Wrapping Up Carmel & Napa. Enjoying Another Trip Around The Sun With You.

While in Carmel we took the 17 mile scenic drive since we were told it was a ‘must do’. I was the backseat narrator/tour guide which meant that I didn’t have the opportunity to ask eleventy thousand questions. We stopped at a few spots along the way; we checked out some views and sea lions. Or were they seals? I don’t know for sure, but they were NOT baby dolphins.

We stopped at the Lone Cypress; the iconic Pebble Beach Golf Course symbol. I’m no golfer, but driving alongside the course, woohoo, it was windy AF. Good luck.

At the end of our tour we stopped at little dive deli, picked up some ginormous Sammies and had a pic-a-nic. One thing to know about us is we are always interested in Real Estate and how much it costs to live in different areas. So as we pic-a-nic-ed next to very small, modest homes a few blocks from the ocean, we had to check out the prices on our apps. Good lord. HGTV wasn’t lying; it’s expensive to live in California! I can see why so many people are moving to Georgia and Florida.

This photo sums up my friends and I.

There was so much good music to be heard. I only took a few video clips from some of my favorites. Here is Johnny Bulford; he’s our favorite Florida guy. So much talent; he writes a lot of songs for Chris Young and Lee Brice. He and his wife Heidi played a house party for us a few years ago. They are as good as gold.

I’m done talking about our trip because I have a few other things to discuss/share/blog. What do I talk about next?

Our ‘back of the house’ renovation that is now 98% complete?

OR do I share with you a big surprise I pulled off this past weekend?

OR do I let you know why a large dumpster is now residing in our driveway?

SO many choices.

Also, today is the day I turn another year older, not to be confused with another year more mature.

{I think I’ve come a long way}

Be a doll and leave me a comment since some of you (I just found out!) read but don’t leave a note. I would never do that to you!


22 thoughts on “Wrapping Up Carmel & Napa. Enjoying Another Trip Around The Sun With You.

  1. Those photos with friends and fellow music lovers are so fun. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Sounds amazing. That’s nuts that so many people who also hail from your town had the same itinerary. I laughed at HGTV not lying about those pricey houses. I’m not a very musically informed individual, but that singing sounded beautiful.

    I’m excited to hear about this surprise that you speak of.

    Wishing you a very happy birthday and a peaceful, joyous, enjoyable year being . . . 30 (again?). Love that sweet photo. Did you have a mullet? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. You wear it well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Ernie. It was a lovely trip, but I have to say we were all ready to be home again after nine days.
      I might have had a mullet as I cut my own hair quite a bit. What can I say? I was a trendsetter.


  2. I love these pictures. You captured your friends personalities through the pictures. I love that.
    I’m glad you all had fun and got away. I know why it’s so expensive there- no humidity. 😉

    I love the picture of when you were small. So sweet.

    So many people read and don’t comment. Stalkers. 😉

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    1. Kari, even on the hottest days (95*) my hair looked great. I NEED TO LIVE where there is LOW humidity. But I’m not going to move to California, so what other choices do I have? Vegas?

      I love a good stalker but prefer one who communicates.

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  3. Happy Birthday! (We had that same chair in our house. What was it with our parents and Early American furniture? Sigh.)

    I’m so glad that you got away for a fun trip with friends to celebrate and enjoy good fun and good wine. That’s what Life should be about as we get older.

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    1. Thank you!
      My Mom and I used to laugh at the photos with all that Early American furniture. Who set that trend? I hope they were put in prison for it.
      You are right, life is to be enjoyed each and every moment we can.


    1. I think it was 1972. 🙂

      We visited Joseph Jewell, Gargullio, Frank Family Vineyards, Brasswood, Silver Oak & Alpha Omega. Lots and lots of fun, but EVEN I was sick of wine after a week.


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