Speaking Of Elevators And Elephants

A little levity after scaring all of you. Scaring? Scarring? Samesies.

I obviously have to push past my fear of elevators, as they are a part of my life on occasion.

But one thing I can’t get over, is saying OUT LOUD each time I’m in an elevator:


Do you remember this classic? The Elephants job was to operate the elevator, but he was so large that no one could fit in there while he was working.

This is one of my favorite Sesame Street skits from when my girls were little. Ironically, they don’t remember this one.

They were probably busy reading books or playing outside using their imagination while I was watching their show.

*shrugs shoulders in wonderment*

I’m a fan of irony, Sesame Street, and singing elephants. TRIFECTA.

I might be an adult, but I’m still tickled by Elmo‘s friends and I can’t help but giggle each time I watch this.

Are you tickled that I shared this ear worm with you today?


26 thoughts on “Speaking Of Elevators And Elephants

  1. This is much better. This is going to be my theme song for the rest of the day.

    This reminded me of a Sesame Street skit Ella used to love when she was little of Elmo flying a penguin to her wedding.Talk about earworms… I’M GETTING MARRIED AT A WEDDINGGGGGG.
    I’ll have to include that in a post.

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    1. Oh my. I just looked it up and YES, that was super cute. The Penguin was having a day just as my ‘dreams’ still are. Can’t find my dress. Lost the ring. Running late. No guests. No food. Etc…

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  2. You are speaking my language over here in my tot-ville daycare. I can’t say that I remember this skit, but it does tie in nicely with your elevator hesitations.

    My favorite skit is the one where they sing something and I think it has a bee-bop ring to it. The puppets are really fuzzy/fluffy and they get really close to the camera and then run back. I’m not explaining it well. I think our version is on a VHS tape so not able to go look it up, but know that I am tempted.

    The news program I watch has a 9 at 9 feature. They share 9 fun/silky facts. I kid you not- a moment after I read your post I heard the news people sharing that Oscar used to be orange and that Ernie’s Rubber Duckie song was in the top 10 in like 1972. What is happening?

    All this happening while the 5 toddlers and babies I have in my very competent care are being well supervised, of course.

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      1. Look at you utilizing your research department. No, it’s more of a doo doo da do dit. I can hum it, but failing miserably at typing it. I tried to look it up, but I can’t figure it out. When my kids get home, maybe they’ll remember.

        BTW more of the 9 at 9 also included info about Sesame. They showed a clip of the guy who starred in the Sopranos with Zoe. I’m seriously wondering what the universe is telling me. Is this some kind of Sesame anniversary I’m not aware of? Too funny.

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        1. I know a song like that, but I didn’t think it was on Sesame Street. But I could be wrong.
          The Universe wants you to take it easy and enjoy some mindless Sesame Street today.


  3. I remember that skit! What a great memory you have. I liked Sesame Street as a child but didn’t see it too often. We didn’t have a tv for many years, then no cable when we did. I usually watched it at a friend’s house.

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    1. Ally, I remember the most off-the-wall things. I blame that I’m terrible at math because my brain is full of useless information like Sesame Street Skits from the ’90s.
      I remember when I was around 12 to 14 that we did not have a television, and I used to listen to ‘stories’ on the radio. Just writing that makes me think I was living a life like Little House on The Praire.

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  4. We didn’t get Sesame Street until we had a little B&W tv that got UHF stations. By then, my sister was about 9 and we watched it purely out of curiosity and for its cuteness factor. Same deal with Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, which we found relaxing and frankly kitschy. We later learned to appreciate Mr. Rogers, and we both admire him so much.

    My fave was always Oscar the Grouch and his personal theme song, “I Love Trash”. My kids were Sesame Street fans, and we were PBS members. We had a whole set of great hardback books that my sons loved. They learned some Spanish, their numbers, alphabet, and tons of other stuff.

    Oddly, I have zero memory of the Elephant/Elevator skit, but it’s wonderful. Sesame Street is a treasure.

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  5. bibliomama2

    I don’t remember this one! Which is weird because I adore Sesame Street and watched it obsessively. When the kids were little one of them was practicing piano and having a rough time and I said “you have to say ‘I’ll never get it! never!’ and bang your head on the keyboard” and they looked at me like I was cracked and I went to the computer and Matt said “just google ‘i’ll never get it'” and I said it couldn’t possibly be that easy but it was! I have a DVD collection of Classic Sesame Street and I don’t even know if I have a DVD player anymore.

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