Here Comes The {Always Wants To Be A} Bride

The reason for THIS post is because I was working on a more timely post about a surprise we pulled off recently and I thought sharing this older story would add a little insight to the current story.

When my girls were little, I met a lady named Jeannie through my dear friend Stacy. Jeannie and her Mom created a Tea Party business. Basically they showed up to your home with a trunk full of dress-up clothes, shoes and accessories. They brought a few folding tables & chairs, some finger sandwiches, a pot of tea (lemonade) & tea cups.

The kids were able to choose an outfit, have a little ‘runway’ show and then we sat down for Tea and maybe a story or two followed with a game of “Telephone”. Jeannie took the kids pics with a polaroid and they decorated a frame. Then cake and candles. Easy Peasy.

This was the perfect setup for a little girls’ birthday party. We did this three times between my two girls. Each time we had the Tea Party, Lolo grabbed the big over-the-top puffy-shouldered-white dress that resembled a wedding gown. It didn’t matter if it was Lindsay’s birthday or not. Lolo wanted that damn wedding dress and somehow, she got it even if someone else coveted the dress.

I think at that point in their childhood Linds was more passive and Lolo a bit more aggressive. Or It wasn’t really that important to Linds at the time to have the big puffy-over-the-top-gown with the matching veil.

Cut to a few weeks ago when I invited my girls to an afternoon Tea.

Hmmmm….So apparently Lindsay was holding it in all these years. She wanted the damn white gown all along.

There will be a cute conclusion to this prelude.

Has anyone held a Tea Party lately? Did you remember to keep your pinkies UP?


26 thoughts on “Here Comes The {Always Wants To Be A} Bride

  1. I’ve gone for British-style “High Tea” a few times over the years at various swanky hotels, including at The Empress in Victoria, BC which is probably the most famous (and goddamn pricey) High Tea in Canada. That one was kind of surreal. Inside everything was all teeny-tiny sandwiches, opulence and pinkies in the air; meanwhile, looking out the huge, heavily velvet-draped Victorian windows, a “zombie walk” was going by because it was late October. Talk about one extreme to the other, LOL!

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  2. I used to have tea parties all the time with my mother and my dolls or stuffed animals. I even had a little china tea set in its own wood cabinet, all complete. But I never had such a setup like you described.

    Kids remember so many things that you don’t expect. What I love is how one can be so gracious and kind, giving in to the other when they see how much more important it is to them. I know how your heart fills up when you see your daughters’ close relationship with one another. I’m grateful every day that my sons are each other’s best friend.

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    1. I used to entertain myself with Tea parties as a little girl and when I was older my Step-Sister and I used to have Tea Parties in the pool and we were ‘Mermaids’. I suppose maybe that was just a Florida thing?

      I agree, having a sibling to share all of those memories with is a beautiful thing; our kiddos are fortunate.


  3. Bijoux

    What fun! Isn’t it funny what siblings reveal later in life?

    I threw a Kitty Kat Tea Party for my middle child when she turned 5. And we have lots of tea houses in our area that are fun to visit. But I love the business that you found for those birthdays.

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    1. A kitty kat tea party! I love that. Linds had a Kitty Kat party once and we painted all her friends’ faces with paint to look like kitties and made them tails. Oh, the good old days.


  4. emmaclaire

    What a fabulous idea for a birthday party! I totally would have done that when Princess was little. Now it’s D&D and White Claws for her LOL

    I was taken to high tea at Marshall Fields in downtown Chicago when I was 7 by a beloved aunt – I was totally overwhelmed and a little confused by just exactly what was it in those little sammies?? Next high tea experience was for my 53rd birthday at the Burj al Arab in Dubai (we were visiting my brother & sister-in-law). It was opulent and over-the-top and I loved every minute of it…though I admit I wondered what was in THOSE little sammies, too!

    Will wait patiently for photos of Lindsay in the puffy white dress at your big-girl tea…

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    1. I suppose being at a ‘real tea’ as a kid would be overwhelming. But the one in Dubai? HELLO? That sounds just magical. What a birthday!
      I think it’s all cucumber and cream cheese in those little sammies. 😉
      So, you think Linds finally gets the puffy white dress? *giggle giggle*

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  5. Those ladies were onto something! What a fabulous idea for little girls’ birthday parties.

    I know I had a tea set as a child, but I don’t remember having tea parties. But then again, I was just about the only girl our neighborhood…

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  6. This is so fun. I never really did ‘real’ tea parties with my girls. We had a playset that they liked. When my niece needed to get a white dress for her high school graduation in Milwaukee, my girls and I were invited to help her shop. This was like 5 years ago. After the dress choosing bit, we walked upstairs to the tea room for tea or lunch, or something. We enjoyed it, but I believe most of the guests opted for hot chocolate. I’m excited for the story that this leads up to.

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  7. Maddie

    Whaaa! I’m so sorry I missed your Birthday post! Happy Belated Birthday! I’m slooowly catching up on my reading but *wow* you totally know how to celebrate Bdays! You look so happy in the pics from your trip. Makes me happy for you.

    The Tea Party Birthday also sounds brilliant. Love the photos. Having all those memories *and* pretty pictures too! I used to “play dress-up” regularly with my friends when I was little. It was our version of low brow Tea Party lol. No tea, no pretty party favors and the outfits were, um, eccentric. I think we raided Mom closets? Or maybe they wisely gave us items destined for the thrift shop? I do remember my mom letting us all try on her wedding gown *once*. That was a big day. She was so tiny the dress was a pretty good fit for us kiddos! Oh man I loved that dress. So I can relate to wedding dress love. No matter what the style, they’re just *special* you know?

    Cannot wait to read how your Tea Party story concludes!

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    1. Thank you Maddie-we had a great trip and my birthday was nice.

      The tea party’s are a great memory for the three of us as well as a few of my friends and their also now grown daughters.
      Funny about your moms wedding dress. I made Linds try mine on when she was around 14 and it barely fit…I was so tiny too. I still have the darn thing. Who wants it?!?!


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