We Interrupt This Blog Because Design Advice Is Needed

I know ya’ll want to be involved in my life decisions. Right?

………Y’all, I just did a ‘backing up the bus’ (thanks Ernie) and went into a long ass tirade explaining all our flooring woes, which went into discussing our addition and then full renovation. I think it’s more information than anyone wants to read. Delete.Delete.

So, this room. You can see the progress on the new tile flooring. We’re going to have the cabinets painted white. The countertops along the back and desk area are going to be a light/white quartz. I’m going to have a tile backsplash (first time for that in here!) I’m getting a full sized washer/dryer set and the walls will be painted.(color to be determined)

Here is a better pic of the craft room in it’s glory with my desk area tucked in between two large windows.

My dilemma. My craft table top. The base will stay the brown color that I painted it many moons ago. But the wood top is too red now. It’s a simple plywood top that we stained. My new choices are 1) walnut top (nice deep brown) or 2) a quartz top. It can be the same as the new countertop color or I can choose a different color.

What a nice dilemma I have, right?

The Coach has already ordered the walnut for the top because that is what I thought I wanted right off the bat, but now I’m wondering.

I’m not worried about scratching a wood top as this table IS to be used and abused, so don’t factor in upkeep. Just think aesthetics.

Inside pic of our kitchen cabinets; Coach says the walnut will be just like the inside of our cabinets; same color.

Below is a pic of the quartz (Calcutta gold, it’s white with faint tan veining) to be used on countertops and the backsplash tiles are going to be at sink/fridge area to the end of laundry area. (not to be used at desk/office area) These are the partially finished floors (not grouted yet) And remember ALL those cabinets will be painted white. Not beige. White.

Thoughts on a table top? Wood or Quartz? I welcome your opinions.


24 thoughts on “We Interrupt This Blog Because Design Advice Is Needed

  1. I love interior design. I’m an active amateur designer! I’m all about eclectic so I’d go with the dark walnut BUT if you want to see a more calm uniform look when you glance into the kitchen then the quartz would do that. It comes down what kind of feeling do you want when you see, then use, the space? Only you can answer that question.

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    1. Look at us: I’m also an active amateur designer.
      Yes, what kind of feeling do I want in here? That is a great question.
      Generally, I don’t struggle with choices because I can envision it all in my head, but in this case, everything is changing aside from the table base. That is why I’m thrown. SO.much.change at once.
      Thanks for your input.


  2. Note that when I back up the bus, I include ALL THE EXCESS INFO . . . I need to take a page from your playbook and summarize more.

    I am at the pool and I am struggling to see the pics (it isn’t even sunny out, what the heck?) but I have a buffet counter that is wood in my kitchen and I do love the pop of this-is-different. I think if you are not worried about upkeep, the wood will look awesome. Of course, you can’t go wrong with either option.

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    1. I actually started writing about 300 words after I backed up the bus, then I decided to PARK the bus and scrap it. HA! Sometimes a back story is needed, I realized here, today, it was not.
      Thanks for your input!


    2. I’m inclined to keep the walnut BUT if you want it all to match then go for the quartz. I do like matching/ coordination as well, so it’s not like you can go wrong either way but with the brown table legs I think walnut would work better.


  3. Maddie

    I’m going to be the weird one (surprise!) and wonder what color white the cabs are 2b…. Like is it a warm white with cream in it? A bright cool white with blue undertones? I love walnut wood but in my experience it is bossy. I’m wondering if it will play nicely with the many, many (I heart your numerous storage options) white cabs (and also all the *other* whites – backsplash, quartz, possibly white blinds & molding).

    Also does the walnut go with the table’s brown base in your opinion? I can’t tell from the pics but that worries me a lil.

    The walnut could be a gorgeous, velvety centerpiece or it could be odd man out. If you really love the quartz that you’ve picked that would be safer. I guess I would choose the surface I loved. Then if I had to make changes, I’d be making changes to accommodate something I love.

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    1. You asked validly and not.so.weird. questions.
      I honestly haven’t picked my white yet, but in my brain, I was thinking of Sherwin Williams Alabaster; it is a warmer white. We’ve used it in other projects before and it’s a nice white; not glaring.
      I feel like the walnut will work with the table base, but then again, I don’t want just a huge GLOB of brown in the middle of the room. But then again, I’ve had a huge GLOB of brown (with semi-reddish top)in the middle of the room since 2003.

      NOW I’m even more confused which was bound to happen.


  4. Okay, Suz – I understand the dilemma as I second guess myself ALL the time about EVERY thing. But nine times out of ten, after arguing with myself about the choice for months, if I go with my initial first choice then I am happy. Would I have been as happy or more happier with the second choice? Who knows. But I’m fairly convinced that your first, immediate choice is usually the one you will be happiest with….especially if you aren’t worried about the upkeep/scratches.

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    1. I know I’m not alone in my indecision. Generally, that IS NOT my case, but today, this is where I am. Still trying to digest it all and I think once the floor is done and the cabinets painted, perhaps my choice will be clearer.


  5. I love SW Alabaster. My living/dining room is that colour.

    That walnut is gorgeous. If you really love it, you can always put down craft boards when you’re doing something on the table–you know, those foam board type thingies.

    Design-wise, since the legs aren’t walnut, quartz would be the logical choice since the “work” surfaces are all quartz. The craft table functions like an island, so quartz would be its surface.

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    1. I like your thought process here.
      I even contemplated painting the base of the table black, but then again, I don’t know if that would help me in my decision.
      Still mulling it over. And over. And over.
      I think once the flooring is finished, the cabinets are painted and the counters are in, it might be easier for me to envision the table top one way or another.


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