Thelma & Louise, Plus A Possible Mob Connection

One bonus on the tearing out of floors and countertops in my craft/laundry/office is that I was able to upgrade my washer and dryer. My pair was still working (will go to Lolo and Nathan) but I was ready to move from the little undercounter 24″ wide to full sized. It was over a year ago that I did all my research and decided what machines I wanted; but of course I didn’t actually try to purchase them until a few weeks ago when I had a commitment on the floor situation.

I should have known there would be a delay on getting them, but as I sometimes do, I was living in my own little blonde bubble and didn’t think about the pandemic and how it affected every.damn.thing. I searched for my new machines all over the place, there were none available and NO dates of future availability.

I was about to restart my search and go with a different brand when I expressed to the Coach that we couldn’t get the ‘dream machines’. He said HOLD MY BEER Let me make a call, I have a guy.

And just like that I had my dream machines a week and a half later.

Is there an Appliance Mob? If so, he might be connected.

Meet Thelma & Louise. I hope they never decide to drive off a cliff. My new countertops will go over and around them. Or something like that. I’m told it will all look lovely and you don’t question the Mob.

Y’all it was all I could do to conceal my drool joy when the installers were bringing them in. If you think they look pretty, just imagine how well they work; the efficiency is mind blowing.

The cabinet painting will start sometime next week.

And at some point I’ll reveal what top I decided on for the craft table. Some of you will be happy. Some of you will be very angry at me will not. I said: What if I don’t like it? Can I exchange it for another in a year or two? He replied that he’ll save the old red one for me. Smart ass Mobster.

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

In a last minute change order Coach decided to rip out all the baseboards and door trim in the back of the house to match the updated stuff up front. So last weekend he and our neighbors’ son did just that and we had someone here on Friday installing new trim.

And while we’re at it, let’s redo two closets with new doors and closet systems.


I look forward to the day when I don’t have workers in the house, however I am thankful they are here when I need them.

Anyone else in love with their appliances or having a home facelift?


33 thoughts on “Thelma & Louise, Plus A Possible Mob Connection”

  1. I am in desperate need of a home facelift but someone (who shall nameless but is cursed regularly) had to have a man cave instead. I love that your husband “has a guy”. My other half thinks he’s the guy … and trust me, most times he’s not.
    Love Thelma and Louise though. My next set will be that color.

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  2. I like Thelma and Louise. I’m glad your knew a guy who knew a guy who knew a guy… And isn’t that just the way it goes when you build/remodel a home?

    We have hallways but not so dramatic as yours. I’m impressed and would be proud to walk down yours, careful to not scratch the wood floors, being a kind guest.

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  3. So great to be connected. Love your new hallway look. We switched out the carpet upstairs a few years ago and when they tore up the carpet in the bedrooms, they realized that the hall flooring was not the same level as the bedrooms. (there was no carpet previously in the hall). I called my mom, who called a guy to come level off the floor WHILE the carpet guys were here. I love the look of hardwood floors, but I cringe to think of how loud our home would be without the carpet up there.

    Remember our few days before Christmas dryer purchase that wouldn’t fit through the door? Glad yours wasn’t that kind of a headache. I do love my dryer, but I suspect if I spent the time to read the manual I might realize that it has a few hidden talents. Like the button that says FAVROITE CYCLE . . . how does one go about programming that? Way too busy to bother. Excited to see your finished look.

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    1. I feel very fortunate to have them now IN my house instead of IN my shopping cart.
      I should also read the manual, but it’s so fun pushing ALL those buttons.
      Yes, I remember your dryer VS door incident and thought about you as mine rolled right in, so easily.
      As much as I HATE carpet, I can see why it would be much quieter for you guys.


  4. I am never, ever giving up my 20+ year old Maytag. Ever. They will have to pry it away from my hysterical, crying, swearing, clinging body.

    Your new set triggered a Traumatic Episode for me.
    But I’ll be fine.

    Your floors look lovely.

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  5. Congratulations on your new washer and dryer! Yes things are backed up tremendously. Daughter and boyfriend just purchased new furniture and they won’t get it until December. So, lawnchairs it is – haha. -Jenn

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  6. Ooo. I cannot wait for the craft table reveal. I feel like you are a natural designer so I know it is gonna be good. Plus you have an excellent backup plan. FYI we have a gorgeous walnut topped oversized desk that was custom made for one of my relatives. Relatives gave it to us when they redid their color scheme and the desk no longer worked. We love the piece. They know it went to a good home. Everyone is happy. One person’s “Oops” is another person’s “We will rent a truck and drive 8 hours to get that.” And you do have two daughters…. I see no bad options here. 🙂

    The new washer & dryer are stunning. Cannot even with the speed of delivery. I know someone who waited a year (last year)! Coach def knows the right guy! And I love the new hallway. Gorgeous. Did I read right that the floor is porcelain (but looks like wood)? That is so cool.

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    1. The walnut topped desk sounds like an heirloom piece to me.
      I’ll share a reveal when it is all said and done because I’m a fairly decent blogger and that is the protocol.
      Porcelain floors. *sigh* not having to worry about scratching anything is the best feeling evah!


  7. I love Thelma and Louise! They are so pretty and I am coveting them right now. My dryer is on its last legs, but I don’t want to replace it yet since I’m pretty sure Mr does not have an appliance mob connection.

    The floors and trim are beautiful!!!

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  8. We were able to purchase a new oven/stove this summer, and I took pictures and sent them to my best friend as if they were newborn pictures. Oh wait, here’s another one! ISN’T SHE ADORABLE???

    Your home is going to be so pretty when all done. 🙂

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    1. And you didn’t share pictures of the new oven/stove on your blog?
      *taking notes about not sharing everything*
      I love my new Thelma and Louise so much that my ovaries started to hurt.

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  9. I was so happy to replace the LG washer/dryer that the previous owners left, because (sorry!) I despise front load washers! Happy to have the el cheapo brand now! But yeah, I just got a new microwave installed that took two months to get. Luckily, our old one worked, probably because it was from 1991! Lol, they don’t make anything to last these days.

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    1. We have a full sized TOP loader washer at our GA house and while the machine cleans beautifully, I have a hard time reaching into the bottom. In a few years when I start to shrink, I’ll need a step stool to do laundry. 🙂


  10. Love the new machines. You were so lucky to have a (Mob) connection. I hear some many people talk about their delays. The hallways look beautiful. I love the flooring. It is so nice to have a handy husband.

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  11. When you were a kid, did you ever think a new washer and dryer would make you happy? They look so nice! The new floors and trim look great. I need new floors also but I can’t bring myself to deal with the chaos of replacing them.

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