Pat, I’d Like To Buy That Man A Beer And A Vowel.

This is a short & sweet post. I have a real post set for tomorrow (or the next day) as tomorrow is a momentous occasion. What? Your calendar is blank for tomorrow?

On Saturday, the Coach and I had a very romantic afternoon. We went to the hardware store; we purchased some lumber for the new deck gates that will necessitate me not having to chase dogs who are chasing squirrels.

I’m sure you all were gasping when you read LUMBER. *wood=$$=swoon*

Afterwards I suggested we do something fun because when we’re UP HERE, we tend to do a lot of house stuff.

Me: “I always see signs for GA breweries and wineries; let’s hit a brewery today.”

If you know me, you know I don’t drink beer. I mean, I used to drink beer, but now I’m a wino. You know what they never have at breweries? Wine.

First LUMBER, then BEER! I should be rewarded.

Coach ordered the ‘lightest’ beer for me and it tasted just like a Corona even though it was made in GA. If I were on a deserted island and could only drink beer, that would be my flavor choice.

But hello, I’m not volunteering to visit THAT island.

Anyhoo, there was a TV that was showing Wheel Of Fortune. We were trying to figure out the puzzle answers while also contemplating the life choices of one male contestant who had the worst hairstyle I’ve ever seen on a human.

Coach says: Are those people still alive? Referring to Vanna & Pat.

I looked at him sideways, thinking he didn’t just say what he said, then wondered if his beer had more alcohol in it than mine.

Yes, this is a current show. They are alive and well.

He’s so pretty. Thank God he has me to keep him in line with important current events such as the living/dying status of game show hosts.

Happy Monday y’all. Anyone else enjoy some hops this weekend?


27 thoughts on “Pat, I’d Like To Buy That Man A Beer And A Vowel.

  1. You purchased lumber and had enough money left over for beer… without a home equity loan? I’m impressed. But are you sure Pat and Vanna are technically still alive, and just not well preserved facsimiles. Geesh. That show was on when I was a kid… you know, in the dark ages before cable.

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  2. We enjoyed some hops this past week but alas they were in cans we brought home from the grocery store. We have yet to go out in the big bad world, but when we do we’ll buy all the vowels we can!

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  3. That really was quite the romantic day! We enjoy hops just about every day, we are hop-o-holics. We still won’t venture into restaurants and bars but we are having a take out week to enjoy with our evening hops. Glad you will be getting the much needed gate. Here’s to a great week – cheers!

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    1. HA. He’s feeling pretty miserable again and is now on antibiotics too. I feel bad for him.
      Everyone is dead or almost dead at this point. Besides us; we’ll live forever.

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  4. I gasped out loud when you shared that you were buying wood. Glad it was just gates and not the whole deck. That photo of beer and pizza looks so lovely, maybe because I can’t have either anymore. I did drink beer, but like you I eventually switched to wine. When I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I was like: THANK GOODNESS THAT ELIMINATES BEER AND NOT WINE. If it had been the reverse, I would’ve been really sad (and sober). It is amazing how long Pat and Vanna have been selling letters. Wishing you had a pic of the bad hair on the contestant, so funny.

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    1. Who even knew beer had gluten? Oh, wait, wheat. I get it now.

      His hair was ridiculous and because of it, I know he had numerous cats, lived with his mom, and was very single.


  5. What we do for our men.

    But that pizza looks terrific.

    I don’t drink beer at all, and I have to say that the smell of it really bothers me, both in the glass and on anyone’s breath. I used to drink it In My Youth, but honestly, didn’t we all?

    Speaking of lumber, I always feel as if someone needs to deck Pat Sajak. He’s just icky.

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    1. Being a kid means you have to try a beer here and there. It’s the law.
      LOL at Pat Sajak. I feel like he’s just a nerd and only speaks in Dad Joke language.


  6. I can’t think of a more romantic date than at the hardware store! Probably cost as much to buy lumber as as it does to take a cruise or something! When I drink beer I like Bud Lite Lime but they rarely have it in restaurants so I usually get a Bud Lite with a lime in it.

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  7. Bijoux

    We love to visit craft breweries. I can’t even drink ‘plain’ beer anymore!
    And I mean, how is it possible that Pat and Vanna are still turning letters?

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    1. The Coach and our Lolo are both beer snobs and only enjoy IPA’s. Me? I’m a wine snob.
      Listen, I think we all might be a bit jealous about the letter turning gig-they’re geniuses!


  8. bibliomama2

    I have to admit, I have the same thought whenever I see Wheel of Fortune – “are they actually still alive or are those cyborgs?” It seems weird when stuff from when I was young is still going, although that is extremely stupid because I am no longer young and yet I AM STILL GOING. Ish.
    Our fence is falling apart, and my husband keeps taking down boards and piling them carefully in the old sandbox. We should probably get an alarm or something. Fortunately our neighbours to the back had a fence behind our fence, and our neighbours to the side are good friends who own our dog’s sister, so we just consider the hole a white-trash dog door.

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