Pocketful Of Sunshine & What Ever Happened to So and So?

The following is a little post I shared way back in 2010 and it still comes to mind because:

1) I continue to hear this song on the radio and 2) I have this slip of paper sitting on a shelf in my office in a tiny little frame.

Current pic of the shelf above my desk. Are we surprised that I have a plethora of butterfly and bee paraphernalia?

I picked Linds up from school one day last week, she hopped in the front seat and pulled a slip of paper out of her pocket. She smiled, showed me what she had and said:

“Look, I’ve got a pocketful of sunshine” 

I just don’t know if this girl could be anymore clever, cute or funny. If we did not share the same DNA, I would try to kidnap her. 

Middle school wasn’t the easiest for her, so this memory was a bright spot and also, shortly after this she started high school and that wasn’t easy for either of us. Thank the good Lord we both survived and she’s one of my favorite people.

I love you Linds!

When I went back to look at that post and I read through the comments it hit me again how many people used to read/comment on my blog and also write their own blog, then *poof* they’re GONE.

One commenter, (who I didn’t even remember) I looked at her profile and she started eight personal blogs. EIGHT. And she’s gone, only lasted a few years. First of all, there should be a limit on blogs that you can write. One is enough.

Don’t you love how I declare things like how many blogs a person CAN have? How else do you earn a nickname like Bossy McBossy Pants?

Anyhoo, I’m having a hard time finding the time to write a post lately so this will have to suffice.


26 thoughts on “Pocketful Of Sunshine & What Ever Happened to So and So?

  1. Bijoux

    That’s cute and I remember the song. YES, it’s so strange to look at old posts and see profiles of folks long gone from blogging. Makes me sad. I sometimes wonder if they forgot their log in info and then just said forget it!

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  2. The video is unavailable, and when I click it takes me to Game of Thrones. Unless you live in Westeros and have a few dragons in the backyard? I’m guessing that’s a glitch. As for bloggers… sadly yes, they come and go. Except for me. I’ve been doing this so long I can’t remember a time I didn’t.

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  3. That is a great memory and I would have kept the piece of paper forever too! I have several things of my kids that I keep, mostly little notes they wrote me. I can’t imagine having more than one blog. I have trouble coming up with interesting stuff to write on just my one!

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  4. Aw, such a sweet story/memory. I love this. Sad that junior high and high school were tough on you both. Your little ledge reminds me of the collection of little mice statues that my mom used to have on display. When we lived in Davenport, Iowa behind a cornfield, the mice sought refuge from the winter in our home. I think my folks caught 20 something mice that first winter. This made my mom come unglued, so whenever anyone saw a mouse statue they bought it for her. A collection was born.

    It is sad when bloggers just fade away into the abyss. I love blogging and I’d miss all of my blog friends so much. Ally Bean posted today about whether or not we will know when we are done blogging. Sheesh – I guess when it feels like a chore or overwhelming. How on earth could someone have 8 blogs? I have thought about writing a separate blog on one specific topic . . .like say, nutty in-laws, or nutty neighbors, or . . . wait – I’m noticing a theme here.

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    1. Your blog could be called The Nuts. Then you can have. chapters/pages for each set of nuts in your life. 🙂
      Funny about the mice! HA-I’m sure she hated it when people gave them to her because of how she responded to the mice in the first place.


  5. I love that pocket full of sunshine! I also had an earworm about that song as soon as you said that.
    I was JUST thinking of Ally’s post today when you mentioned blogging. Then Ernie commented about Ally’s post and it felt like we were all talking in the same room for a moment and I love that.
    Someone created EIGHT blogs? For real? At the same time or eight different blogs at different times?

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    1. I think she had them all at one time. Then, she might have died trying to keep them all up? Who knows. I’m behind on reading today; must check out Ally later or first thing in the morning. Oh, and I still LOVE that song.

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  6. I would have kept that little piece of paper forever too! My kids all had a rough time in middle school but thankfully high school was great!

    I still have so many of my old blogging friends that I still follow hoping someday they might pop back on again.

    What really annoys me is when people have a bunch of different blogs on their profile and you have to click through all the old inactive ones to find their current blog. Why have them showing on the profile if they’re inactive?!

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  7. I actually don’t know that song. I think the only Natasha Bedingfield tune I’m familiar with is “Unwritten”…and only in passing. However, a pocketful of sunshine has got to be better than a pocketful of lint.

    I frequently go back and read old blog posts of mine and was recently commiserating with Tara about how many “regulars” back then have dropped off the face of the earth. It’s sad when people who are such a big part of your daily life, even if only virtually, just up and disappear. I, for one, am not going anywhere.

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  8. I LOVE that drawing of the sun. It looks cool and a little like Bob Marley.

    I wonder about the people who used to be Regular Commenters on my blog and then just disappeared. I know it wasn’t Something I Said; I say the same kind of stuff all the time.

    Lots of bloggers got tired of writing real posts and jumped over to Twitter and fb, where you can jot off a few sentences and be done with it. That is not my jam.

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  9. You know I’m with you on this point. I miss so many of my original bloggy friends who are gone. Kind of the subtext of my last post, I suppose. But there are cool new people now so I chose to focus on that… most of the time.

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  10. I found the same thing when I started going through my blog posts to save them. I mean, I had what felt like close personal relationships with multiple people where we all commented on each other’s blogs at least weekly, and then they just fuck off without leaving so much as a forwarding address? Where did Gwen GO? Whither Honest Betsy? Come back, Tracy the Mayor of Crazy Town!

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  11. Melanie Galliano

    I forgot all about that song. I too have often wondered where some of my fav bloggers disappeared too. There’s been some great friends that just went poof! I know life gets in the way but it’s been years and they never returned.

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