The Family Heirlooms. You Lost What? Sit Where? Don’t Go Chasing Criminals.

We are down to the wedding wire this week. Some cute tidbits to share, and then I might be mostly MIA.

Lolo was discussing final thoughts/expectations with her photographer. The photographer asked about some special family items for the ‘detail’ shots. Detail shots are pics of the rings, shoes, dress, etc. Lauren asked me if we had any family heirlooms/jewelry/etc that I might want in the detail shots on the wedding day.

Me: The only thing I can think of that has been in the family is that box of baby teeth from my Mom to me to you & your sister.

We had a good laugh imagining the photographer’s face if we added the open box teeth next to the wedding rings.

Linds came over this weekend, and the two of us put together The Wedding Favors. Did you have them? I’m told that most people don’t even do them anymore. We threw a little bag of Jordan Almonds and personalized matches on the tables for our fancy shindig back in ’91.

Holy mackerel, I still have some of the matchbooks, 30 years later!

Lauren opted for some nice chocolates, popcorn and a bottle of Fiji water. I thought it was a good idea. Maybe someone might want to go watch a movie AFTER the wedding, they would be snack set.

We never buy Fiji water, so this was fancy in my book.

Almost everything has gone smoothly aside from her wackadoo seamstress who lost her veil last week. *sigh* The lady was great at sewing, but very unorganized and talks way too much. Lolo ordered another veil and it has arrived.

Linds is printing up the final seating/table number directory this week. Directory? That’s probably not the correct term, but you know what I mean. You can’t have people NOT knowing where to sit. Remember how some can’t even RSVP? Can you imagine if you left them up to sit in the correct spot?

Linds and I were going over the seating chart and she was annoyed when she saw that there was another Lindsay at the wedding, but This Lindsay spelled her name wrong, she used and E where there should be an A. {Lindsey}

My Lindsay: I’m gonna change her spelling to the correct way!

If you didn’t know it before, we are here to right all the wrongs in the world.

And then my funny girl noted: Hey, there are also two people named Plus One. What a coincidence.

A week before the wedding and two people still can’t commit to who their date will be.

The bride is stressed, but that comes with the territory. Luckily she is not a bridezilla, which I knew she wouldn’t be.

She only has one more ‘work’ day this week before the festivities. The Coach and I were on the phone with her a few days ago and we were discussing how we were all being extra careful to NOT catch covid. (can you imagine if we had to miss or cancel the big day?)

Lolo, being the one who has more interactions with people, would be the most likely one to catch it. Her father had some great advice: Hey, this next week, just let people get away with crimes. Don’t chase anyone down, just let them go this week. What is the Call Sign for “he’s running faster than me”, yeah, whatever that is, just call that one in as you hardly make a chase.”

Amazing advice, especially if you’re a criminal in her area.

What are your thoughts on wedding favors? I know she didn’t want anything ‘wasteful’ or tacky. Shot glasses with their names on them were a no-go.

Signed, The Mother Of Not Bridezilla.


36 thoughts on “The Family Heirlooms. You Lost What? Sit Where? Don’t Go Chasing Criminals.

  1. I’m afraid you’re asking the wrong person here. My husband and I met, and were married by a Justice of the Peace 5 days later because he was on leave. We always meant to have a big ceremony later… but we decided to buy a house instead.

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  2. Zero wedding favours here. They weren’t a Thing then. Two of my nieces had personalized shot glasses, which most people left on the tables. Another niece had personalized cowbells that everyone rang rather than throw rice or birdseed. My nephew had mini bottles of craft booze.

    My two sons are still not married, and I know one of them wants to just have a family only wedding at the lakeside.

    I think a lawless week for criminals is a great trade-off so that your family can have a covid-free wedding is perfectly fine. PRIORITIES!

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    1. The cowbells? That is so original and unique.
      Believe it or not this is almost ONLY family; I’d say it’s 85% family and a handful of friends.
      You know I have my priorities straight; crossing my fingers that ALL of us will still be healthy come Saturday. And afterward too, on Sunday!


  3. I don’t remember whether or not we had wedding favors. Holy hell. It’s been only 15 years. What is WRONG with me??

    I need to get down there so I can speed, especially since she’s not issuing tickets and all. I can change my name to Plus One.

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        1. Congratulations on remembering this….and on the SAME day that you thought you couldn’t remember. That is a feat.
          Pastel M&M’s; sounds perfect. Do you know you can have personalized M & M’s now? Very cool, but also very expensive!


  4. I am dying at the possibility of the baby teeth appearing in a detail pic. I vote you do a hidden camera and present them to the photographer so we can all see his face.

    I also love Coach’s advice. I can see national news now: Florida is suddenly lawless. A family I used to sit for has 5 girls. The oldest ended up with covid and missed her sister’s wedding. Makes my gut hurt just thinking of it.

