The Final Countdown: Let Us Know, Let Them Eat Cake And Let’s Not Do That.

This week marks three weeks until Lolo and Nathan’s big day. DID tell you there was going to be a wedding? Did you just roll your eyes?

I forgot to share these photos that I shared at their shower; Lolo (left) Halloween 2005 and I’m guessing this was halloween for Nathan also, or maybe he was preparing for his Marine journey early.

Enough of the pleasantries, I have some bones to pick.

People who can’t RSVP

Lolo sent Save The Date notices 6 months ago, then she sent the invites in plenty of time. Some people still can’t get their shit together enough to go to her website and say NO or YES and choose a meal. I even sent text reminders stating that you still might be able to show up for the wedding, but pack a sammich because I’m not sharing my dinner.

While I’m on the subject of not responding to invitations. The co-ed shower we hosted, it was quite small by my party standards. COVID. Tell me. If someone sends you an invitation do you respond even if you are not able to attend?

Me? I’m SO thrilled that someone thought of me that I always respond whether I can attend or not.

Fun What?

The future bride and groom finally chose their cake and if you thought that they were serious grown ups Police officers you’ll be surprised that their favorite cake flavor is FunFetti

Pic borrowed from Here

Of course, the outside of the cake will be classy, serious and grown-up, but the inside? It’s 13 years old and I adore that.

Remove Your Pants

A few weeks ago the Coach and I went to Dillards to pick out a suit for him. If he had his druthers he would wear jeans, a dress shirt & sport coat and a pair of his favorite boots. If this was a barn wedding, I would have allowed this. THIS is a bonafide upscale wedding with assigned seating, plated dinners, gowns, funfetti cake and shit, so no jeans.

I didn’t realize when you purchase a suit that the pieces ARE already married. The pants & the jacket are a couple who stay together, at least at this establishment. We started with the jacket; found a great color and style, he tried it on right there in the men’s department and we were pleased. Next he took the pants into the fitting room to see if they worked or what needed to be altered.

He casually walked out of the fitting room and MY JAW DROPPED.


I couldn’t say a word as my brain was trying to compute: WHAT YEAR IS THIS?

It didn’t take as long as expected for me to realize it’s currently 2021 and my husband who I adore more than anyone isn’t built for pleated pants. Sadly, he didn’t realize this until he read my facial expression.

He said: You don’t like them?

Me: NO! They’re horrible. Please take them off before I can’t unsee them.

It appeared that he was trying to smuggle a five pound bag of potatoes and I was worried this might be the end of our love life.

So, we had to start over with the suit and we went through making sure anything we might like had FLAT front pants. It didn’t take long until we were successful, but I thought I should warn all of you that out there, in the wild, people are still able to purchase pleated pants.

That’s all I have to say about that.

RSVP’s? Do you only respond if you can attend? Please dish.


28 thoughts on “The Final Countdown: Let Us Know, Let Them Eat Cake And Let’s Not Do That.

  1. Invitations? Yes. Always respond, it’s called you’d manners.
    Funfetti cake? The fun is baked right in.
    Pleated suit trousers? For the love of all that’s holy… why.
    (Please note I said trousers. According to the Marines men don’t wear ‘pants’. )

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  2. I always respond “yes” or “no” to formal RSVPs, because I know that exact numbers are needed for the caterers. I threw a catered event once and discovered the truth that a certain number of people will simply not respond and may or may not just show up at the event. Very frustrating, but some people lead chaotic lives, you know. No structure whatsoever. I also had an “open bar” which can be dangerous, but luckily my invitees were all relatively restrained and didn’t go hog wild with the free booze.

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    1. Honestly, I don’t think this has anything to do with ‘chaotic’ lives, but more of a ‘priority issue’.

      Open bars can be dangerous, but in this case, it is necessary as we don’t want our guests to have to open their wallets. We’ve provided transportation for most of the guests too, or else they’ll be uber-ing the night away.


  3. What is it with people who cannot commit to a simple invitation? You are not alone in your frustration; brides and MOTBs the world over are driven to insanity by the people who treat RSVP cards as optional. Or receptions as a personal event, bringing other friends, family members, and children even if they are expressly NOT invited.

    Some people are The Worst–selfish and thoughtless.

