I Won’t Be Guilty Of Overwhelming My Innards & Just How Many Kids Do You Have?

Are we ever tired of looking at butterfly photos? The correct answer is no. Female Black Swallowtail; She looks like a work of art to me.

I’m a supplement whore

I take the bulk of my vitamins and supplements in the morning. However, I’m not one to ingest them all in one big gulp {gag} like someone who is very close to me does.

I take one to two at at time over a 30-45 minute period. How my brain works: Taking all of my vitamins at once might confuse my body, so I spread the process out over the early part of the day.

This next part really has nothing to do with that, but:

I noted after a conversation with Lolo a few months ago, that she might have something similar going on in her brain. She didn’t mail ALL of her Save The Date wedding notices at once, but instead spread them out to about a dozen a day over a 3-4 day time frame. I can only assume she didn’t want to overwhelm the post office.

OR she just didn’t address them all at once. I didn’t ask.

BTW: Several of her ‘save the dates’ never made it to their destination. Post office be damned.

Which makes me wonder if my vitamins are actually making it to where they need to be or if they’re in limbo; perhaps hanging out in my esophagus or trapped behind a lung, confused as hell.

The Bumper Sticker(s)

Recently, I was behind a car that had two cute bumper stickers; I’ve blogged before about how I don’t fully comprehend the allure of bumper stickers, but these were giggle worthy. 

One sticker said: Grocery Gettin’ Loser Cruiser. 

It took me a minute, but then I gathered that this person had a life similar to many of us; their biggest outings were to the grocery store.

And the other bumper sticker read: Honk if a kid falls out. 

That one was pure gold.

I really wanted to catch up with her at a light and let her know she made my day, sadly the traffic didn’t care about me trying to give compliments and effed up my opportunity.

Well, that’s all the head scratching entertainment I have for you this week. I’m not even going to bitch about mention the gas hoarders and the fact that they almost ruined my road trip yesterday from FL to GA .

Anyone else worried about confusing their insides? Bueller. Bueller?


33 thoughts on “I Won’t Be Guilty Of Overwhelming My Innards & Just How Many Kids Do You Have?

  1. Good Morning, Suz., I love the bumper stickers. I learned later in life, that is good to drink a glass of water after swallowing pills. John is bad to swallow a hand full with a tiny sip of water and then go to bed without water!!! Men! Have a great weekend. 🌻🦋

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  2. While I’m not a bumper sticker fan either… those two are worth a chuckle. The past year of inactivity has raised the level of joy with which I grocery shop. If that makes me a cruisin’ loser, so be it.

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  3. Bijoux

    Sort of. I’m on two medications which I take in the morning (and the thyroid has to be at least an hour before anything else). I’m concerned about interactions, so I take my supplements late in the day.

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  4. I love those bumper stickers.
    I only take one supplement per day, so I don’t know how it works. I know I drink a TON of water so maybe you need to facilitate the water ride for your vitamins?

    That butterfly is stunning. They truly are a work of art.

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    1. “Facilitate the water ride”—I love your words! Yes, I do drink a good amount of water because have you ever had one of those ‘powder burps’ from a supplement? It tastes like powder barf in your mouth.

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  5. I take my vitamins before dinner with a few gulps of water. I do all 4 at once. But I drink water with my meal as well, so I think it’s okay.

    I love the Honk bumper sticker. The last bumper sticker I saw that made me look was one that said “Honk if you have to poop”. The person driving the car was a very attractive young woman. I wondered, “How goofy of a sense of humour does she have to put that on her car? Would I like her? Is that even her car? Maybe it’s her brother’s. And why am I thinking so hard about this?”

    I’m retired. I have a LOT of time.

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    1. “Honk if you poop” That IS a headscratcher. Maybe she means if you have to poop, she’ll move out of the way so you can get home quicker?
      Who knows, but that is a really weird one.


  6. The butterfly is definitely a work of art, and I love the bumper stickers. I drink so much water that I always wonder if I flush everything out of my system before it can do me any good.

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  7. That butterfly is so pretty. Meant in a positive way, not the ‘she’s so pretty way’ you use in a blond-like moment. 🙂

    I work hard to get all my Christmas cards out at the same time, because I worry that someone getting one later than a mutual friend might make them feel unloved or less loved, so I try to avoid the stagger. As if all receivers of my cards run and jump at their mailboxes “I got the Shenanigan’s card!” I’m silly.

    Fun fact – I could NOT swallow pills as a kid. Had to get awful tasting liquid medicine FOREVER. Shocking – but Mini is the same. She can sort of do it now, but it’s a process. I don’t take any vitamins or supplements. Maybe I’m doing it wrong. I will say that I constantly wonder what is going on ‘in there’. I’ve stopped eating after 5 pm (unless dinner runs late or I’m driving a kid) because my insides prefer to work on nothing (like digestion) if I expect to sleep decent. People who swallow pills with no water amaze me.

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    1. You are so funny about the Christmas cards—-NO ONE WILL BE TALKING ABOUT THIS.
      Well, I don’t think they are.

      I too could not swallow a pill until I was in my early 20’s; it’s like I have a ‘too small’ throat. Now, I can pop pills like a pro.

      I wish I could stop eating at 5pm! NO wonder you are so thin.


      1. The 5 pm thing is a new experiment for me- like weeks, so it has yet to impact my weight. Making my mind a little nutty though because HUNGRY.

        I also forgot to say I want the kids falling out of the car bumper sticker.


  8. I will never be tired of butterfly photos! Never! I take a lot of supplements too, but I just gulp them right at once. I have never before thought that they might confuse my body BUT MAYBE THEY WILL, oops. I feel like the grocery bumper sticker was made for me.

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  9. I appreciate a good bumper sticker almost as much as a clever vanity plate. Both of those you mentioned are worthy of at least a chuckle…if not an outright chortle. I don’t dispense chortles willy-nilly, mind you!

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  10. bibliomama2

    “My body might get confused” HA HAHAHAHAHA I love when someone is as loony as I am. I send my Christmas cards out a few at a time as I write them, so I would guess it was the addressing thing, but who knows, my kid is goofy, maybe yours is too. I have never wanted a bumper sticker except someone I know saw one the other day that says “I hope something nice happens to you today” and then bought one, and I sort of want to do the same. And I love that honk if a kid falls out one. Oh, and I do try to take all my pills at once, which often goes badly amiss, so no judgment.

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