Home Is Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Cheers. Cheers is also where everyone knows your name.

I have much to share with you regarding our trip to Napa, but I’m knee deep in laundry and playing catch-up. Mostly I want to let you know I’m well, but I might be checking into Betty Ford when I come up for air.

He’s home!

The day before our departure Nathan arrived back in Florida after 230 days of Marine Corps training in SC and CA.
We are so happy he’s home. As much as we missed him ourselves, it was really hard for Lolo. She has her new job in law enforcement; she works 12 hour shifts at night with almost an hour drive each way. She doesn’t have a support system where she lives and we’re over an hour away…needless to say, she was struggling with being lonely, not loving her job, planning a wedding and taking care of her crazy husky, Mattis. She’s lost so much weight she’s worried her wedding dress won’t fit.

As we expected, Nathan exceeded all expectations. He received an award for being The Most Inspirational. Smart ass Suz asked if that was because he’s the oldest. I just can’t help myself! He was also promoted twice. Now he’s back to his regular duty as Detective with a moonlighting gig on The Bomb Squad. He truly is an amazing human and we’re so proud to soon call him our Son.

I think I’ve said it here before, but he is the Best Hugger on the planet. Do you know someone like that? Someone who just gives the sweetest, most sincere hugs?

It was great getting a hug from him and as a bonus we got to see Lolo and Linds for a little catch-up.

I sent this pic to my Aunt and she asked me when Lindsay became so tall? It’s her boots!

Have you ever written a post on your phone? Thank you WordPress for having this amazing app.


20 thoughts on “Home Is Where Everyone Knows Your Name

  1. I blog exclusively on my phone since the husband started teleworking. I find I prefer it.
    Congrats to your son, on his many accomplishments… and his hugs. I look forward to your Napa posts when you check out of Betty Ford.

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  2. Aw, so happy they are reunited. I thought Lolo looked thin. She has a LOT going on, so glad her main squeeze (sounds like this title fits him literally) is back. They are both so impressive in all that they take on and accomplish. Glad you enjoyed Napa so much and look forward to the recap, will that come before or after a night-cap? 😉

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  3. What a joyous post! I see some concern from you for Lolo, but I know with her fiance home, so much will be set to rights.

    Lucky you, a trip to Napa! I’m jealous, but happy for you, of course. Can’t wait to hear about the wine (our cellar is empty and sad).

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    1. Thank you Nance-I feel all will be right soon enough.
      Believe it or not, I’m ‘wined out’ after this week and skipped the last day of festivities and spent it in my robe in the hotel room.
      If you ever want to have wine delivered, we know a fantastic small vineyard that will ship. Our dear friend is a part of this winery and it’s one of my favorites. Joseph Jewell. Fantastic Pinot noirs and Rose; reasonably priced.



  4. Bijoux

    I can’t imagine typing a post on my phone! Glad your future SIL is back. Can’t wait to hear about your visit to my favorite spot in the USA! We always say we’re going to take a breather from wine after coming back, but it never lasts more than a few days 🙂

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  5. I cannot WAIT to see your Napa pictures!!
    I am so glad all your birdies are in their nests (I consider Nathan your birdie now).
    Your girls are so beautiful.
    I love Lindsays boots AND her style.
    I can’t blog on my phone for some reason.
    Might be my chubby fingers?

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  6. Well I’m glad he’s home safe! My son is one of those talented huggers! They are the best, or maybe it’s just because I always miss him! Looking forward to hearing about your Napa trip!


  7. Oh, I’m much too wordy (and impatient) to ever try to bang out a post on my phone. I don’t even like answering emails on there.

    Sounds like Lolo might have to embark upon a diet of donuts and milkshakes to get into proper wedding shape!

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