    Aside from all THAT–I share your horror at pleated pants. Why are they still A Thing? They remind me of dear Robin Williams, way back when he was first starting out and wearing funny suspenders WITH PLEATED PANTS. That was in the 70s. ‘Nuff said.

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    1. *Driven to insanity*
      Taking deep breaths.
      We used to have a large Christmas cocktail party every year and every year without fail someone would show up with either their kids or extra guests. I never understood that, but then again, maybe those people never threw large semi-lavish parties?

      Yes, I remember Robin Williams and his pleated pants. *sigh* What a loss for our world without his heart and humor.

      There was a time in the late 80’s, early 90’s where pleated pants made a short comeback.
      Z Cavericci dress pants. The Coach had a few pairs and they were great for that time. Now? NOT SO MUCH.


  4. There will always be people who don’t respond. I feel like the people who don’t are the same people who park sideways at the bank. 😉

    I adore your daughter and soon to be son-in-law. Funfetti cake? That is absolutely amazing. Save a piece for me.

    I would be doubled over in laughter seeing my husband in pleated pants.

    Three weeks!! EEEE!!

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    1. You are 100% correct. I’m sure the Crack Whore Bad Parker never rsvp’d for anything. That IS if she were invited to anything.

      Isn’t a funfetti cake the best idea? I also adore them, so thank you.

      Pleated pants. What’s next? Parachute pants?

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  5. Bijoux

    Oh dear. I’m having flashbacks to the anger I felt at both my own wedding, and 28 years later at my oldest daughter’s wedding. There are just some people who can’t get it together enough to make a check mark, insert into a postage paid envelope, and drop into a mailbox. Like, how do these folks pay bills on time or eat?

    My only caveat is that I did recently return a wedding rsvp at the last minute because were were waiting to see if Covid was still rampant here. It is, so I unfortunately had to decline. I feel bad about it, but my husband is just too nervous, even being fully vaxxed.

    A funfetti cake is marvelous!

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    1. I don’t remember how the RSVP’s went for our wedding since it was so long ago and I was a mere child, but this couldn’t be any easier now.
      I do understand the fears with covid, but that is not the case in this case. 🙂
      Who doesn’t love funfetti?


  6. Your suit shopping experience had me hoping that if any of the men in this house ever go suit shopping, we bring you along. I’d be the most clueless shopper for men’s formal clothing. I was laughing at the pleated pants look as I had a pretty good visual and I think you are right – why do they still offer pleats? Elderly men?

    I had to text so many people for Tank’s grad party this summer. We did it in August for a number of reasons, but I thought it would be great since it was not going to overlap with SO many other grad parties. Instead – so many people couldn’t come – and why not just mention that in a text or email as the invite clearly requested? I was annoyed. I invited my two cousins who we almost never see, simply because they don’t live far and it would be a chance to get caught up. Finally at the last minute one of them responded. The other NEVER bothered. I do respond to an invite whether I can come or not. We don’t get invited to very much. I’ll continue to pretend that’s because there’s so many of us and not because we aren’t well liked. 😉

    The wedding is sneaking up on me, probably since I’m not planning it – but SO EXCITED.

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    1. No one should be wearing pleated pants. No one.

      People who can’t respond? Rude. lazy. Inconsiderate.
      If you were my neighbors, I would invite you all the time. But, I’d probably ask you to also bring some food since, you know, you are a crowd. 😉


  7. As many people complain about the lack of RSVPs, you’d think this wouldn’t be an issue…this drives me absolutely crazy – formal even or not – you should ALWAYS respond…it’s called manners and consideration.

    I had to laugh about the pleated pants; we experienced the exact same issue with The Husband the last time we bought a suit. It took everything in our power (me and the salesman) to talk him out of the pleated pants.

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  8. Beth (A Moms Life)

    I have finally gotten my husband to realize that pleated pants are OUT! He still gravitates towards them though so I have to hide the couple of pairs that he has left. And he still has them because that man does not throw anything away!

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  9. nicoleboyhouse

    ARGHHHHH OF COURSE YOU RESPOND IF YOU CAN’T GO, THAT IS WHAT AN RSVP IS FORRRRRR. How rude! I hate that. We had a similar thing at my wedding, where some people responded, some didn’t, and some people brought an extra person or two that were not invited. So that was weird.

    I love the funfetti wedding cake! IT’S FUN, IT SAYS SO RIGHT THERE.

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