Deer, Hummers & Dolphins; Making My Heart Giddy

We have cameras placed around our GA house; not necessarily for security as it is a very safe place and we have awesome neighbors. But, we really enjoy seeing the wildlife. We’ve still not seen a bear in our yard, but I know it will happen one day.

We caught these two young handsome bucks on the rear camera a few weeks ago. You can see that one of them looks at the camera and the huge deck/patio area: He was thinking: YOU PEOPLE ARE CRAZY.

This weekend our ‘across the street’ neighbor sent some pics of these two; not sure if they’re the same ones or not.

Then the other day I got a notification of ‘activity’ on the same camera.

How freaking cute is he-she-it?

This weekend we finally made our way over to our little rental condo; we’ve not spent any time there since late January and we needed it. As soon as I unlock the door, I completely decompress. Our friends Don and Kelly came for the weekend and the boys had an entire day of fishing which is good for their souls. And even better for ours as we do whatever we want; which included floating in the pool, working on a puzzle, enjoying our favorite wine, shopping and having lunch at an open air local plaza, laughing and of course STALKING the dolphins.

Sunday morning their were two adults and one juvenile dolphin that were around our dock area for over an hour; feeding, playing and taunting me with their cuteness. Finally, I could not take it any longer and I ordered asked the guys to get my paddle board down from the rack, I threw on my bathing suit and joined the dolphins for about 45 minutes.

They are much too fast for me though, they were darting in and around the whole area and I couldn’t keep up. They each had a large fish in their mouth that they would occasionally drop and then retrieve. The fish were demolished and I couldn’t figure out if they were ‘playing’ with the dead fish or just slowly eating it. I asked for confirmation and they just said Ahh, Ahhh.

They are cute, but redundant.

It was exhilarating for me. When I was tired and hot (heat index of 105) from all the dolphin fun I had to cool off in the pool. LIFE IS HARD.

Have any of my friends had any encounters with nature lately?


28 thoughts on “Deer, Hummers & Dolphins; Making My Heart Giddy

    1. Yes, I suppose the downside of those cuties is that they enjoy garden goodies. Luckily we don’t have anything in our yard that they enjoy. They just come to look at our outdoor entertainment area in awe. 🙂

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  1. Bijoux

    Ugh on the deer. We’ve watched them walk up our sidewalk and dine on my geraniums on the front porch via our camera. They walk around our neighborhood like loose dogs. I did catch a fox on our deck camera in late winter and post about it. Very cool!

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  2. Maddie

    Your dolphin story made me so happy. I’ve seen them off in the distance while walking on the beach on vacation. Always makes my heart skip.

    We are a Deer-tastic *does jazz hands* here. So many deer. The neighborhood used to call them “rats on stilts” and we’d all bemoan how deer eat everything but now? We’ve graciously accepted defeat. Now we excitedly compare deer sighting notes: “ didja see how many points on huge buck? look out for that late fawn cuz she’s as cute as a button!” I miss the gardens but it is nice to just give up. Plus those fawns are cute! And my (city slicker) husband’s baffled reaction to seeing a deer pop a squat to do her business (“Wha— Is that deer squatting?”) …. priceless.

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    1. I will never tire of seeing the dolphins; they make me so happy! Well to quote Darius, they actually make me cry. 🙂
      We don’t have any landscaping that the deer seem to enjoy, so I’m not gonna complain about them. Deers squat? WHAT THE WHAT?


  3. Love the videos and pics. If I had a patio or deck area that looked like that I’d watch it via remote camera even when it was inactive.

    I DID interact with nature today. Seagulls decided to rip open my plastic bag of snacks and help themselves to a sleeve of crackers while I was close to the water taking photos and videos of my peeps riding the waves of Lake Michigan. That was annoying. GET YOUR OWN FOOD, YA PESTS.

    Living vicariously thru you with the fun weekend with your bestie. Sounds like a great time for all of you.

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  4. nicoleboyhouse

    Oh, that’s so lovely, Suz! Both places are so beautiful – dolphins and deer, sign me up. As for wildlife lately…we have a lot of squirrels and rabbits, does that count? Sigh.

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    1. I love rabbits. We have some squirrels too. I know a lot of people are annoyed by squirrels, but once I found a good squirrel proof bird feeder, we’re friends again.


  5. That hummingbird photobomb is too cute. I was NOT ready for it.

    My latest interaction with wildlife was visiting an alpaca farm with the granddaughters. I was able to snuggle with a week-old alpaca baby. So precious! And–lucky me!–there were other animals there, too, like COWS that I could hang out with. I was in heaven.

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  6. I love that you’re getting deer. Although if you want a garden, that won’t be fun.
    We have a resident squirrel now. We call it Buddy’s “squirrelfriend” because he goes bananas whenever he sees her come into the yard. We have to give her a head start, otherwise we will be having squirrel stew for dinner.

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    1. “Squirrelfriend”. I’m dying over that phrase.

      No gardening there for me other than a few potted herbs and flowers.
      We’re not even allowed to have grass and I’m so happy with a low maintenance yard. *eyeballing the high maintenance yard out my window*

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        1. I love it. Grass needs constant water and mowing, so less waste and no noise. Also grass isn’t natural in the mountains. Everything is very natural looking. Well aside from our ginormous deck and patio.

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  7. That hummingbird is so cute! I wish one would come up to our camera! Have you ever had a spider crawl across on of your cameras? They look like giant spiders ready to take over the world! I enjoyed your videos!

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