Many Thanks! What Are We Tearing Up Next? I’m A Lifesaver.

I had a very nice birthday weekend; thanks for all the well wishes. I started my 54th birthday morning with a cartwheel.

*She’s still got it!*

But she’s probably losing it.


Several years ago I noticed the tile on the backside of our hot tub was cracking. I mean, we all crack at some point, so why not do it where no one really notices? I had asked my pool maintenance people about it a few times but they never followed through. Finally, I decided that not only did that part need to be replaced/updated, lets do all of the spa tile and the pool waterline tile too. The pool is almost 19 years old and just like our hair styles, it needs updating. 

I called a few pool renovation companies back in February to help us update the spa and waterline tile. Turns out, we also need to redo the pebblecrete surface throughout the entire pool and spa. 

Do you call it a spa or a hot tub? I use both interchangeably. 

The pool from around 7 years ago.

Never is there a time where a project doesn’t roll into 3 or 4 more.

When you redo the pool surface, you also need to update the drains to meet the ever changing codes for safety. The cage, while it still serves its purpose (to keep the bugs and critters out) is really overkill with the amount of aluminum; you can get away with less poles and better views with 2021 engineering. The pavers? They are in good shape, but they don’t match any of the pool tile selections that we liked. The house color doesn’t match the new decking material we selected, so painting will commence in the not-so-distant future.

And if you’re updating the deck pavers, you have to remove the outdoor kitchen as it SITS on said pavers.

Th hardest thing for me to chose was the waterline/spa tile. I walked into the showroom with one criteria:

I don’t want blue tile; everyone has blue tile!

Also Suz:

I told you I was losing it.

A few friends will be taking a good portion of our pavers to reuse for projects at their homes.

The pool cage was taken down last Thursday and all the aluminum will be recycled. I love to update things, but also NOT add too much to the landfill.

Lillie: WTH Mom?

Friday morning I was walking by the glass doors and noticed something scooting across the naked pool area: A baby box turtle. Wait, did you happen to hear me squealing? HE IS SO CUTE!

It took all the strength I had to set him free in the yard. I pray he doesn’t come back onto the lanai because he isn’t a swimmer. I’ll forever worry about him.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend.


26 thoughts on “Many Thanks! What Are We Tearing Up Next? I’m A Lifesaver.

  1. Awww! Sweet little turtle! As someone who has a pool, but lives in a whole other part of the world, can you explain the reason for the covers over pools? Is it to keep out “wildlife”? None of the pools here are covered. They are either open because it’s June, July, or August, or they’re closed because it’s too cold. -Jenn

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    1. Hey Jenn. We don’t use a cover, ever. But we have a pool cage. (screened-in enclosure) it helps to keep the bugs/debris out of the pool itself and keeps the mosquitos/bugs out of the lanai area. During the nicer months (winter here is lovely) we often open the windows/doors to the pool area and there is no worry about bugs flying in; it’s like having another living area.
      We live in such a different part of the world from you. 🙂
      Most people in the south have screened-in pool cages for the same reason.


  2. Are you…nesting? All these projects! LOL.

    Love the cute baby turtle. Around here, it would be prey for hawks and herons. And the random raccoon.

    Enjoy your latest remodel. You have more patience than I do.

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    1. There certainly has been a lot of nesting happening, but I’m not expecting any baby birds.
      Am I patient? Or am I a glutton for punishment? This pool project will take 2 months minimum, but more than likely three.


  3. I know what you men about one project turning into another… and then another. Our house is due for some serious updates and I fear where that will lead.
    What a glorious home you have…. it’s no wonder that turtle wanted to move in.

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  4. This is so pretty, but I do get the need for an update. And yes, I get the ‘WELL, NOW WE NEED TO DO THIS TOO.’ Coach is handy and loves a DIY project. I’ve learned to beg him to hire someone ELSE nowadays. He did ceramic tile floor in our last house in the front hall. Then the powder room door wouldn’t close – oops. He sawed off the bottom of the door. Um, it was a hollow door, so that didn’t end well.

    I absolutely love the blue tiles. That sweet little turtle. Excited for the new pool area. Are you including a holding area for your future baby dolphin? Coach was visiting Eddie this weekend for Dad’s weekend at the fraternity, so I was solo. I survived. Barely. 🙂

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    1. It never ends. When we just replaced the tile floors, we also had to cut down a bathroom door. Luckily, it wasn’t hollow.
      I need to make the pool deeper for the baby dolphin!


    1. My bday was this past Friday.
      I don’t know if I could have given a bigger hint when I said today is my birthday. 🙂 LOL.
      Goodness, I HOPE you didn’t have a stroke.
      The turtle was so stinking cute, now I’m very worried about my lawn guys coming tomorrow.
      Do turtles have great hearing like dolphins? So they can get out of the way?

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  5. Bijoux

    I’m amazed you are able to get projects going. We’ve had 4 projects we’ve been trying to get done, but only one has happened. They are either backed up or can’t find workers.

    Happy Belated Birthday!

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    1. We’ve been very fortunate to get contractors to show up as I hear that is an issue elsewhere. BUT we are also trying to hire people for our business and that hasn’t been so easy lately.


  6. nicoleboyhouse

    I just have one question: can I come and live with you? I would spend eternity out on that pool deck and outdoor kitchen. Also, you have baby box turtles hanging around, I am seriously considering moving in. I’m really helpful and nice, I’d be a great roommate *packs bags*

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    1. I know you would be the best roommate. BUT you would be so over the hot and sticky weather–*steps outside to see the lovely pool and search for turtles* *runs inside to the airconditioner*
      It’s pretty miserable right now.


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