The Birds & The Complaints

I arrived in Georgia last Thursday evening; I drove up with the two little dogs and The Coach came up the day before with Callie. He had softball obligations, so he came earlier, I had home obligations that kept me home a day longer.

The weather IS glorious! Cool, clear and a little yellow. (pollen!) When I drove into the neighborhood, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Everything was SO green. We looked at this house in August, bought it in September, and then enjoyed some fall and winter here. But I’m gonna say that spring is my favorite!

The hills are alive with the sound of music. I mean, birds. The hills are alive with birds. I felt like Snow White with them all fluttering around me as if they were going to dress me for a ball. Or was that mice? Did the mice dress her?

Don’t be alarmed, but I am officially an old person and this is my membership card pamphlet.

I have a bird pamphlet at the ready for identification purposes. I’m totally digging bird watching. I mean, I do this at home in Florida, but these are different birds; they’re Georgia birds. I know this because they have an accent.

This little video clip can explain the current status of Coach and Callie in one sneeze.

Callie starts her morning with a few sneezes and The Coach is struggling with terrible allergies as well; coughing, watery eyes, sore throat. Zyrtec isn’t doing a damn thing for him and he’s miserable. Right now he’s on the phone with Teledoc looking for a remedy.

Also, just after that video up there, Max spotted a squirrel, took off with the other two in tow, and made me run through the woods wearing flip-flops in COPPERHEAD season.

I thought I was going to strangle him when I got them all back on the deck, but I was exhausted by that point. Remember, I’m old; hence my bird pamphlet.

Next up, gates for the deck openings. I’ll take Neverending Projects for $500

We did get our fake doors replaced with real doors, what a novelty! {cue Debbie Downer} Sadly, there’s so much pollen right now, we can’t open any doors.

I’ll share some pics soon, I’m sure you’re dying to see. *Achoo*

Happy Monday.


29 thoughts on “The Birds & The Complaints

  1. Bijoux

    I actually recognize some of those bird calls because I’m old, too! Everything is lovely. We are covered in yellow here, but fortunately, no allergies.

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    1. Beth Cotell

      Pollen is no joke! We’ve had a rainy spring in this part of NC and that’s helped keep the pollen levels lower. Regardless, Peter was extremely sneeze after moving the yard on Saturday and I recommended he wear his mask next time. 😁


  2. Are you sure Simba doesn’t live there? Your amazing view reminds me of that movie. I’m not geographically challenged – I know that’s Africa. Just so dang pretty.

    I’m crazy tired, but I had to comment because I read your blog this afternoon when I was visiting the Children’s Garden at our Arboretum. The kids I brought were playing and I read your post and couldn’t believe it. I had JUST explained to the kids that this place had a great place for kids to climb on rope bridges and tree houses and learn about nature, etc. Then I said the rest of the Arboretum is huge, but it’s where old people like to go because they look for birds and flowers and stuff. 10 minutes later I see your blog and I know you’d be a member here if you lived close. Hee hee.

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  3. Girl, no one told me that birding would be in my future when I turned 50. But here I am, sitting on my patio every damn day trying to figure out what bird that is from that call. Do I have a birding app on my phone? YES, I DO. I may have to write about this. I love all the birds. And the plants.

    When you bought your Georgia home, I couldn’t wait for the spring and summer views. We went to my parents’ house in Chattanooga every August and it was so lovely. We would sit on their back porch for hours. Because it was August and the pollen was gone by then. So it gets better, I promise. 🙂

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    1. Do you think we wake up on our 50th with the birding gene implanted in our brains? I’ve always enjoyed seeing the birds and I’ve always had feeders at home, but this past year I swear, I’m outside looking UP all the damn time. We have a plethora of woodpeckers and I’m a bit obsessed. Now, here, I have all these different flavors. Have you seen a tufted titmouse? SO FREAKING CUTE.
      An app? I thought I was ok with the pamphlet, but an app? YAY.

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  4. I’ve been a Bird Enthusiast since birth, practically. My mother used to make me get bird books out of the school library. (I wrote about it in a blog post ages ago, here). We were all about birds at my house growing up.

    Until you put out several bird feeders, you are not a true Member Of The Club.

    (Another project–yay!)

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    1. Thanks for the link; That was a lovely read and I left a hefty comment for you.

      We can only have birdfeeders here in the dead of winter (I think November-March?) because we have a lot of bears and the bears will raid the feeders. We don’t want the bears relying on the feeders and becoming comfortable being close to homes-it’s highly discouraged. There is a saying in this area: A fed bear is a dead bear. Because if they get comfortable around homes/humans, they have to destroy them. I know. So sad, so we (the ‘hood) do our best to be respectful of nature and how it all works cohesively.


  5. Melanie Galliano

    This is funny but there are some noisy birds here too! ALL DAY LONG! I don’t know what they are doing but it is too much. It sure does look beautiful over there. Hope the allergies get better.


  6. You know, whenever I rank seasons (as one does), spring usually lands near the bottom…mostly because of allergies. But then, every time it arrives, it’s so beautiful and fresh and clean, I can’t help but wonder why I don’t move it up higher on my list.


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  8. bibliomama2

    The pollen is insane here too, although I think the Georgia climate would make it that much worse. Fall is generally my favourite season, but since the weather and the lockdown lifting slowly means I can see people outside at least, spring is officially my favourite right now (although we’re kind of going day to day summer summer fall winter summer spring right now.)
    It’s beautiful and I hope you’re having a lovely time. And that Coach gets some good drugs.

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