My dear forever friend D lost her son to suicide this past weekend. I loved him before he was even born; his Mom and I were pregnant together with our first babies. We were new mom’s together, trying to figure it all out. I’m at a loss. My heart hurts. I’ve been crying and I want to cry more. I want to scream. I want him to know that pain, heartache and disappointments are normal and are temporary feelings.

Death is forever. His final choice in life was selfish.

{Lolo and Kelly circa 1995 when the six of us visited Sea World in TX. D and I were both pregnant again with baby #2 on this trip. Both of them are making a ‘face’, I’m guessing the sun was in their eyes}

I’m mad at him for this. How can you do that to your family?

We had a beautiful visit with their family just seven years ago while they were in Florida; I remember crying when they left because I’d not realized how much I loved and missed them after not seeing them in person for 18 years.

It seemed that Kelly was doing great. He was in California making his dreams come true; he was writing a book, writing a screen play. He was such a highly intelligent (Mensa Club), kind hearted and funny human; I don’t know how his mom, dad and brother are going to fare without his presence.

If you can, please send good thoughts to my Texas friends who are truly devastated right now; D, Jeff and Bryan.

Life is fleeting. Tell those that you care about how much they mean to you. YOU, my blog friends, mean a lot to me.

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