Do What Now?

Back in September when we first purchased our Georgia home, we noticed a phrase, a trend if you will: Do What Now?

When having a conversation with someone and they don’t quite hear what you’re saying, or don’t fully comprehend what your saying, instead of saying Excuse Me? Or Pardon Me? They say Do What Now?

I thought it was so odd at first, but now, I’m embracing it and It might be my favorite phrase to say, but you have to add a bit of a twang to the ending. If you say it flat, it has NO meaning. ZERO.

Do What Noww?

I’m going to be mostly MIA over the next few weeks as we have a shit load of friends visiting. Eight to be exact. Have you been in a house with a total of ten people in a while? Ten humans and three dogs. DO WHAT NOW?

This Cotton Candy Sky has zero to do with this post, but it’s illegal to post without a photo.

Since I’m a giver, when I see something funny, I must share with all of you because if it makes me laugh, it will make you laugh unless you don’t have a sense of humor. In which case, we shouldn’t be friends.

I saw this on an Italian restaurant marque last week:

You can’t turn water into wine

But you can turn pizza into breakfast

legalize marinjuana

Do What Now?

The Coach and I were driving the other day and we passed a pickup truck who had this on their back window:

Stay home if you sick

Come over if you thick


Do what Now?

I’ve read a lot of the Bible, but I don’t remember that verse. Maybe it’s in the Newer 2020 Testament?

Anyhoo, all that to say if you don’t hear from me, I’m probably NOT dead. Just busy eating, drinking, laughing; you know, like in the olden days.

Have you heard the phrase Do What Now? Or do you have a weirder one to share?


30 thoughts on “Do What Now?

  1. I have heard that phrase and after reading Eileen’s comment it brought back a memory of what we used to say back in our young cool kid days, we’d say You wanna touch my what? We were so bad lol!

    Have a great time partying with your all your visitors!

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  2. This is such a hoot. I love how different places have different phrases. I love DO WHAT NOW? and I think I will try it on my kids. Maybe as they repeat it back/try to clarify they will take it as an invitation to DO something, as in help with laundry, etc.

    I’m enjoying the ‘bible’ verse as well

    Have a blast with your crowd. I know you will. Looking forward to hearing about it.

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  3. Bijoux

    I have heard that phrase, but I don’t remember the who or where. Possibly on TV? My husband and I are more prone to “Whatchoo talkin ‘bout, Willis?”

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  4. nicoleboyhouse

    LOLOLOL I love it. DO WHAT NOW is my new favourite thing, thanks! Usually my response is to tilt my head and say “Sorry, what?” but then I am Canadian, and “sorry” is our favourite thing. BUT NOT NOW, NOW IT’S DO WHAT NOW. I laughed and laughed, thanks Suz. Have a great time with your visitors! Catch you on the flip 🙂

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  5. How in the hell did you get so many Canadian readers? DO WHAT NOW?

    All those people in my house is my nightmare. I have to have my mother for four days and I’m already stressed. (Bring on the wine and marinjuana. LOL)

    I know you’ll have fun. We’ll wait.

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    1. What can I say, the Canadians love me! HA.
      I don’t mind all the people because we’re such good friends that if I’m getting tired of them, I’ll just go to my room and shut the door.
      Enjoy your Mom! I know they (parents) can stress us, but you won’t always have her. I know you know this, but you know. 😉


  6. I’m not familiar with this saying. I don’t get out much, I guess. Or talk with people often. Or talk with people who use this phrase. I like it, but have yet to experience it in real life. BUT when I do, I’ll think kind thoughts of you.

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  7. I feel like I have heard DO WHAT NOW? Or maybe because you said it several times. I CAN HEAR YOU SAYING IT. 🙂

    That cotton candy sky is magical. If anyone gets one in their viewing area, they are required to take a picture. Same with rainbows, butterflies, and hummingbirds.



  8. I knew somebody whose favorite phrase was, “Fine as frog hair split lengthwise.” That was his canned response anytime you asked him anything…how he was doing, how the weather was, etc. I’ve always remembered that but never could bring myself to adopt it for personal use.

    Enjoy your company! Or at least the eating, drinking, and laughing part.

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  9. I keep meaning to thank you for the outdoor potty idea, now that we are doing some renovations. It has come in really handy for the renovators. You had mentioned getting one for some outdoor landscaping. It works well for summer indoor renovations too.

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  10. Mary

    Wow, it’s been a long time!! 🙂
    You’re in GA??? From the look of the picture, I have a feeling you’re not too far from where CH & I spent part of our camping vacation. I have to get caught up!

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