring the chardonnay.

    No birdbath here but that doesn’t stop the cardinals as they are everywhere!


  9. Oh, sure. You make photographing cardinals look easy. Do you have any idea how much effort I put into my failed attempt to do so over the course of three days in Ohio?!

    I should just buy a print from you, ha.


  10. Melanie Galliano

    We’re all caught up in Handmaid as well. She sure gets in and out of all kinds of situations and seems like she would be on “the wall” by now… not that I want that to happen of course. lol You are welcome to come organize for me anytime!


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