It’s Not A Holiday Until Someone Becomes {slightly} Injured

We had a small, but lovely Thanksgiving. Linds flew to GA on Wednesday and we enjoyed quality time together. Before she had arrived she did some trail research; our neighborhood has a plethora of trails; primitive, paved, easy, moderate, strenuous.

Fifteen minutes after we arrived at the house, Linds: Mama, can we go on a short hike? I found one that looks good and it will be easy; maybe forty five minutes.

I checked my watch and realized I had NOTHING planned, so off we went.

I’ve not been proficient at finding the starting points of trails other than the one that I drive by every time we come or go from the house. The one she found was further away, surely I could find it.

Since this was to be a short hike, we decided to bring Lillie. We hopped in the car and headed to where we thought the starting point was for this particular hike with the end destination being a smallish waterfall.

It took us about 40 minutes to realize, that we started too far away.

Living and learning.

It was chilly and a bit overcast, but not terrible weather, even for a couple of Florida girls.

We walked. And walked. And walked. We realized we really didn’t know what we were doing when we started this hike. The “falls” that we were in search of, were alluding us. But, an hour and half INTO our walk, finally we saw signs for the falls. Of course, we passed a PARKING LOT very near where the falls* were located.


It was pretty funny actually, and we were giggling at our not knowing what the heck we were doing. {I had no actual fears of being lost, we were in the ‘hood, with directional signs and cell service}

We found several sweet spots for a rest if we cared to. Linds took a breather here and I snapped a photo. Isn’t she a doll?

Lillie. Oh, Lillie LOVED walking and forged ahead of us the entire time, never slowing down. So, as I was snapping a pic of my adorable daughter with my cell phone, Lillie decided she was tired of standing around and took off, while I was holding her leash with one hand, my cell phone with the other. Picture me trying to step OVER tree roots, wet leaves, a little mud and keep up with my little doggie.

I lost my footing and did a, well, it was quite a spectacular maneuver. Have you ever made a Three Point Turn in your car?

I completed a Three Point Fall.







It was hilarious. My cellphone survived. My parts survived. I could not stop laughing. Linds could not stop laughing once she realized I was ok.

Honestly, I wish there had been video evidence of my onto the wet earth, just so I can see if it looked as crazy as it felt.

About 10 minutes later we found the Falls*.

We were having such a good time, we thought about going further, but by this point we only had an hour and a half until sunset and it took us that long to make it this far.

On our way back, my daughter Grace managed to roll not one, but both ankles about 15 minutes apart. The second one, had there not been a tree for her to grab onto, might have seen her careening down a steep decline that wound’t have been pretty. Not sure that Lillie and I could have carried her back.

Two and a half hours.

Five miles.

Not such a quick jaunt in the woods.

Oh, and when we were back at the house, Linds was looking at trail/waterfall photos online and realized that what we THOUGHT was the fall that we found, indeed was NOT the fall that we were looking for.

We need a re-do.

So, that was our first adventure over Thanksgiving.

There is another FALL that happened and it was a bit more severe. And it was caught on video. Should I share? Does it amuse you to see your friends fall?

I’ve be a busy bee and hoping to catch up with you all soon.


21 thoughts on “It’s Not A Holiday Until Someone Becomes {slightly} Injured

  1. You’re such a tease. Of course we want to see the fall video! Geesh, it’s like you don’t even know us. 😉
    Looks like a wonderful hike, but I’m glad that wasn’t the actual waterfall… because come on, it hardly fell at all.

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  2. I’m just glad you’re okay. I’ve fallen twice, the second time necessitating a trip to the ER and the dentist, so I don’t want to see your spills. Good for Lillie, being so intrepid and energetic. She hiked a long time for such a little dog.

    Perhaps she was hoping to show off her fashion statement to other hikers. I can only imagine her disappointment.

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    1. Nance, she was so darn excited and never.slowed.down. Of course, she slept really well when we returned home.
      Yes on the fall. This was a scare and I will certainly not take risks again, In hindsight, I too could have ended up in the ER or dentist. *shudder*


  3. Bijoux

    Oh man, you guys need to be more careful! I do NOT enjoy seeing people fall. Too many fractures. But can we talk about the lack of signs when on trails? Drives me nuts! All our parks are with run by the city or county (plus, we have the National park nearby) and none of them have great signage. We’ve often get lost trying to find or follow a trail we read about online.

    I love a waterfall, no matter the size. So peaceful!

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    1. Fractures are nothing to laugh about. Our trails really do have good signage, it’s the starting point where I failed miserably. BUT the good thing is I now know where to start to find our little falls.


  4. Coach and I tried to do a short hike last time we were in AZ. There were so many trails and paths we had to ask for directions from other hikers to get back to our car. It ended up being hours plural. 6 miles vs our 2 mile goal.

    Linds is so cute and love that she did some research for a great hike. I, too, am somewhat relieved that this was not the actual water fall. It seemed a little weak after all that adventure.

    I love Lillie’s winter coat. Her close up in tbe 2nd video was funny. She seems to be saying DIDN’T YOU LEARN ANYTHING WITH THAT LAST PAUSE FOR A PHOTO? LET’S GET GOING. *since Finn moved in, I’ve become a dog-mind-reading-ventriloquist. It’s a talent.

    Glad you recovered from your 3 point landing. Even without seeing it, I give you a 9.9.

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  5. I’m glad you’re okay. It’s all fun and games on those trails until someone gets lost, turned around, and/or slips. I’m impressed that you thought to take videos of what you were doing. I’d have been too intent on getting home to remember I could do that.

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  6. Melanie Galliano

    Oh she is a doll! I’m glad you weren’t hurt. I don’t think I would trust myself to hike in the woods. I know I would take a misstep and twist my ankle or worse!

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