Kari wrote an entire blog post dedicated to Halloween candy and this made me think of her.


Like most everything, Halloween snuck up on me this. I didn’t bring out any decorations like I normally would. I don’t decorate for anyone other than the people in this household as we’ve never (in 25 years) had a Trick Or Treater here. I suppose the acreage, long driveway and security gate deters most. When our girls were little we either did Truck Or Treat with Girl Scouts or Coach’s Step Mom Judy took them to the church for a Fall Festival.

Here are some old pics that Judy took over the years.

Please note that Judy had a clown costume that she liked to wear. Years later, Lindsay told me how it terrified her; you can see it in Elmo’s face in ’97. I’m not a costume designer like my friend Ernie but I did create The Peter Pan, Miss America and Army guy/girl.


When the Coach and I were dating we had a couple of friends who threw a Halloween party every year. We had so much fun and I know we both had some great costumes over the years, but I can not locate the evidence.

I do however have a photo of our very first Halloween and shall I mention this might be one of the first (or second) times I met his Mother.

Welcome to the family, ya whore!

At this time my father was dating this really nice lady, Terri who had grown daughters; she had made them some amazing costumes and I borrowed this whore-ish one. Hey, if you don’t have a checkered slutty past, what will you talk about in the future?

Honestly, if I could get away with that outfit right now, I’d wear it to Publix while picking up some sliced turkey from the deli counter.

Are you or were you a Halloween type of person?

Were you ever the receiver of FULL sized candy?



Suz who never was slutty, but played one on That One Halloween.

33 thoughts on “HallowWho?

  1. Oh, gosh, I’ve always hated Halloween. But I made sure my kids had good costumes, all made by me. It’s astonishing how creative you can be when your kids are your inspiration, right? I even whipped out my college anatomy textbook and painstakingly cut out each bone when making my son’s skeleton costume (white felt on a black sweatsuit).

    The neighbors right across the street gave out full-sized Hershey with almonds. They were always our first stop. Everyone else was a blur in our race to fill the bag.

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    1. The skeleton costume sounds amazing! As kids we usually bought the plastic costumes with the face mask that pretty much detered vision, but on occasion my Mom made something for us.
      Full sized Hershey’s with almonds? Sign me up!


  2. OMG I’m laughing so hard at that cartoon.

    Those sweet costumes, oh dear. Looking at those sweet little girls makes me want to cry. They remind me so much of my own girls. Sigh.
    Also? Judy terrifies me, and I’m an adult. 😉

    I love that photo of you two whores.

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  3. I am definitely not a Halloween person! I do enjoy it more for the grandkids though. We have been going trick or treating with them every year. I can remember when I was a child if a house was giving away bags of chips or full sized candy bars the word would spread like wildfire! We would be going to that house no matter how far we had to walk!

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  4. Well thanks for the shout out. Trust me that I am at O’Hare airport doing a little curtsey.

    *Coach and I flying to Dallas. Him: teaching, me: chilling and hanging with my friend I used to sit for whose hubby played for Super Bowl Bears.*

    Those photos are darling. I hope the dog was only borrowing Judy’s clown shoes and not trying to trick or treat that way. Elmo’s face, scared or not, could NOT be cuter.

    I do miss the costume making mayhem. I’ve made curtains too and a maternity dress that I actually wore to my BIL’s wedding but those sewing projects were not as inspired and fun.

    Word def spread when a house was handing out full size bars. Our neighborhood growing up had a handful of those generous types. We hightailed it there as soon as we heard. Ah, the good ole days.

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    1. Safe travels and I know you’ll get some R&R as well as some laughs from your old friends.

      I guess I really did grow up in the ‘hood….not a full-sized bar to be found. I do remember someone giving away bags of pennies and another giving away raisins. WHAT?


  5. I am ALL IN on the slutty Halloween costumes! But I’m a guy, so of course I’m going to say that, lol. Totally approve of yours! 🙂

    Our house has been decorated for weeks. Between the giant spider web in the front yard and the fog machine, we sort of go all out for Halloween every year. But we also have a ton of trick-or-treaters, so it’s totally worth the effort.

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    1. I love that you and Tara go all out for the visiting kiddos! And I’m sure you give out good candy, even if it might NOT be full-sized.
      Did you see UP there someone said in her ‘hood as a kid a neighbor gave out toothbrushes?
      Is he Satan?

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  6. In my younger adult days we always went to Halloween parties and we dressed in costumes, usually homemade. But now that we’re older there aren’t the parties like there used to be, so no dressing up for us.

    As for full-size candy, when I was a child I’d get one occasionally. BUT more cool than that was that certain older women would bake cookies, and hand them out fresh from the oven. Those were the best houses to visit.

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    1. Fresh baked goods? Amazing. And of course, with the times how they are now, that is sadly forbidden.
      I’m certainly not into dressing up anymore either, it seems like a lot of work for which I don’t have the energy for.

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  7. Bijoux

    I loved Halloween as a kid and we made some fun costumes for our kids, like Madeline. Your girls look fantastic in their costumes, but I have no idea what you and coach went as? Playboy mansion servers? Lol!

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    1. Bijoux

      P.S. I do recall getting some full size Hershey bars back in the day. Such a treat! There’s a family on our street who own a chocolate store and they are known for giving out full size bars.

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    2. Madeline. I loved that character too.
      I was a French Maid and I think he was a guy who rented a tux but only wore the vest and bow tie. 😉
      Maybe he was going as a Chippendale? Not exactly sure but he and his best friend Randy (RIP) had matching outfits for the night.


  8. Halloween is so hard for me because as a diabetic with very little willpower every trip to the store can be a life-threatening disaster. The same thing happens at Easter but not Christmas so much. Chocolate calls my name. I can be driving down a street and my car pulls into the parking lot and sometimes I can resist but most often not.

    I went to a Halloween party put on by friends for several years. We dressed up and so did most of our friends. It was a terrific time and I really miss it.


  9. nicoleboyhouse

    THAT PHOTO OF YOU AND COACH. Oh, Suz. That is amazing. Personally I loved wearing a slutty costume on Halloween, back in the day. If you can’t flaunt it on Halloween, when can you? These days I don’t, because, well, mom life. I think my boys would actually die.

    I am the lady in that cartoon! I have full-size Snickers (and other full-size glories) to give out tomorrow.

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