Who Doesn’t Love A Renovation Reveal?

I know you and you love a good ‘after’.

We started discussing an update for this room (and hallways, 1 guest room and a guest bath) about three years ago; I’m here to tell you that dreams DO come true!

We finally finished my craft/laundry/office update.

BTW: I don’t really craft any longer and I don’t host meetings for 15-21 Girl Scouts in here any more, but I do use this room daily.

Do we remember what it looked like before? It wasn’t horrible, but it was due for a refresh.

Of course I didn’t take a PROPER before pic, but these old ones will have to do. A pic as we started packing up my stuff, another from the days-gone-by when I was organizing photos and one from a time that we actually stored an extra queen sized bed in here for a few months.

In order to paint the cabinetry, all the doors and drawer fronts had to be removed. Ya’ll this about killed me. Seeing ALL the crap I had been storing for 18 years. This pic is AFTER I started cleaning/clearing out.

I might win the award for the Most Crap Kept Behind Closed Doors. Do you think I saved the Easy Bake Oven just in case our oven quit?

Believe it or not, some of the drawers are now empty.



When we first built this add-on room we used Pergo laminate flooring because it was new-fangled and we could afford it. WE HATED IT. *clink, clink, clink* So loud and hollow to walk on. When we redid the floors in the front of the house I was SO thrilled that we could bring those travertine floors through the back of the house. Then when we really redid the front of the house (total renovation) and had to redo the floors (again) I really wanted the front and the back to be cohesive.

We are now almost completely cohesive; at least cohesive enough for me to not lose sleep over it.

Is anyone mad at me for NOT using wood on the craft tabletop? I went back and forth with this and I thought I’d decided on WOOD and the Coach thought I’d decided on QUARTZ and ordered the material. We should name our house Communication Central.

We went back and forth on the washer/dryer placement for almost a year. Do we stack and modify the cabinets? Do we move them to the right? We finally settled on leaving them where they were, but the ones prior were 24″ wide and undercounter and these are FULL GROWN. I probably love the washer/dryer more than is humanly natural.

Coach said he had a plan of wrapping them in quartz and I was all, do what now? I couldn’t picture what he was selling, but it worked out beautifully.

WHO THE HELL LEFT THAT TOP DRAWER AJAR? I’m getting a Sixth Sense vibe.

Oh! See that box on top of the washer up against the wall? That is my ugly ass but necessary water supply box that I had been looking at for 18 years. The Coach had a brilliant idea to cover it’s ugly nakedness; he made a box out of plywood that covered the water supply area and had our tile guy put the backsplash tile on top of it. I can pull the box out if we need to get to the water. I was extremely excited about it.

Oh how I LOVE the backsplash and I’d always wanted backsplash in here. We used this tile in one of the vignettes in our Design Studio; actually we used it with white cabinets and this very same countertop. I’m nothing if not consistent.

I just love how bright and fresh everything looks; it’s very inspiring for me to pay bills, tend to my bookkeeping, perform laundry miracles, occasionally bathe Lillie into that big ass sink and of course write this blog post for you, my dear friends.

Soon I’ll share the updated guest bath and my In-Laws room.

I’m thinking of hosting a Laundry party Wine Tasting in here soon; who wants to join me?


27 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love A Renovation Reveal?

  1. Even *I* might not hate laundry so much in that room.

    It’s cheery and bright. Love the backsplash. I’d need to put up a screen or a little cubby for that exercise equipment, though; having it right there all the time would feel naggy and judgy.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Stunning. In a word. I put a fancy light fixture in my laundry room and I later realized what a bummer that I can’t invite anyone into that room to see the light fixture since my laundry room boasts more of the condemned space vibe. Your room would be a perfect hiding place for me, ‘SORRY, I CAN’T RIGHT NOW I’M BURIED IN LAUNDRY.’ Also, this makes me wonder . . . do you hope for stains to fight and photo album requests? The space alone – to be able to store a queen size bed in my laundry room? Imagine how many dirty piles of laundry I can shove into the various corners and still feel at peace. Dreams do come true- so right.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Gosh. Now I want a chandelier!
      Kidding. In Florida, we live or die by ceiling fans.
      I’m thinking I might finish those ‘started’ photo albums that have been ignored since 2012.

      You would need a padlock if you had a room like that..but you know they would still find you.


  3. Bijoux

    Me! Me! Me! I love how light and bright it looks. We just spent 2 hours choosing cabinets, flooring, tile and counters for our new master bath. Design is coming together and it’s a relief we are agreeing on everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Maddie

    It is *WONDERFUL!* I cannot get over how perfectly everything works with each other. How did you do that? You are a Design Goddess! And your husband with the bespoke (bee-spoke? 🙂 extra details. That’s love. That quartz table top is also love. Looks fantastic, makes the white cabs sing with the dark wood table & cute stools…. And that backsplash! I don’t know how, but I think it really ties the room together (to sorta quote The Dude). Thank you for the update. I was just stressing over a home project (making decisions while migraining is totally cruddy) & seeing your beautiful *throws glitter into air* Reveal! pics has restored my hope. If you can make that many decisions and it looks that darn good, I can manage to make one tiny decision about grout surely! Enjoy your beautiful new room.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! At first I was worried all the WHITE cabinets might be too clinical and I thought about doing my desk area darker; maybe navy or dark gray? But then worried that might be too trendy. I try not to do trendy.
      I’m slightly obsessed with the tile; also a nice find by the Coach. It’s kind of beachy I think with the variations of soft color; blues, tans, white.
      I do have one rule in that room: NO GLITTER. 😉
      I hope your project goes off well and that you are equally as happy!


      1. Maddie

        Ha! I am with you on the glitter. I shoulda said *throws ~imaginary~ glitter into the air* lol. I learned the perils of glitter from my first roomie. Before I moved in, she said to me, dead serious like: “I have 2 rules: no glitter & no sequins.” Me: (puzzled & now dying to know what glitter/sequin event scarred her for life) “oh sure! No problem!” I moved in and first time I went to vacuum…. sequins! Glitter! Not much. But hiding here & there. Eternally lurking, waiting to glom on to your fancy little black dress. Turns out previous roommate liked to sew & craft. That schooled me man. Glitter (& sequins) never ever go away entirely.

        Thank you for the well wishes on my project. My goal is low: don’t fork it up. Baby steps. 🙂

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