I Can’t Unsee That, Thinking Of My Friends And Adoring My Weirdo.

Last week I loaded up the dogs and headed North to GA for a little get-away-from-the-pool-destruction and to help my Aunt and Uncle as they move into their new home. Our drive is usually uneventful, but not this time. I was almost out of Florida near the turnpike and I saw in my peripheral, in the distance on the southbound lane what I thought was a huge puff of smoke, then I saw a BODY projecting through said smoke.

*My brain: did I just see what I think I saw?

I slowed down a bit while trying to process and by the time I got near the scene of the smoke my brain said: YEP, you saw what you saw!

My heart was racing, my fingers kind of went numb as I slowed even more, now going around 55 as I passed the scene I saw the once-flying-man-on the road; he was on his hands and knees trying to stand while I also saw (I’m still driving) the shell/cab of the semi truck slowly sliding away from the main part of the truck and then I saw what appeared to be another semi truck behind it. I put 2 and 2 together and I realized it was TWO semi trucks that collided. There were cars traveling south behind the scene as I was dialing 911.

BTW: If you ask Siri to dial 911, that b*tch won’t.

I got ahold of 911, let them know where the accident was and that I wasn’t able to stop as I was on the other side of 75 and still moving.

It happened SO fast and at the same time, my brain played it over again in slow motion. I figured out that the ‘smoke’ I saw wasn’t smoke from a fire, but maybe from the impact? Or because one of the trucks were refrigerated?

Ya’ll. This haunted me. I called the Coach so he could talk me down as my adrenaline was out of this world. We forged on, the dogs slept through my anxiety but I couldn’t shake the eery feeling of what I’d witnessed.

I was praying that both drivers were ok, but from the look of what I saw, how could they?

For 24 hours, I couldn’t shake it. I spoke to Lolo the next day asking if there was a way for her to look into it, but she said the best thing to do is a google search with any details. (road, county, date etc)

And I did.

They both survived. Thank you Baby Jesus.

The guy who FLEW out of his truck wasn’t wearing a seat belt, (who does that?) he drifted onto the shoulder where a semi-truck (Blue Bell ice cream) was parked. They both walked away with minor injuries.

Me? I’m still a bit scarred from it and I avoided being near any semi-trucks for the duration of our trip.

Two of my dear friends are in major health crisis’ right now. It’s hard to share happy things when that is weighing on my heart. It’s hard to be my lighthearted and my silly self when I’m worried about them. You get that, right?

If you can, send up some positive vibes, prayers and good mojo for my friends M & C. Both of whom I’ve met through blogging and are extra special humans. M is an extra special friend to my girls, my Mom and I.

To end on a happier note.

Similar to Hoovers’ “A Chicken In Every Pot”, I have my own motto: A Dog Bed In Every Room.

If there’s one thing I can control in this life, it’s my dogs’ comfort.

Our dogs have multiple beds in just about every room in our house. Plus Lillie gets to free range on the couches/chairs ’cause she’s so small. She loves to sit on my lap when I’m at my desk, occasionally I’m cruel and send her to her bed under the craft table.

Side eye much?

ladi, I tink dis bed shood be ON yur lap, but I takk whut I git.

I don’t think I could love that one eared, damaged trachea, pee’s all the time, non-dog-friendly old lady any more than I do.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has witnessed a terrible accident. Please tell me the memory will fade just as my math skills have.


Your traumatized friend Suz


29 thoughts on “I Can’t Unsee That, Thinking Of My Friends And Adoring My Weirdo.

  1. I, too, would be traumatized be seeing a human fly out of a truck in a large puff of smoke. It is a miracle that he survived! I hate driving on the interstate. Prayers for healing for your friends and for you as you support them through their battles.

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  2. I saw a motorcycle accident once where the cyclist flew up into the air and landed on the pavement (he was able to walk away though, thankfully). But watching him fly off the bike was like watching in slow motion and much more horrifying than any such scene we see in movies because it was REAL. It’s like watching the footage of the second plane flying into the World Trade Centre — pretty standard “special effects” stuff in a movie, but in REAL life? Horrifying, terrifying and shocking in a way that movies never can be. REALITY hits us where we live.

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  3. Oh friend, I’m sorry you had to witness that accident. That would bother me, as well. I am so glad everyone is okay. But no seatbelt?? Gah.
    I’ll send positive energy and good thoughts out into the universe for your friends. I ‘m sorry that you have so much weighing heavily on you right now.

    Here is some cheerful news: yesterday, I was visiting my parents yesterday, and they told me that they’ve started making homemade dog food using YOUR recipe! (My mom reads your blog) Their dog, Dolly, is a picky eater, and they’ve struggled with food options for her. She loves your recipe. 🙂

    Sending you an enormous hug.

