The One Where She Insists On Getting Older

Hashtag 28

Are you supposed to write hashtag or just #.

Hip, I am not.

When I started this blog Lolo was 15 and just about to make me nutty. Nuttier. Luckily, that only lasted a few years and she’s currently one of my most favorite humans. She turns the big 2 8 today which feels surreal since I was just hashtag 2 8 a few weeks ago.

She is good to the core with a kind and giving heart. Lovely inside and out with an amazing smile and eyes that can light up a room. Her quick wit and amazing intelligence always blow this Mama away.

She was the toddler that drove me mad with her high energy; oh how I was not prepared for that.

She was the little girl who loved to collect/play with bugs, pick up random objects, (bottle caps, rocks, screws) place them in her pocket so I could later find them in the dryer.

She was a pro travel softball player (5yrs-20yrs) and we’ve been to (just about) every softball field in the state of Florida and then some.

As much as she loved being outside getting dirty, she also loved doing her nails, wearing dresses and fussing with her hair.

Some of her past pets were a snake and a few lizards and she’s obsessed with her husky Mattis and of course her SuperMutt Max Max. She can’t pass up a dog or cat that she doesn’t think is the cutest thing ever with her vocal: Awwwww. Never mind if that critter has one eye, half a leg, covered in mange, foaming at the mouth ready to eat you, she will say: Awwwww it’s so cute…..

She’s the perfect anomaly of girlie and strong.

She’s just perfect in every way.

She has a big milestone this year: marriage. And she thinks law enforcement takes patience and wit?

Do you have any sage 28th-year or almost married advice for her? She and Linds are avid readers of this ole blog and enjoy all of your comments.

Happy birthday Lolo!


25 thoughts on “The One Where She Insists On Getting Older

  1. This is so awesome. I LOVE the photos of your sweet girl. Awwwww. (See what I did there?) Happiest of birthdays.

    Advice? Listen to your mother, always. I wouldn’t recommend this to everyone, but your mama has it all together.

    I think when I was first married I got hung up on things that DID NOT MATTER. You’re probably too smart to do that. I’m more chill now, well unless my offspring ignore the messes they make.

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    1. You are so sweet, yes, I (almost) have it all together. 😉
      I did the same thing; worried about the small stuff when in the end, it means NOTHING.


  2. Looks like you raised a damn good person there. And beautiful to boot. Well done mom!
    As for marriage, I’m 37 years in (which is strange since I’m only 39) and aside from making sure you’ve picked the right person who wants the same things you do? I only have one word. Compromise. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don’t… and that’s okay.

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  3. Happy 28th! All of this is great advice. I would add: Don’t take everything personally. Some stuff your husband does is just What He Does. He’s not doing it to hurt or disrespect you when he keeps leaving his beer bottle caps on the coffee table or leaves the toilet seat up all the time EVEN WHEN YOU KEEP TELLING HIM ABOUT IT. He’s not thinking that it’s a way to get at you. Actually, he’s not thinking at all.

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    1. You are so right. They’re not overthinking things as we do. I think men are pretty simple in that way and we make a big deal about silly things. LIKE THE TOILET SEAT and BEER BOTTLE CAPS. 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday, Lolo! Enjoy your day! I’ve enjoyed getting to know you through your mom over the years. I hope someday to meet you (and your mama).

    In terms of advice, I don’t typically give it out, but according to what I’ve seen and heard from your mom, you and your future husband will be just fine. Listen to your gut, don’t take anything personally, and enjoy the ride.

    Big hugs! 🙂

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    1. You are so sweet!
      They are both pretty easy going and level headed. (which is great considering their work field) I have faith that they will have a fabulous life together! Xo

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