Making Progress, Down Dog And Updating My Résumé

Thanks so much for all of you who chimed in on my ‘feeling down’ post. I wasn’t looking for sympathy, I’m the last person who needs it. You know, sometimes venting is good for your soul so you can move on.

We’re making progress on the pool work.

Can we add this to the list of jobs that I would never want to have?

It’s hard work. It’s hot. It’s hot hard work.

The men that have been here (4 weeks) doing the demolition and then setting the waterline tile, coping tile and the stair risers are in their 40’s. I mean, I think they’re in their 40’s. From all the cigarettes and cokes they drink, they might be in their 20’s. Who knows. They don’t speak much English, but are very nice when I try to make small talk with my non-Spanish speaking self.

Where’s my Cabana Boy?

We noticed that Callie was very interested in the dumpster area as well as anywhere these men might have their lunch/break time. I knew she was smelling and looking for scraps.

You can take the dog out of the junkyard, but you can’t take the junkyard out of the dog.

Kidding. She’s not from a junkyard, but she has JYD tendencies. I’ll not share all the details but I found quite a bit of vomit on Monday afternoon; mostly on our new wool rugs. Thanks girl.

We were in a vomit and diarrhea cycle which is my least favorite cycle. She was drinking water, then losing it. I thought we should take her to the after hours emergency hospital, Coach thought we should wait till the morning and see if she recovered on her own as the Vet stresses her out.

Callie and I got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep Monday night. She was uncomfortable, restless. I was following her around outside more times in the middle of the night than I can remember; inside she moved from bed to bed and at one point climbed her large self into Lillie’s tiny crate. My heart was breaking for her.

If you recall, we were told in February 2020 that she would only have 2 weeks to 2 months; so she’s been on borrowed time.

Tuesday morning Coach took her to our vet as he knew I was irritated with the decision from the night before; they gave her an IV with fluids and anti-naseua meds. Her bloodwork showed nothing alarming aside from low blood sugar. After a few hours she was improving and ravenous. He brought her home that night and she seemed like a new person dog.

Our vet left the IV port in just in case we needed to bring her back again the next day for fluids, you know, to save us the $100.00 reinsertion fee. Nice, but Callie was obsessed with it so I removed it.

NOTE FOR SUZ: add Veterinary Tech to your resume and scratch Pool Construction.

We’re not 100% sure, but we THINK she might have gotten into some discarded human food or wrappers from the workers. Or maybe this is just her body getting ready for the end?

Wednesday morning: She’s feeling much better and I had to drag her old ass away from the dumpster. *sigh*

My next post will be lighter and cuter. I promise!


23 thoughts on “Making Progress, Down Dog And Updating My Résumé

  1. Laughing at the thought that the pool workers might be in their 20s with all their cokes and cigarettes. Can’t wait to see the finished product.

    So sorry that Callie found herself some kind of ‘treat.’ And relieved that she’s feeling better. I’ve always hated those long nights when a kid is sick . . . I can’t imagine caring for a sick dog who really can’t tell you what is going on.

    Um, taking out an IV port? It’s official, you have super powers. That would’ve had me passed out.

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  2. Women with pools are lucky. They get cabana boys! There’s no female equivalent for men with pools.

    Not that I have a pool, and living in South Dakota, it’s unlikely I ever will. Unless I strike it rich and end up with a mansion that can house an indoor pool.

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  3. If her blood sugar was low, I hope she wasn’t developing diabetes but I’m sure they would have considered it. My daughter’s dog is also nearing the end. It is rough. I can’t imagine living through all the construction that has been going on. I’m sure it will be worth it in the end – if there ever is an end. LOL

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    1. They’ve done all sorts of tests on her. In early 2020 she was having issues and her sugar levels were plummeting. They think she has ‘something’ near her pancreas that might have caused the issue back then, but now we think the sugar levels dropping was because of all the vomiting and NOT eating for a day. But really, who knows?


  4. You ladies have been through it, for sure. The picture of Callie in the tiny crate was so poignant; I could tell she just wanted security.

    It’s so hard when pets or kids are sick and we can’t know how to help. I’m glad she’s feeling better. That means you are, too.

    (Until you look outside. Sigh. Home projects in process are the worst.)

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    1. Thank you, Nance. She’s doing great today and hopefully will continue to do so for a good while.

      Yes. It seems like here as Casa Busy Bee we are always working on something. Fingers crossed that we will only have one or two big projects after the pool; house painting and new gutters/Bahama shutters.


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