From The Bottom Of My Heart And Living With Busey

Thank you all so much for your kindness. Your comments mean more to me than you can imagine.

Callie warming her old bones by the fire.

I have a funny story to tell you.

Back in the day, I always cut the Coach’s hair; like from the time we met in 1985 until 2015. The only reason I stopped cutting his hair in 2015 is because I spent a lot of time in Georgia taking care of my Mom when she was sick. Luckily, he found a great barber and we both loved how Barber Dave cut his hair; I declared he should stick with Dave. I retired my shears.

A few weeks ago, before we left for GA the coach was super busy and didn’t get over to see Barber Dave. We figured he’d find a barber in GA before Thanksgiving. Then when I mentioned how long his hair was getting, he confessed that he was afraid to find a new barber because the few times he had to use someone other than Dave it wasn’t a good outcome.

Therefore his hair was just was growing. And growing.

He and I were running errands the other day and stopped at a place to have some lunch. The Coach sat down at the table and removed his ball cap. (his mother taught him well)

Me with a sour face: You look like Gary Busey.

This Is How Gary Busey Lost All Of His Money
Pic borrowed from here

My sometimes clueless husband said: Thank you.

Me: That is NOT a compliment.

We decided then and there to stop at a store after lunch and purchase some hair sheers so I could take care of Gary’s hair.

On the drive to the store he asked: Would you ever sleep with Gary Busey?

Me: Oh, I already have, so yeah.

Coach: Really?

Me: yeah, we were both really tipsy one night and it just happened.

He shook his head and giggled.

Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving!

I’m thankful for you. And Gary. And barbers.


20 thoughts on “From The Bottom Of My Heart And Living With Busey

  1. All during COVID, The Husband has been trimming the top and sides with me hacking away at the back. I know he is ready to find a new stylist but, apparently, is in no hurry to do so. So maybe I’m not as bad at as I thought.

    Sending love – because I know the hurts just don’t “go away” overnight.

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  2. Bijoux

    My husband insisted I cut his hair during Lockdown last year. It was stressful and I don’t like that responsibility, so it was once and done for me! Hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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  3. I’d like to warm my old bones by a fire like that. So cozy.

    That Gary dude, yikes.

    I’ve been the only one to cut Coach’s hair since we got married, or engaged. My boys don’t go to a barber until they find themselves at college and a tad hairy. Once weeks before Lad was born, Coach and I went out socially. One of us, the non pregnant one, had one too many. When we got back to our condo, he decided I’d missed a spot on his haircut or something (brain fog since it was over 23 years ago). When I was in the other room, he cut his hair with the clippers while being overserved. It was CRAZY short. It looked ridiculous. I was so mad at him. I think if that happened today, I’d laugh. Age does have it’s advantages.

    Glad you handled your Coach’s hair rather than let him attempt it himself. I don’t advise it.

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    1. Did I never mention that I attended Cosmetology school? I worked as a hairstylist for many years, so it wasn’t like I didn’t know how to cut his hair. But I preferred how Barber Dave handled the situation.
      I’m laughing imagining your honey buzzing his own hair YES, getting older does have advantages like we don’t give a crap about the little things anymore.
      Hair is hair. Well, unless it’s yours or mine. 😉


  4. nicoleboyhouse

    You’re so funny!

    I have never cut anyone’s hair and I never will. Well, never say never but probably not. Just the thought gives me stress. I am not great with anything requiring a lot of hand coordination.

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  5. Which of those pics was your husband? The resemblance is uncanny. 😉

    I cut Rick’s hair, but it’s not difficult. He has very long, straight hair, past his shoulders.

    I hope you have a restful and loving Thanksgiving. XO

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  6. Because of the pandemic my husband has stopped getting his hair cut. This is a huge change for Mr. Business Guy. Now he has his white hair in a ponytail that I describe as going from Jerry Garcia to Willie Nelson. It looks good, nothing like Gary Busey at any age!

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  7. Melanie Galliano

    Gary Busey does have that wild look about him these days. Sorry I’m way behind but I did read all your posts to catch up. Sending you a virtual hug for all the sad times. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and make lots of memories with your family.

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