Things That Make Me Smile: Real Doors, Visits & My Misfits

I’m having a hard time putting a decent post together lately, so here’s what has made me smile lately in 369 words.

The New doors/window at the GA house. These are the new fangled type of door that come equipped with Hinges and get this: they swing open and then if you’re feeling crazy, they also swing closed.

Here they are in all their glory. We decided to do a single fixed pane in the center and doors on either side. This was before my painters came in to work their magic so, it’s raw wood here.

Coach is modeling with the before: FAKE doors. It’s hard to get a good pic with no glare, but you have a fabulous view as soon as you walk into the front door through the screened-in porch area and now even more so with less wood/door area. The single pane goes almost to the floor behind the sofa.

Did you notice Callie up there curled up in Lillie’s little bed. I’ll never NOT think that is adorable.

Serendipity. As I was writing this post this morning, my painters let me know they finished the painting yesterday.

Last weekend both of our girls came for a visit and it was so wonderful. I wasn’t referring to them as the Misfits; the pups are my misfits. They swam in the pool, Coach grilled a big lunch, we visited and laughed. Mattis the Husky loves to swim and this enticed Lillie so much that the little turd jumped in the pool and Good Lord, SHE CAN SWIM. I had no idea! We can fully assume that she was peeing while swimming since she does it all.the.time.

Speaking of my little tinkle-er. This photo from our last trip to GA makes me smile. Max is not a fan of other dogs and I think that makes Lillie want to love him even more and even lay ON him. I can almost read his mind and it’s full of four letter words.

What do you mean your dog doesn’t wear a diaper? It’s ALL the rage with rescues who were never potty trained.

So, what is making you smile lately? Humans? Dogs? Fully functioning home parts?


25 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Smile: Real Doors, Visits & My Misfits


    Max is NOT OKAY with any of that. Also…he is fully aware that he just might be getting peed on.

    (And wondering why you got a dog when everything was perfectly fine the way it was.)

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  2. Max definitely looks displeased. He might be an introvert who just wants his alone time. Glad to see that your door situation has been corrected. Still more than a little confused by why the fake doors were there to begin with.

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    1. I believe you are correct, he’s an introvert and we force him into a group setting (pack).
      We are also still baffled about the fake doors and we have three more downstairs. Trying to decide if it’s worth the $$ to address those as well. We’re going to wait and see how we actually live in the house, especially pertaining to the downstairs part. We assume that once we’re old, we may never go down there.

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  3. Bijoux

    Max is not a happy camper and the diaper definitely makes it worse! Lol! That whole fake door thing was a hoot. Builders can be so weird. Our last house had a laundry chute that was ridiculously narrow. You could not throw a full sized towel down it. We never used it!

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    1. Sadly, it wasn’t the builder that wanted the fake doors, it was the home owner. She was a piece of work from what we’ve learned. Crazy about the tiny laundry chute. Maybe it was only for kids clothes? 🙂


  4. Max’s face is so funny. He should never play poker. Lillie looks like his mini-me.

    The doors look awesome. Glad you can check that off of your list.

    Um, today, well the last few days, have been hectic. We made Curly come with us for a short overnight stay in Indiana. Um, we promised a short drive. There was an accident and sadly loss of life. They shut down I65 in both directions and we sat in the car for a solid hour. Not moving an inch. As bummed as we were, I was like hey – it could be worse. Because at that point I figured someone had died. It was in the 90s and I was sitting on the sunny side of the car. Toasty even with the air on. But hey, we got where we were going eventually and we are in one piece – so there you go. Visiting a water park tomorrow. Hoping that will be a fun day.

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    1. I hate hearing about a fatality-involved car accident. So very sad.
      I DO hope that your weekend visit goes smoothly and that everyone enjoys themselves.


  5. Doors that open AND close? That’s a little too much of a good thing! Love that you had such a great visit! Fun fact: my dog, who is a Labradoodle, hates swimming. HATES. It’s so strange because labs and poodles both love the water. Well, he also is the worst retriever in the world so…

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  6. Melanie Galliano

    The real doors and new window look great! How funny that your doggie tolerates a diaper. We had a peepee dog once. Anytime he’d get excited, he’d roll over and peeeeee in the air. It was a submissive thing and we had to build up his confidence. Geez I can’t make this stuff up!

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