    I am struggling to remember favors. Maybe we put seating assignments in little picture frames? We had the covers of our programs embroidered. It was super cool. I happened to be working at a baseball cap manufacturer so they did them for me. We glued the fabric to the programs. Then I realized I used me sil’s maiden name in the program vs married name. Ripped all the covers off. Reprinted the programs. Reglued them. Ugh..

    I love Linds. So funny.

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  5. Bijoux

    My daughter had a baseball themed wedding, so we had boxes of Cracker Jacks as favors. People seemed to like it. I made stadium tickets for the seating and we had team pennants at the tables in milk jars filled with peanuts in shells. Pinterest was my friend.

    You are down to the wire! Have a joyous day with your friends and family. Congrats to the happy couple!

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  6. The Widow Badass

    Fiji water is fancy to me too! For my second wedding (30 guests), I had little bowls made (one for each guest) by a local potter. She carefully hid our initials and the wedding date in the design on the lip of the bowl. Each one was glazed differently and they were grouped and filled with white hydrangeas to make up the centrepiece on our long table. Guests were invited to dismantle the setting at the end of the dinner and pick their favourite bowl to take home. There was a fair amount of trading activity going on, I noticed 🤣. When I go to friends’ homes they proudly serve me snacks in their bowl(s) or point out where they are being used in their homes. 😍


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  7. I’m also the wrong person to ask. Tara and I were married in a beach house overlooking the Pacific Ocean with only immediate family (parents and siblings). The bride wore capris, the groom wore a tacky tuxedo t-shirt, and both had on flip-flops. The only wedding “favors” were a big box of donuts.

    And if I had it to do all over again…I wouldn’t change a thing.

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  8. Angie P

    When my BIL got married, they didn’t do a seating chart for some reason. My hubby, 2 daughters, and myself were sitting at a table and this woman came up to ask us to move because they were “Close personal friends of the bride and groom”. My husband told her she was out of luck because the groom was his brother! She walked away. I’m sure she felt about an inch tall. But she probably never pulled that line again.

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    1. Can you imagine having the balls to speak to someone as if they were not as important as you? Rude. I could never. I hope that taught her to keep her pie hole shut and to be a kind person. 🙂


  9. The baby teeth would have been appropriate for a Halloween themed wedding. Sounds like everything is going well. I think the photos are the loveliest part of the wedding. I spend a lot of time going through photographs with the Grand Girls and they enjoy it so much. I am also probably the only one they know that still has photographs!

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  10. nicoleboyhouse

    If she doesn’t get a photo of the box of teeth, it will be a disappointing missed opportunity.

    Good luck with it all! We did have favours. My MIL made little chocolates and wrapped them all in pretty tulle (I think) and we also gave each guest a bottle of wine (at the time my SIL had a little winery). I’m all about the consumables.

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  11. Do it! Have those baby teeth lurking somewhere obscure in the photos – so that when someone is scrolling the wedding pictures on FaceBook or wherever, they blow up the picture and say, WHAT?!”

    I’m no help on the favors. First date with The Husband at the end of August, engaged by Thanksgiving and married in January and when my mother starting trying to run things, I rebelled and we kinda sorta eloped.

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  12. Maddie

    So is it weird that I’m like super happy that your daughter’s wedding is almost here? 🙂
    I’ll make this comment brief cause I’m guessing you’re swamped so close to the big day. I just want to wish you, your whole family, and especially your lovely daughter and soon to be son in law Congratulations and Joy. I know the wedding will be full of love and laughter because that is what you share with the world, thru your lovely blog. That’s cheesy but that is what I share with the world lol. 🙂

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  13. I’m not one to have any advice about weddings, planning thereof, decisions required. I disliked the whole process when we got married so I fear my reactions to most of what goes on today would be deemed cynical. That being said, I wish you all the success and happiness in the world when it comes to your daughter’s wedding day. 💐

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  14. We had favors at my daughters wedding in 2015. We’re Italian so it’s a tradition to have the 5 Jordan almonds. We just put them in a little bag with a tag on them explaining the tradition. My daughter also used little cardboard chairs that had the guest names on them and their table number and the chairs held a few hershey kisses. They were cute! The wedding was a lot of work, stress and worry but it was a blast and I was truly bummed when it was over! I hope your daughters went well!

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  15. i thought of you last weekend when we were at this weird art place… they had human teeth in a washing machine as art. i took a video but it didn’t save. sorry.
    i had to re-read the part about favors – where are my jordan almonds?!?! oh, ok. i didn’t attend the 1991 festivities.
    hysterical over the way to spell lindsay! why do people spell it the other (wrong) way?!
    so glad everyone was healthy for the big day! and if a few people got away with crime? eh. they’ll mess up again and get caught. FL Kim went to a wedding in CA for her nephew and the mother of the bride was not IN attendance because? yup. covid.

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