Home Again, Home Again. What’s A Jiggity Jig And Will I Injure Myself?

First, thank you all for the anniversary well wishes for the Coach and I. We had a nice time together in GA. On our actual anniversary I think there was a lot of house stuff that needed our attention. I hope that one day, we might go there and actually find ourselves bored. We ended the day with a nice dinner at a local restaurant and in the morning the Coach bid me adieu as had to head back home for a last minute business meeting.

In theory I might have also departed that day or a few days later, as we drove separately, but my girlfriend Kelly needed some Suzanne time. She had just put down her beloved boxer Milo, quit smoking (YAY!) and was stressed from her husband who spends too much money. Can anyone relate? She flew in the same day that the Coach left for home and we had some much needed girls time for the next 6 days. My excuse for being MIA in the blog world.

Who knew I’d love short dogs that also have actual tails?

Kelly and I spent our days walking the dogs, (always with the dogs) shopping for items for the new bedroom/bathroom, puzzling, reading, watching and arguing over what birds were what, and generally laughing. At the end of each day after we ate dinner, walked the dogs, showered then retreated with the pups downstairs (the terrace level=fancy for basement with lots of windows) where the big tv is located. We watched the entire three seasons of The Kominsky Method on Netflix. Have you watched it? I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy it as I don’t love Michael Douglas, but it was suprisingly funny and touching. There was a lot of laughing happening and also a few tears because that is how we roll.

I arrived home late last night and I’ll spend the next few days playing catchup and cleanup; I ended up being gone for 19 days; that’s a long time to let sh*t go here. I promise, I’ll visit all my blog friends soon!

Did you miss me? WHAT? Not even a little?


28 thoughts on “Home Again, Home Again. What’s A Jiggity Jig And Will I Injure Myself?

  1. I can absolutely relate to your friend on all three things. Last dog I had to have put to sleep broke my heart so bad I will never get another dog again! I also quit smoking if you remember from an earlier post and know how hard it can be. Tell her hang in there…..it does get easier. And my husband is a spender and I am a saver so for sure he stresses me out! Sounds like you were just what she needed! I’ve hear other people say that show with Michael Douglas was good. I’m going to have to check it out!

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  2. What a fab way to celebrate an anniversary with almost a week devoted to girl-time. Sounds like a blast. I cannot relate to a spending husband. We are both pretty tight with money, but one of us (um, HI ERNIE) is capable of spending a bit as needed – especially when there’s a good deal. Plus I like quality, so an upgrade here and there makes sense to me. Anywho – glad you got to enjoy that time in GA with Coach, then Kelly, and of course those cute dogs. I bet you will be bored and totally relaxed in GA soon.

    Of course you’ve been missed, but you’ll get caught up in no time. Welcome home.

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  3. I’ve missed you. So glad you’re back.
    Girlfriends are good for the soul.
    Your sweet friend losing her dog and quitting smoking at one time? God bless her. I am so glad she has you.
    Those six days sound like heaven. I am so glad you have each other. 🙂

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    1. Kelly Thompson

      Hello, new reader here! I’m enjoying your blog; how about an update on ‘Luna’, the neighbor who hates other people parking near her (lol). Has she mellowed?


    1. I feel like the third season was very short and they were kind of tying up loose ends. I’m guessing it’s the last season, but I know you’ll enjoy it!


  4. Love The Kominsky Method. We’re kind of saving the third season and streaming other things until we just cannot wait any longer.

    One of the very best things about having a vacation home is making it available to friends who need a getaway. I know how much you loved opening your place to her and helping her while she struggled to get through her challenges. Being in a truly relaxed environment with a supportive friend went a long way in helping her recover herself.

    (I can’t help but note that you’re getting in deep with The Bird Thing. I love that.)

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  5. Kelly

    Hello! I’ve recently started reading your blog and love it! I think we need an update on your crazy neighbor, the one who was yelling at everyone for parking on county property….fingers crossed she’s mellowed…

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    1. Hi Kelly,
      We’ve not heard anything from her at all. Needless to say, their house STILL is not finished. Can you imagine? It’s been a year and a half and they’re still not finished. I’m wondering if Karma has anything to do with it?


  6. Melanie Galliano

    Welcome back! Sounds like it was an awesome time. I don’t remember the last time I had a girls’ trip or even a lunch. Sigh… I need new friends. I used to belong to a few mom groups and we had mom’s night out, but they all fizzled into nothing eventually. I will check out The Kominsky Method as I am always looking for something good to binge watch late at night.

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