Revisiting The Baby Book

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I’d revisit a story about Bev; I shared this on the blog shortly after she passed away. I know she was laughing her heavenly azz off.

My Mother was a very special kind of Mom.  She was the kind that loved us immensely, but also thought we could figure things out ourselves; you know, the opposite of today’s helicopter parenting ways.

  • She was the Mom who worked long/late hours as a waitress after my parents divorced.
  • She was the Mom that laughed a lot, but also the kind that yelled when her kids were slobs. And we were.
  • She was the Mom that didn’t really teach her kids how to NOT be slobs, but expected us to know this.
  • She was the Mom that filled out every page of the baby book given to her when her babies were born.

Wait. WHAT? I meant to say is she was the kind that filled out every page of the baby book given to her when her FIRST child was born; you remember him, Mark the most beautiful child on the planet.

       Here is the first of many pages filled out  in Mark’s book.

                       There is a family tree for Mark. 

Here is Suzanne’s first page of vital information. 

 Here is a family tree for Suzanne to cherish for the rest of her life.

You can’t read invisible ink either?

Actually when I found this completely blank book after she’d passed away in 2015, I had a really good laugh.  

The fact that she’d kept the book for 48 years was astonishing. 48 YEARS. I know she was laughing with me. 

Hey, she was busy for those entire 48 years; it’s not like she wasn’t gonna get to it.  Right?   

Although, I was pretty excited to see that I did get mentioned in Mark’s book for his Fifth Christmas. 


New sister is Suzanne.

Beverly, I wasn’t THAT new; I was 3 months old and I did have a name.  Gosh I wish she were here when I found this; we could’ve laughed about this one forever.

I miss you Bev!

{The poll was a flop, I couldn’t get it to work properly, so it’s GONE}

And in case you’re wondering, I finished the baby books for both of my girls. What can I say? I was an overachiever when it came to Mothering.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my mothering Friends; whether you are mothering humans, critters, or friends. Taking care of other’s makes the world a better place.


27 thoughts on “Revisiting The Baby Book

  1. OK, I’ll admit it: I’m guilty of only filling out my first kid’s baby book. I had the best of intentions with #2, but man, I think parenting just wears you down so much by the time your follow-up kids arrive you just don’t have as much energy! Plus, what was cute the first time around isn’t quite as adorable the next time.

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    1. I totally get it; they’re exhausting and the cuteness kind of wears off. I recall taking a video of #1 just sleeping in her swing for about 7 minutes. When am I ever going to watch that again?


  2. I did the first 5 kids’ books. Every page. I still have Curly’s book. I kept a calendar that had little stickers for her and I used that regularly because it was easy. My plan? Take the info from the calendar and fill it into her baby book. It just hasn’t happened yet. I guess I now know what I’m doing in my free time this weekend. The shame. 😉

    I will say that I have a million photos of Curly, which is more than I can say for me . . . my parents’ third child. My baby book has a few words written in it . . . that’s it.

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    1. Just reading The Firs Five books exhausted me.
      Curly’s book might be completed this weekend? WOOT WOOT!
      There aren’t a ton of pics of me either as a child, but people weren’t as camera-happy back then.


  3. I think we can give Ernie a break. 😉

    I tried the poll, but it didn’t work for me. But I’m special so…

    I think I filled out both of my girls’ books BUT I had a seven-year gap between the two of them. That’s like having two only children, so…

    Happy Mother’s Day, my friend! xoxo

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  4. My Mom filled out baby books for all 3 of us kids. And each one had our baby ID bracelet from the hospital attached to it — our names in tiny little beads, one for each letter, and a few coloured beads before and after (pink for girls, blue for boys). I have my baby bracelet loose in an envelope now because the string deteriorated and broke over the decades. I have no idea where my baby book is now, though. I’d love to see it again.

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    1. Your Mom was a rockstar! I love that you have your ID bracelet. I have Coach’s ID bracelet that he came home with from the hospital and I think I might have mine somewhere….
      To be clear, I did NOT bring home Coach from the hospital; his Mom did.


  5. I am childfree so I’ll not answer your poll question. I wouldn’t want to skew the results. I will say that I have my baby book that my mother filled out meticulously… and I haven’t a clue about what to do with it. It’s kind of… pointless, but sweet.

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    1. I love that you have your baby book and IT is filled out. Your Mom was on top of things.
      I do wonder what will be done with all of these ‘special’ things that we save once we are gone? Landfill?

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  6. I must be special too, it didn’t work for me either. I have three kids. The first has the filled out baby book, eight huge photo albums, school days books, and who knows what else. The second has the baby book somewhat filled out, The third doesn’t have a baby book at all. I suck lol!

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  7. Bijoux

    I filled out all 3 of my kids’ baby books. I have no idea where my baby book would be. My mom never put photos into albums, so I suspect my baby book is blank, besides the immunization record.

    Happy Mom’s Day to you!

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  8. I probably have commented before that older sis and brother had baby books but mine as blank, Larry told me I was adopted from monkeys! He still calls me monkey too! Happy Mother’s Day to you and to your lovely mom in Heaven, Bev.❤️🌹

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  9. I *might* have my baby book – which was most likely completely filled in (polishes nails on lapel) because I was the oldest child; although if I remember mine only went through the first year. Yours went through FIVE years?! I think the majority of Man-Child’s book is filled out and, I think, it only covered the first year.

    Happy Mother’s Day, ladies!

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  10. Melanie Galliano

    Oh I am over here laughing with you! Hi New Sister. I can’t believe she kept a blank baby book for you all those years. I admit Valerie’s baby book has way more info than Veronica’s, but I did try to fill out some of it as best as I could! My baby book is mostly empty and I was the only child so what was my Mom’s excuse?! lol


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