Suz & Coach Are Hot and Dirty & One Answer

You guys. It’s been a week. Our floor demo guys were supposed to show up Thursday morning with the possibility of coming a day early, but we never heard from them until they were in the driveway at 8:15 on Wednesday morning. A DAY EARLY. The Coach and I scrambled to move items out of the laundry/craft room since I thought I had another day.

The noise. The mess. The noise.

The noise went on for 8 hours and that little piece of plastic didn’t keep the dirt out from the front of the house. I could write in the dirt on the kitchen countertop and you know I did: “this place is a dump”

And for fun because it’s July in Florida, the a/c in the front of the house went out Tuesday and my a/c guy has been here 5 times with no luck. I’m really Not here to complain and I kept telling myself: “This is only temporary, this is only temporary” as I wipe sweat from my brow while doing absolutely nothing to bring on the sweat.

The a/c works in the back of the house, but the back of the house looks like a bomb went off. The irony.

The good news is our tile installer started bright and early on Thursday morning, is making headway and we’re thrilled with our tile choice/transition from what we had. We wanted the same tile that we installed in the front of the house when we did our HUGE Reno 6 years ago, but they stopped making that color/style when I started searching TWO years ago. (of course they did!) Why didn’t we have the forethought to order all the tile for the back of the house six years ago? Probably because we were overwhelmed with the six month long Reno and just wanted it to be over.

This is only temporary. This is only temporary. *wiping dirty sweat from my brow*

I was working on answering some questions before things heated up here.

Gigi RamblesHow did you and Coach meet? Love at first sight? I’m fairly certain it was love at first sight for him.

Nicole also asked: Okay, here is my question: how did you and Coach meet and start dating? I know you were both at the same Santa when you were kids…but when did the MAGIC start?

Scene set: 1985, Suz just graduated from HS and was a mere 17. The Coach and I were living in the same town just a few blocks away from each other; I had just moved from GA and in with my Dad a little more than a year when we met. His best friend Don (the same one we see ALL the time who is married to my bestie Kelly) was dating Melissa who was a good friend of mine from HS; they dated all through high school. Anyhoo, Melissa said to me on one fateful afternoon: “Hey, do you want to go to a concert with us tonight? Coach has an extra ticket and no date? Two other good friends were also going.


At the time, I didn’t have a clue who he was and when they showed up, I was all, OK, this might be fun, he’s cute. Ya’ll I didn’t even know what concert we were going to, but no big deal we went to concerts all the time. {Robert Plant} We had a great time that night, we sucked face, enjoyed the tunes, he got my number. Also, a few days later I remembered that I HAD seen him twice before; recently at a party at the beach and he had a girl with him and I remembered I had been to a party at his apartment a while back. Yes, I was proficient at having blonde moments early on.

He didn’t call.

Me: That’s the last time I’ll kiss a boy on a first date! {Lies, all lies!}

About three weeks later I was hanging out with Don and Melissa and they wanted to stop by Coach’s house; he was having a party. I was reluctant, they insisted. There I was, at his house and his freaking girlfriend was also there. Apparently when we had our blind date, They Were On A Break. She must have smelled him on me because she was giving me side eye and couldn’t keep her hands off him. The minute she wasn’t around he was flirting with me, a few hours later they got into a fight, she left and I went in for the KILL with my cuteness.

I wants, what I wants.

So, essentially we met on a blind date 36 years ago. We dated for six years before we got married. There you have it. Serendipity. Being at the right place at the right time, kissing well and biding my time. Isn’t he a lucky guy?

Happy Friday


24 thoughts on “Suz & Coach Are Hot and Dirty & One Answer

  1. Bijoux

    Aww, that’s a cute love story. Might as well face it, you’re addicted to love . . . Wait that’s a different Robert!!! Anyhoo, I enjoyed learning more about you, Suz.

    But you’re not making me look forward to our master bath reno.


  2. I like the story of how you two met. Makes me smile at the innocence of it all. Rather impressed you can get anyone to return your phone calls let alone do work on your house. We don’t even rate a return call.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. When I thanked the guys who did the demo, they replied: “Thank you for giving us some work; it’s been slow.”
      On the other hand, our tile installer is in high demand and we booked him many months ago.


  3. I have to say my first thought was that you were going to tell us that the workmen DIDN’T show up. That’s always been my experience. They show up days or a week after they’re supposed to. Sorry about the lack of air, but so glad you are excited about your choice.

    We hired the guy, but we’re still debating the color for our siding. Our red brick is mixed with some black brick, so would the dark blue color that I like look weird, not matching enough? Or do I go with dark gray? Hmm.

    Love the details of the love story. So funny about the other chick in the mix. Oh my, I remember those days. I also love that Don and Kelly were there from the start. Awesome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would have to see a closer pic of the red brick; when you shared the pics before it was from a distance and I didn’t see any black.
      We’ve been very fortunate for people to show up; there is a lot of work to be done in this town….and at our house.


  4. We had floor work at the Canton house and the noise and dirt were horrible. I politely asked the workers to be careful when they moved the appliances out of the way. That insulted them and they walked off the job!!!! The company owner, a guy I went thru school with, yelled at me “my guys have never walked off a job, what did you do to them???’ It was awful. Anyway, love the story of how you two met. You two are one of the most lovely and inspirational couples I know. Love you guys.

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    1. Sounds like those guys were very sensitive? Wow. That is crazy! It’s not like you’re some sort of aggressive brute.

      Thank you for your sweet compliments. XOXO


  5. We need to replace all the flooring in our house and I keep putting it off. The thought of moving everything out of a few rooms and cramming it into others makes me cringe. But no a/c in Florida… in July? That would make me suicidal.

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  6. No air conditioning in Florida and you’re staying optimistic. Bless your heart. That’s what they say in the south, isn’t it? This week in Illinois has been extremely humid, and I can only stay outside for about 2o minutes. Ha. We werent designed for this. 😉

    I love your love story.

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  7. bibliomama2

    Noooooo, omg, Florida with no air conditioning? Go ahead and complain. I can’t live without ac in CANADA. Also, you HUSSY (jk, I basically snaked my husband out from under (not literally) his previous girlfriend who I was also kind of friends with, although looking back she was quite a bad friend (look who’s talking, one might say!)

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