Christmas Crunch, Lack Of Evidence, Making Big Commitments On A Whim.

Christmas. Every.single.year it sneaks up on me. I should confer with my calendar more often. We arrived home after almost 3 weeks in Georgia last Wednesday with a to-do list that was more than I wanted to do.

Honestly, if we didn’t host the whole family on Christmas Eve, I might not have decorated at all. I’m not feeling Scrooge-ish, as I’m currently listening to Christmas Tunes and I watched the last half of It’s A Wonderful Life the other night. It’s just so much work, the decorating part. Linds was kind enough to come over Saturday night and get me going with the tree’s and really, that was all I needed get my azz in gear.

I was waiting to order Christmas cards because we generally take Family Pics around Thanksgiving, but we were missing Lolo and Nathan. We just had that BEAUTIFUL wedding with family photos, which would be lovely to share on our cards, sadly, the photographer hasn’t gotten all the pics back to us. I only have a handful of snapshots from the night; with only 3 choices that include Coach. So I made a collage type card out of some snapshots. This year, I opted to go with Costco as they are much cheaper and I’m guessing they’ll be faster than Shutterfly who took forever last year.

The only pics I have of the Coach from the wedding. And none to be seen with he and I together.

Gary Busey cleaned up as the Father Of The Bride


I need to work on the FALLING post that 77% of you want to see, {sadists!} but I’m having a hard time making a post with actual meaning and not off the cuff.


I was walking into Publix the other day and they had lovely fresh wreaths for sale.

Oh, I should get two of those for our front doors!

Then I remembered what our front doors currently look like:

Our house is being painted. *sigh* I’m happy about that, but goodness, the pool work isn’t finished and then we started this. Everything is an absolute mess outside.

A few months ago Coach asked me to make some color choices for the house after we realized the new decking made our house color look super old and outdated. I chose 3 and the painters put up some small samples.

{Our old, beige, gold-ish color next to the three samples that I chose off the internet}

We didn’t think much about the painting part, life happened, we left for GA and then had to make a commitment on paint color because paint was becoming scarce and our painters had an opening. It’s not just the house; it’s Coach’s two outbuildings-garages, the retaining walls, front entrance gate wall.

Y’all I chose a color while NOT actually seeing the color in a large area. I might need to have my head examined.

How are you guys doing Christmas-wise. Are you sending out cards and do you like it when people share family photos?


Your friend Suz who could use a therapist recommendation.

29 thoughts on “Christmas Crunch, Lack Of Evidence, Making Big Commitments On A Whim.

  1. Sigh. I hear you on all of this. Choosing a paint colour to live with in big spaces is why I always default to a nice creme or alabaster. It’s light, it’s bright, it’s airy, and it conveys space. Everything can go with it, and I can add colour with all kinds of accents.

    The first photo of your husband and daughter dancing is so lovely. It’s perfect.

    I am the wife of a carpenter/remodeler/project manager. I feel your pain so so much. Rick is so used to delays, dust, and destruction that none of it fazes him. This is why any project at our home is a double-edged sword. (But look who I’m talking to.)

    I gave up on cards at Cmas aeons ago, partially for environmental reasons and partially because they give me no joy to do. I occasionally send one or two to friends who have moved away and write a brief note. But cellphones make staying in touch so easy now, that cards seem extraneous. For me, it was easy to give them the boot.

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    1. Generally, I struggle with interior paint color, but painting the outside? YIKES. This brought on a whole new mindset/worry. I think we’re happy with the choice, though, so there’s that.

      I kind of like your idea on the Christmas cards. Back in the day, I was so darn stringent on cards, received and sent. I’m starting to wonder if it’s really worth it. Of course, there are some friends/family that I only hear from at Christmas, so I think I would miss that part.


        1. Also, I just noticed the dog looking out of the door. Now I’m really concerned about my brain. I’m changing my mind: I do have an excuse, and it’s yesterday’s vicious migraine. Seriously, cut me some slack. XO

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        2. All is forgiven. Also, I didn’t notice Callie in the window until you pointed it out, so there’s that.
          I hope the migraine has packed its bag and left the building forever.


  2. Bijoux

    We did photo cards of the kids for about 25 years. The last one was 2014 when my oldest married and that was a family photo at the wedding.I figured I’d end on that note! Lol, no more stress of a photo card. I do enjoy receiving them.

