We Did It! Great Vibes, Laughter, No Bridezilla Or Even A Momzilla

I honestly can’t tell you who was more excited for the big day; Lauren, her sister or me. There was much laughter all day, (starting a 7am) and very few tears. Imagine that. The woman (me) who cries AT EVERYTHING, hardly a tear for her daughters big day. I’m sure it’s because I’m so happy and hopeful for these two; there was no concern if they were making the right choice for their future.

I was even able to get up and give a toast (sourdough!) without sobbing.

I’m gonna just put this out here now: Lauren was the MOST beautiful bride and if you think differently, I’ll fight you.

I’m not going to share any bridal pics yet though. She has the pleasure of doing that first on her social media. Can you believe someone shared wedding pics on FB that night? Don’t get me started…

Everything went as smooth as buttah. I suppose that is what happens when you choose an excellent venue that is extremely organized and you pay out the wazoo for organized smoothness. We actually stimulated the economy in the Tampa area Thursday-Sunday. You are welcome Tampa.

I can’t party like a rock star

Sunday morning I had a hard time walking as my calves were tore down; ya’ll I danced the night away. Wait, let me rephrase that. I got low, low, low with my not apple bottom jeans and not boots with the fur. I also dropped it like it’s hot more times than not. By Monday, I could hardly get out of bed; the soreness had really set it.

The only downside for the day was MY face and my hair. You knew I had to make this about me, right?

For months I wavered back and forth on having my hair and makeup done with the rest of the girls. I’m proficient at doing both myself, but finally I thought ‘it’s a special day, maybe the makeup artist can do something special with my face and hair that I can’t do’.

You know what? She CAN do something special that I can’t do, she can make it so that I hate looking at myself! *sigh* It was too late to try to wash out all the crap they put in my hair and I had to live with it.

Linds, Lolo, Hooker Suz.

We had to wear shirts with our titles in case we forgot who we were.

Isn’t she stunning? Look Mom, I HAVE CHEEKBONES!


Lolo did her own manicure and I trimmed her hair the morning before in the hotel room as she hasn’t had a haircut in about a year. We had two veils shipped, she decided which one she preferred, but it was much too long, I whipped out my hair shears and Grandma Sue trimmed about 2 feet off it right in the hotel room. NO stress.


She didn’t have much of an appetite, but knew she needed some nourishment earlier in the day so she brought a few chocolate Ensures with her to the venue where she got dressed and had photos. Not kidding–the girl is in her dress and veil, sitting in a chair while the photographer is taking photos before the event, Lolo picked up an Ensure, shook it up and opened it right over her dress. I thought the photographer was going to have a coronary.

I will have photos of that later as we might get an endorsement deal from Ensure. SHOW ME THE ENSURE MONEY.

This is her bouquet the day after, so it’s not pretty. But I wanted you to see that her Grandma Bev walked down the aisle with her.

I will have much to share, but I don’t want to bore you with all of it at once.

Who am I kidding, YOU live for this, right?


Suz, the luckiest Mom of two amazing women and now a son.

35 thoughts on “We Did It! Great Vibes, Laughter, No Bridezilla Or Even A Momzilla

  1. Aw, so very pretty. I love the pic of Lauren looking out the window. Laughing at the Ensure moment. I’d have spilled it on everyone in the room.

    Love that Bev walked with her. So sweet. And, hey no baby teeth.

    I think you look beautiful, but I get how rotten it is when you don’t like your hair. My kids are always like IT’S FINE, or IT LOOKS GOOD, and I always point out that they say that without even looking. I didn’t like what my hair dresser did with my hair for my own wedding. I wanted MY CURLS not curling iron curls. That poor man.

    Excited for the next round of photos. So happy that it was such a happy day.

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    1. She was just so nonchalant about it; she’s a nut.
      Yeah, sorry, we decided to leave the teeth at home.

      Thank you for your sweet compliments; I should have gone with my GUT and just taken care of myself. Next time. 🙂


  2. Pat Birnie

    I hear you on the hair/makeup thing. That’s too bad, but sounds like you got past it and enjoyed yourself a wee bit! You all sound so lovely and relaxed, with Lauren doing her own nails, and you trimming up the veil – that’s a brave move!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We had a great day. She’s such a low-maintenance person and thankfully she’s more relaxed than I was at her age. It was an amazing day; thank you for your sweet words.


