Adding To My Laugh Lines; July 4th Was A Banging Good Time!

I didn’t want anyone to worry about me; I’m fine and dandy. Well, aside from the 341 bug bites that I’m currently scratching. No-see-ums, chiggers, mosquitos, yellow jackets; they all love me. Why am I so delicious? This is my cross to bear.

We had such a lovely long (Thurs-Tues) July Fourth weekend with our friends. ‘Merica!

I’m thinking of naming our house Shenanigan Central instead of Where The Money Went.
There was much LAUGHING, wine drinking, BBQ’ing, dog petting, puzzle doing, walking, hiking and avoiding snakes/bears, music enjoying, and pizza making.

Our deck did not collapse from the weight of us as the Coach said it wouldn’t, so that was awesome.

Things that I should share in more detail later: My rendition of Sally O’Malley because I CAN KICK and I CAN STRETCH and The Puzzle Club. Riveting stuff.

Oh and one piece of great news to share too.

I’m working on catching up with all of you, but it might take me two weeks; some of you talk more than I do. Imagine that.


25 thoughts on “Adding To My Laugh Lines; July 4th Was A Banging Good Time!

  1. Thanks for sharing these great photos. I can almost here the laugh-track in the background. So fun.

    And I’m honored that you named your place after us (before we’ve even visited) . . . the Shenanigans. Great minds think alike. Looking forward to hearing more about the fun you had.

    We had an unusual first happen to us on the 4th. Something I hope not to repeat. No idea when I will have time to share. We can laugh about it now.

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    1. Shenanigan(s) has always been one of my favorite names/words. I’m anxiously awaiting the story of the fourth and I’m glad to know all is well.


  2. What, was “The Fun House” taken? LOL

    I’m so glad you had a fun-filled, friend-filled Independence Day. That’s just what a vacation home is all about: hosting your favourite people and enjoying yourself.

    And getting rid of those nose zits as a group.

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  3. Looks like a lot of fun! Perfect house for shenanigans! Mosquitos love me this year, more than usual! Must be my sweet disposition since I’m no longer one big ball of stress from working!

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  4. Bijoux

    That looks like a lot of fun. You always look like a kid to me and once again, in that baseball cap, I think that again. Do you ever get carded? Happy Summer!

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  5. Melanie Galliano

    I’m playing catch up today! Or trying to… I’m way behind! I’m glad you had a great 4th. Love the deck and your outdoor space looks so comfy.

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