He Deserves More Than A Pearl! {Happy 30th Anniversary To Us}

In the words of Barry Manilow: Looks Like We Made It.

This is our 30th wedding anniversary; we dated for six years prior to being legally entangled. If you’re doing the math, Jesus was a small child when we met and my teeth were just sprouting.

I took this selfie on the night of our first date.

Fun fact: Our first date was a BLIND date. How ’bout dat? No tinder. No swiping anything except for his heart. Match Dot What? No stalking each other prior to that fated Robert Plant concert in 1985.

Oh crap. I just looked up that Barry song, and it’s about two people who were in love and now found love with other people. Not a good anniversary song at all.

Fun fact: Barry Manilow is on tour, and you can see him in Vegas this summer.

This BARRY song is more our speed.

I actually heard that song while driving a few weeks ago and I’d totally forgotten what a good song it was….so, naturally, I started car dancing (just like my Mom!) and thought this was a great song for the Coach and I.

Fun fact: Kari, if you’re playing the Dead Or Alive Game, You can NOT see Barry White in concert any longer.

May 25th, 1991. Best.DAY.Ever.

Well, until a few years later when people came out of my body. But still, one had to happen for the other.

Last year I blogged about what a classy affair our wedding was. If you don’t want to go back and read it, I’ll tell you it really wasn’t a classy affair at all, but that’s ok. We both come from very humble beginnings and things have only progressed positively since then.

We don’t have anything planned for number 30 as we don’t usually go all out for our anniversaries….well, aside from our 25th when Coach surprised me with a bonafide proposal & vow renewal on the beach in Key West, including our girls showing up out of the blue, our besties Don & Kelly in attendance and an upgraded ring in a freaking conch shell.

SURPRISE! That was a good time and it can only happen once.

*looks around the corner for our delightful offspring and a conch shell*

Cheers to 30 years. I learned today (google) that the 30th anniversary is the Pearl Anniversary as wives used to get a strand of pearls on the 30th year. Well, I already have a strand of pearls but I only wear them when I’m baking and wearing a housedress with an apron over it.


36 thoughts on “He Deserves More Than A Pearl! {Happy 30th Anniversary To Us}

  1. Look at those CHILDREN getting married! What on earth was everybody thinking?

    Which is what I say when I look at my own wedding pictures, too.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your gallant husband. Here’s to many, many more.

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  2. Bijoux

    That’s awesome!!! Happy Anniversary!! Our 35th is this summer. Time flies, right? I loved seeing all your youngster pictures. You are a beautiful bride and Key West looked amazing, too. Covid really clipped all of our traveling sails, didn’t it? We did it up big for our 10, 20, 25, and 30 but have zero plans in the works for this one.

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    1. Time really does fly. I just can’t believe it myself.
      Maybe you’ll find something nice to do to commemorate 35 years; it’s quite a feat anymore.


  3. Oh I love all these pictures. So fun. You look like Cindy Brady as a tot, only cuter. What a sweet surprise on the beach. Imagine meeting without technology? Coach and I will celebrate our 25th in August. My guy looks like a 12 year old in our wedding pics. I agree the B & W photo is beautiful. Happy anniversary!

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  4. I love every single thing about this post. I also love both Barrys, and now I will be singing a mélange of their songs all day. (also, don’t you hate it when you figure out a song isn’t about what you think it’s about? Like the song When You’re In Love With A Beautiful Woman.) Anyway, I love that he surprised you on your 25th, I love all those cute wedding photos, and YES to pearls and housedresses with aprons. You forgot the high heels though. Vacuuming with your high heels and pearls! Happy anniversary! 30 years!!

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    Well, not the first Barry Manilow song.
    Side note- our 15 year anniversary is tomorrow, so see? Peas, pod. I think we all need to meet at some point.

    I absolutely LOVE the 25th-anniversary surprise too! How lovely!!

    Happy Anniversary you two sweet humans! Enjoy your day! 🙂

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  6. What a great love story. Happy anniversary! I would have hit 30 years in 2022 if, you know, my first wife and I didn’t divorce. As it stands, we barely made it to 14. I can’t imagine being with one person like that for three decades…but I certainly hope to achieve that with Tara!

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  7. Hang on BARRY WHITE IS DEAD? THAT’S what that Barry Manilow song is about? I love this so much. I’m so happy you found each other (as literal children) and that things have turned out so well for you – from what I’ve seen it is entirely deserved. And what an amazing 25th anniversary scheme he pulled off! Our anniversary tradition is usually that we both forget and everyone makes fun of us – we did go to Boston for our 20th a couple of years ago (everyone was surprised we remembered to go). HAPPY ANNIVERSARY.

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  8. Melanie Galliano

    Happy Belated Anniversary!! 30 years is quite a milestone. Love seeing your wedding pics and 25th renewal. Sounds like it was a blind date that was meant to be. Clint gave me some pearls for our anniversary years ago along with a pearl ring and matching earrings. I tried them on and they’ve been sitting in the box ever since!

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