My Cuz, The Dogs, The Aliens

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about my Cuz Patrick. I honestly can’t even remember if I shared that he moved out of my Aunt and Uncle’s home (7? 8?)years ago. and is living with a wonderful group of people on the East side of Atlanta; y’all he has a new home and new peers! He’s super happy there and they have a good time, but you know what they’ve not enjoyed? This lockdown.

Since their home is for adults with disabilities, they’ve had to be even more careful and they’ve gone NOWHERE. Patrick had to give up both of his jobs. So, he and his roommates have been kind of getting on each other’s nerves recently. The Coach and I offered for him to come and stay with us; a change of scenery if you will. He was able to re-start one of his jobs this past Sunday and that was refreshing for him.

We’ve had a nice week.

Patrick=Dog Magnet

We had a very nice visit; I think it was good for him to be somewhere else for a minute and have a chance to miss his roommates; of course, it was good for the Coach and me to have some one-on-one time with Patrick too.

Da’ Bugs

I’m sure most people have heard about the Brood X of Cicadas that have appeared. I really didn’t know much about cicadas, but I’d heard THEY ARE COMING around town for a while. Apparently, this particular brood has been asleep for 17 years. Well, not really asleep, they’ve been underground eating root sap and waiting for their limelight which is NOW.

If I’ve seen it once, I’ve seen it 30 times on the neighborhood Facebook group: What is that alien ship sound I hear? Who is flying a small airplane around here? What is the machinery noise that is going on all day long?

Oh boy, mix that with my constant tinnitus and it’s a party in my brain.

My fave is the alien ship reference because I kind of knew what those sounded like from my childhood.

This isn’t the loudest I’ve heard them, it depends on the wind and where they are moving. On some of our walks, it’s pretty quiet until you round a corner, go up a hill, and BAM, ALIEN SHIP!

I had to giggle when I looked back at that video and the view. Can you believe when we first looked at this house, we were unimpressed with the view? I mean, we almost didn’t buy it because of the ‘lack of view’ but we really liked the house itself. What the hell did those aliens implant in my brain all those years ago?

That’s all the nonsense I have to share with you this week. Anyone else in the path of the Brood of Cicadas imitating an alien ship? Hmmmmm, makes me want to make copious amounts of mashed potatoes and let my creative juices flow.

Happy Friday


30 thoughts on “My Cuz, The Dogs, The Aliens

  1. Thank goodness we’re not in the crosshairs of Brood X. We had the last cicada invasion about five years ago in NEO, and I remember several when I was young(er). Those things were everywhere, and they made me cry when I was a little kid. My brother used to use them for bait, and he’d haul in some ugly carp that fought like bears.

    Always helpful, the Interwebs are chock full of recipes for cicada snacks, should you feel adventurous (or vengeful).

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  2. How nice to have your cousin Patrick there with you for a bit. I’m it was nice for him to get away after the past year we’ve all had. No cicada invasion here thankfully. The views from your vacation home are definitely amazing! Have a great weekend Suz.

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    1. I did not know Patrick had moved! I know he loved being with you, Coach and the doggies. I remember cicadas from childhood. You have a lovely view and I am so very happy for you. Haooy weekend,❤️

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  3. How great that you could give Patrick a change of scenery. I can only imagine how difficult these long months must have been for he and his friends. The dogs look like they appreciated a change of walkers/cuddlers too. The view is amazing. How funny that you weren’t head over heels for that scene initially. That sound – it DOES sound like aliens are landing. I don’t think we have a cicada issue this summer. When Lad was about 8, we had a massive cicada invasion. We took a photo of him with a cicada on his face, ewww. He enjoyed catching them and freaking me out. Shock. We gave that photo to the bakery and they used it to decorate his birthday cake.

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    1. There is something wrong with us, for sure because this IS lovely.
      So, the cicadas aren’t only fond of the south; good for them traveling like that. 🙂


  4. Melanie Galliano

    I’m glad things are getting back to normal somewhat for Patrick. I can only imagine how difficult it must have been for him. That sounds like a boatload of cicadas!! I haven’t noticed any more than usual around here but I will have to listen for them. Now mosquitoes… we have trillions of those!

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  5. Bijoux

    That’s great that you gave Patrick some time away from his roommates. It’s been hard on those with disabilities to have their routines disrupted. Glad one of his jobs is back to business.

    Omg, we are just north of the current brood, thank goodness. Our brood was here in 2016. It was only my second go round. In 1999, my oldest daughter was petrified to walk from the bus stop to our house because they would land on her. I remember my husband raking them up. So gross! They weren’t as bad at this house, even though we only moved 5 miles away. I think it has to do with the age of the development because building disrupts and possibly kills them while they are underground.

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    1. Yikes your poor daughter; that would cause some issues for me too. They are NOT pretty bugs.
      Maybe since our home is newer, they’ll stay down the street. 🙂


  6. I JUST saw a photo on Instagram from someone, who I think lives in the Virginia area, of those cicadas covering a tree limb! Luckily, we haven’t seen them here yet. And hopefully won’t.

    I am so glad Patrick came to stay with you – I know that cheered him (and you) quite a bit.

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  7. That sound of the cicadas is amazing. I had read about them online recently, but not heard them yet. All we get over here is wasps, bees, mosquitos, butterflies, and various sorts of fly.

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  8. “Lack of view”?!

    Your deck is beautiful. As for the cicadas, we don’t have them out here, but I’ve heard what they sound like before. At least it’ll be another 17 years before you have to put up with that again!

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  9. Great that you had your cousin with you for a while! and bonus dog walker! I have not heard those cicadas yet although we are supposed to have them around here too! I love that sound of them singing! They do sound like a alien space ship! Your view is beautiful!

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  10. Aww, I don’t think I knew about Patrick! Such a sweetheart. I love that he got to spend time with you guys. I’m so glad that things are opening up. So much to be grateful for.

    So, I think we are getting cicadas up in Illinois. My mom told me that they will be here this summer. I sound like we’re getting guests visiting. My mom and I get excited about stuff like this so…
    Also, I love that movie. I also fangirl about Richard Dreyfuss so..
    And yes, that sounded a bit like a sci-fi movie. But how COOL IS THAT?? Nature rocks.
    Also, if Rivergirl gets to come to have margaritas on the deck, I’m in too.
    I think you need to host a blogging party at your Georgia home. I SAID IT.

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    1. They are guests, so clean up the guestroom or basement to make room for them, if not, a bad yelp review will be in your future. KIDDING. I’ve seen some dead ones on the road while we’re walking and they are ginormous. Kind of scary looking.

      Blogging party in GA? Sounds like fun to me. Well, unless we’re taken over by ginormous scary-looking bugs.


  11. bibliomama2

    What a sweet idea to let your cousin hang out – the lockdown must be really hard for people in group settings who can’t get out. I used to work in group homes, and outings were all-important to keep everyone from going squirrelly. The funniest experience I’ve had with a guest and my dog is my big tough farmer uncle from out West who fell in absolute adoration with my tiny little dog and insisted on walking her every day.
    I remember the cicadas being extremely loud one year at camp while I was sleeping in a tent. It was soothing, but I don’t have tinnitus.

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