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    1. Yes, maybe this will be my last year doing a photo. Who knows!! I also love receiving cards with a family photo and of course, an update since I don’t see/hear from a lot of people until Christmas.


  3. Picking a paint color is a stressful process that I put off as long as possible. Don’t ask me about the John Deere bathroom we had down south… I still have nightmares.
    As for cards, I always send them with handwritten messages.. and while I like receiving photos, I have to say I’m not a fan of the photo card. People don’t even sign them anymore, I find it impersonal.

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  4. I am right there with you on Christmas decorating. I’m hosting my college alumnae club tomorrow night for our annual Christmas party, so I did some decorating on December 1st. Who even am I? It is a chore I do not enjoy. Then I get to put it all away again. Usually all of this is done on my own.

    I do a photo card and I try to include a note with the cards of people we do not see regularly. I ordered my cards the earliest I’ve ever ordered them, but they are just sitting here. I need to complete my Christmas yearly-recap poem before I can send them out. It’s a labor of love. I do enjoy getting a photo card but I prefer a photo I can see, not those itty bitty photos. Show me the people, dang it.

    The paint color thing is always a challenge for me. We went back and forth on the siding color for the house, but I think we done good. Good luck there. I think you can’t go wrong with those options.

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    1. I would think the kids would love to help you. *eye roll*
      Really though, the girls? They don’t care for the Christmas decorating?

      You are the queen of Christmas poems/letters and I could never even aspire to such a feat as that.


      1. Mini does love the Christmas houses that I set up – an unwelcome gift from my folks, the storing and setting up makes me want to tear my hair out. Curly would help with anything – they are just super busy with basketball and school and dancing and friends and babysitting. I usually end up doing it during nap time during the week. They all help with the tree, but with college schedules we are super last minute with that. Our current debate is where to put a tree, the dog having access to it is the potential problem. Long story. Perhaps I will blog about it – at some point.

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        1. I figured the girls would love it but are such busy bees with all their activities and school.
          Please don’t tear your hair out, from what you’ve said, you don’t have any to spare!
          Puppies and Trees aren’t always a good match.

          And thank you, lovely dress, bride and dad.


  5. I love both photo cards and old fashioned cards…although I believe I am skipping sending any this year except for maybe a few key people that I want them to know I am thinking of them (first Christmas after their spouse died).

    The pictures from the wedding are beautiful!

    Suz, you’ve got such great taste that I’m sure your paint choice is perfect.

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  6. Melanie Galliano

    Great photos from the wedding. Decorating is a ton of work! I find I put out less and less each year. I did photo cards when my girls were small. We’d torture them with family photos and I’d send cards out to everyone!! That list has dwindled over the years. I still exchange regular cards, but it’s through Facebook card exchange groups.

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  7. nicoleboyhouse

    Oh Suz, those photos of Coach and Lolo dancing! Honestly, that brought tears to my eye. So lovely.

    I love seeing photos in Christmas cards, collage or otherwise. I do photo cards as well.

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    1. That certainly was a sweet moment. After all the planning, a bit of ‘day of chaos’ and then the sweetest moments. *sigh*

      I love when people send photos—it brightens my day!


  8. That is a lot of stuff going on at your house right now! No wonder you spent 3 weeks in GA! Your daughters dress looks beautiful and those are some handsome men! I’m sure your choice of pain color will be beautiful!

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  9. Beth (A Mom's Life)

    We still need to take some sort of photo for our Chrsitmas card. I’m hoping this week end but who knows. I may be putting together some sort of collage card as well if I don’t get my azz in gear! 🙂

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  10. LOL. I gave myself permission to skip Christmas cards this year AND as soon as I did that—I decided I wanted to do them. I’ll probably drop a few names from folks who seemed to have moved on…


  11. why DOES it sneak up on us? this year I procrastinated too long… because of the birthday hullaballoo. i do have 12 ornaments on my tree though… a forky reindeer is the highlight! and i was going to wait and do new year’s cards, but i didn’t want my people to think i forgot…
    house painting! i hope i recognize it next time. we need to get started on ours while it’s still cool out… i just saw another house in the ‘hood and made eric ask the hoa for the color…


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