  3. Bijoux

    First of all, love,love, love the flowers. And the stick pin with grandma’s photo is the sweetest idea, ever! I love that so much! Everyone looks lovely, but I do understand the makeup/hair thing. My daughter and all her bridesmaids did have both done that morning and I admit, they all looked beautiful. But I had my makeup done once at the Greenbrier when I was only 33 and it was drag queen hideous! Lol, I never got over that, so never again!

    Looking forward to more pics! Congratulations!

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  4. You made it! You got through it, and you’re happy, too. WAY TO GO, SUSAN!

    LOL. Had to do that.

    It sounds like a wonderful wedding full of fun and love. What could be better than that? Can’t wait for the photos of the ceremony when the mayor of Tampa gives you the Key To The City.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, we made it. Susan made it too; she held it together! Thanks for making me laugh.

      Yes, I need a key to the city. Sadly, the Bears were playing on Sunday, so Saturday, we were almost crowded out by Bears and Bucs fans. Didn’t they know we had a wedding that day? The Bears were staying at our hotel and caused the Coach to miss the shuttle to the venue. (he was still on time)


  5. Oh Suz, I’m so happy for all of you. That picture of Lauren is lovely.
    You look beautiful too, but I understand how you feel about having someone else do your makeup.
    The biggest takeaway from these pictures is joy, which I can see in each of you.
    I adore the photo of your mom on the bouquet. She was unquestionably there with all of you that day.

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  6. I posted a comment but it disappeared, WordPress must be hungry this morning.
    As for wedding photos, I DO live for them… seeing that my ( on leave from the Corps and only had 5 days ) husband and I were married by a justice of the peace.
    Your daughter is beautiful, and doubly so because she walked down the aisle with her grandmother.

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  7. The Widow Badass

    Congratulations Mom of the Bride (and everyone else, of course!)!!! I hear you about the makeup artist. I had mine done for my second wedding, and when I got to the hotel room to put on my dress off came a good third of her “artistry”. As much as I love drag queens, I did not want to look like one when I got married.
    Looking forward to reading more, more, more!


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    1. You know, weeks ago I almost shared in a post my dilemma on the makeup/hair and dammit, now I know ya’ll would have swayed me away. *smacking my own head with regret*

      Thank you for your sweet words.


  8. You ALL look beautiful – even you Hooker Suz! 😉 But that picture of her looking out the window?! Amazing! And she looks remarkably like Catherine, the Duchess of Wales (is that her title?).

    I am so happy to hear that the wedding was a success and can’t wait to see the pictures! BOO to the person who uploaded some to FaceBook – some people have no idea about the etiquette in these situations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Gigi.
      I think you meant Catherine Duchess of Cambridge? Yes, in that photo she does resemble her! But with much less drama.
      You are right, some people just don’t know the etiquette for events like this.


  9. nicoleboyhouse

    OH, I WAS WONDERING HOW THAT WENT OMG YOU ALL THREE LOOKED BEAUTIFUL (yes, you do Suz, you look gorgeous too). What a beautiful bride and WHAT a great idea to have Grandma Bev on the bouquet.

    If that was me I’d have chocolate allllll down the front of my dress. We got married in March and as I was walking from hotel room to the wedding venue (there was snow and ice on the ground) my dad started to freak out that I might fall and wreck my dress. I didn’t, but whoops. Never even gave it a thought!

    What a lovely bride, so glad the day went well, and that you got low, low, low.

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  10. When my daughter got married I had my makeup done for the only time in my life. Someone forgot to tell the girl doing my makeup that you don’t cake it on a older woman because it just gets in the little lines and makes her look much older! When I looked in the mirror I about had a heart attack! I didn’t look anything like myself! I looked more like my grandmother! Plus I wear eyeliner and she hardly put any on me! So when we got to the hotel room before the wedding I took a washcloth and washed 2/3 of the make up off my face and added eye liner! I can’t wait to see the your photos! Your daughters are beautiful just like their mom! I love the idea of the pin and picture on your daughters bouquet!

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  12. i love that there are days we can put the tears aside for only JOY! and your toast was amazing. and she is the most beautiful bride (with the most gorgeous flowers!) WAIT – someone shared pics before lolo?!?! grrrrr.
    i love your shirts! and your makeup doesn’t look bad – and you looked beautiful! THANK GOODNESS you always have scissors!!!
    i sure love that pin of bev ❤ so special!


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