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    1. I can’t even imagine driving around without a seatbelt. It would be like leaving the house without wearing a shirt.
      Thank you for the positive energy.

      STOP IT. Your Mom reads my blog? You might have told me that before but I forgot.
      HI, KARI’S MOM! Your daughter is an amazing human.
      Let me know how the dog food thing works out. But be warned…Callie is 14 and still going strong, possibly because of the food. She might outlive me!

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  4. Oh, how awful. And scary. Things like that happen SO fast. About 5 years ago I was leaving the grocery store parking lot and a woman was on a motorcycle directly in front of me. She was behind a car that started to turn out of the parking lot but hesitated midstream. Motorcycle woman had no where to go and a car driving on the road plowed into her. She was thrown from her motorcycle. I was the first one to get to her. With a bleeding nose she was clearly in shock as she tried to pick up pieces of her bike. I was calling 911 and begging her to just sit down. I shook the rest of the day and got tense each time I pulled out of the parking lot for awhile, but eventually it faded. Hope your intense moment fades for you soon too.

    Several weeks ago Tank went to a Huskers football game in Omaha. His friend’s grandparents live local and took both boys. When they drove to the game, there was a terrible car accident in the other direction (I think). Tank said it was like something out of a movie with cars flying. In close proximity to them. One car burst into flames and Tank said people were running with fire extinguishers. Later he read in Creighton’s campus newspaper that a father and his teenage son both died in the burning car. The man had been in charge of Creighton’s pharmaceutical school. It really shook Tank up. So incredibly tragic. The man had other kids at home.

    I will keep your friends in my prayers. Sorry to hear of their health issues.

    Lillie is so lucky to have found her forever home with you where she is surrounded by so many cozy places to rest herself and her overactive bladder.

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    1. The motorcycle accident sounds horrifying and I’m thankful you were able to help.

      SO very sad about the car accident that Tank saw; it can happen so fast and we are all vulnerable to this. Hopefully, this gave him better respect for what can happen in a car and he will be extra careful while driving. I know seeing the accident last week kind of woke me up to paying better attention to the surrounding cars/trucks.

      Thank you for your kind words. Always.


  5. There’s nothing better for road trauma than dog hugs. Hold that little one close… and breathe. Such a horrible thing to witness, glad they’re both okay.
    Will also send positive energy to your friends and hope all will be well.


  6. I have never seen a human fly in an accident but I once saw a woman laying on the stretcher with blood all over her face. I was just a kid but it’s stuck with me all these years. My husband saw a girl get hit by a truck on her bicycle and lost several nights sleep over that! Thankfully memories do fade eventually.

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  7. Yikes. That sounds traumatic. I’ve seen the recent aftermath of lots of accidents, but I’ve never seen one happen unless I’ve been in it. That had to have been scary. And then to have to continue driving…I’d have had to find a place to get off the interstate and collect myself.

    So sorry for your friends and their health crises. I know how helpless that makes you feel, along with a bit of anger and a lot of sadness.

    I hope your time helping your aunt and uncle gives you some outlet for this stress. I know spending time with your pups certainly helps.

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  8. Bijoux

    That’s just awful. It’s a freakin miracle that someone could survive being thrown from a vehicle like that. I’ve had to call 911 twice from the car and I’m sure my blood pressure was over 200 both times. Hope you have a relaxing weekend.

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  9. Maddie

    Aw Suz. I’m sorry to hear about your good friends’ M and C ‘s medical crises. Keeping them in my prayers and sending all the positive thoughts, mojo & vibes their way.

    Also sending some of that love your way too. On top of everything, seeing that accident and processing that must be a lot. I’m glad you have lovely people and puppers in your life to help. Cuddles from Lillie sound like they’d be very healing. (On a lighter note – omg that side eye photo! Is it possible to photobomb your own photo?)

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind words.

      Lillie. Gosh. Where do I begin? Can a dog die from being over-loved? I hope not because I can’t stop loving on her all.the.time. Side eyes and all.


  10. nicoleboyhouse

    Oh Suz, how traumatizing for you. Seeing that accident must have been just dreadful. I do think the memories will fade with time. I was in an accident when I was in my early 20s and it took a while before I felt comfortable driving again (a van ran a yield sign and hit me right in the driver’s side). But I did get over it, and I hope you will too.

    I’m so sorry about your friends’ health crises. I am sending love and good thoughts.

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    1. Thank you so much for your care. You are a sweetheart.
      It’s been a long time since I was in a major accident (I was 11) and you are right, the fear does eventually fade away.


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