Being Clever And Not Wasteful While Possibly Starting A New Trend

The theme for Lolo and Nathan’s co-ed shower was Bubbles and Brews. I purchased a variety of sparkling wine/champagne and of course brewski’s. I went the easy route and made a huge salad and ordered some sliders/wraps from Publix. Linds made a charcuterie board, (a Coochie board) Kelly brought a lovely cold quinoa salad and my friend Dawn made amazing cupcakes for dessert.

I remembered I only had about 6 champagne glasses because I’m a wino and not a bubbles girl. I didn’t want to purchase champagne glasses just for ONE party and using plastic for wine or champagne is against my religion.

I had this brilliant idea to go to Goodwill and purchase a plethora of champagne glasses to use for the party.


*side note* I almost got into a fight with an obnoxious woman in line behind me as she was the most impatient and rude person I’ve encountered in a long time. She reminded me of the Crack Whore I had a verbal fight with in the bank parking lot. GOOD TIMES! Why must some people act like asses?

Anyhoo, I purchased 12 mismatched champagne (99 cents each) glasses because why must everything match? You don’t have to use wine charms or markers to remember who’s glass is who’s if they are unique. Well, unless your friends get all bubble-wasted and forget, which didn’t happen this time.

One of the glasses pictured belonged to my Mom and one of them was gifted to us at our wedding over 30 years ago from Kelly.

And the best part? After the party I washed them, wrapped them up in the paper they came in and returned them to Goodwill.

Rental Genius Who?

Rental Genius Suz.

Maybe I didn’t invent or discover something new-to-you, but it was new and fun for me!


28 thoughts on “Being Clever And Not Wasteful While Possibly Starting A New Trend

    1. Bonnie Hitchcock

      I love the mismatch. I have lots of odd ironstone that I use. Why did you return them, silly girl! You may need them again. Box them up and hide em is my motto. But then again, that’s why I’ve downsized 3x.

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  1. That was a great idea! When my daughter got married her table centerpieces were a cluster of small vases with a single flower in them. We hunted Goodwill for months and got a absolute ton of them! I still have a few that I liked but the rest of them we donated back to Goodwill!

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    1. Jeanette, I LOVE that idea. I’ve also seen where people who have a smallish wedding buy mismatched plates, glasses, silverware and set the tables with them; they look really pretty in a Boho kind of way.


  2. This is so clever and fun. I have Waterford Crystal and when people are over (which is not all that often), they sometimes object to using the ‘good’ stuff’ . . . I’m always like – WELL, WHEN ELSE WILL I USE IT?

    You are a smart one, because what a great rental ‘arrangement’ and you don’t have to deal with storing the glasses. Off to read about this crack whore.

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    1. I have four Waterford wine glasses from Ireland that I rarely use…mostly because they are so heavy. I suppose if I switched left and right over time I might build up more muscle? But I agree, we should use all the pretty stuff!


  3. Brilliant!!!!!
    I had a set of 12 matching crystal flutes that I did use from time to time. I decided when I was packing to move across Canada that I no longer needed them, so I donated them to my downstairs tenants (the Fashion History Museum), to use for their champagne teas and other events…once they can host such again, that is. So far I haven’t missed them…and I might steal your idea and go to a thrift shop if I ever do need a few champagne glasses in my life again. Thanks, Suz!


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  4. This is the way to do it. I used to host a huge Christmas Eve open house for 40-50 people, and I always grabbed cheapo wine glasses from the dollar stores and places like that. I won’t serve wine in plastic, either. And if for some reason there is breakage, who cares? The look is also so fun and festive.

    Well done! The people make the party, not the vessels.

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  5. Bijoux

    O.M.G. Best Idea Ever!!!!! I currently have 3 mismatched champs glasses, so it would totally work for me to get more. Plus,how cute does that look?

    BUT, and it’s a big BUT for me, I never seem to have any luck at thrift stores. Like, I’d go and find two. It would probably take me 9 stores to find 9 glasses. I’ve tried with the whole ‘go get stuff for cheap Halloween costumes’ in the past and it was always epic fail. But, you’ve excited me enough with this idea that I might start looking!

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    1. There were SO many wine and champagne glasses, I had a hard time choosing. I’m not sure if it’s always like that but this particular Goodwill is in a hopping part of town; it’s always busy.


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