Hello? Universe? Can You Bee A Bit Clearer?

I don’t shoot birds. Literally. With my finger or any other way. Alright, maybe sometimes it’s necessary on the DL. But, I think the universe is trying to send me some sort of message.

I shared with you last week how I fell and jammed my darn finger. Well, two weeks later another freaky accident, but this time it was NOT MY FAULT. I can’t even blame it on my husband, which is no fun.

I was merely standing on the upper lanai deck area, talking with my irrigation guy Rick. Rick had been there for several hours redoing some of my drip lines, editing sprinkler heads around the yard and some general clean up after all the deck work we’ve been doing. He had called me outside; he was finished and I needed to open up my irrigation app (there’s an app for that!) and take a look at what he had accomplished.

{The Scene Of The Incident}

{You’ll not be shocked to know that our pool situation is a mess. I made the incorrect contractor choice }

I had my phone in my left hand, held out in front of my chest, Rick was standing to my left, I was opening up the app….

meanwhile, my lawn guy was there, cutting the grass on his riding lawnmower. He was in the backyard area, but not super close to us…

The app opened, something shocked my hand, the phone flew out of my hand landing about 5 feet to Ricks’ left.

What the hell?

It happened so fast, I realized my left hand was feeling PAIN, specifically my middle finger and at the same time I noticed Rick grabbing his thigh, right next to his groin.


Rick bent down, picked up my cell phone and this:

It took me a minute to sort out this mystery. The lawnmower picked up AND hurled this piece of a limb towards us. I didn’t get shocked from my phone. (which also doesn’t make sense, but it’s what it felt like) It hit my finger, then Rick’s thigh.

The damn piece of wood hit the same.damn.middle.finger.

Poor Rick. He was ok, but he said it was dangerously close to his manhood.

We both stood there, kind of in shock at what had just transpired.

I motioned for my Lawn Guy to move to another area until we were finished and explained how he almost made a bigger impact than just cutting the grass.

My poor finger.

I’m Shielding Lillie from her broken Mama.
The photo really doesn’t do the swelling or discoloration justice.


Of course after all of this I couldn’t help but think of other scenarios:

*if I didn’t have my phone in my hand, it would have hit me right in the boob chest.

*it could have easily aimed for an eye or our mouths? I’m a fan of both my eyes and all my teeth.

*And had it hurt my irrigation guy? He is a genuine sweet human. I would have felt horrible.

I’m trying to figure out who I’ve wronged in this life or my lives prior to deserve these (although minor) injuries lately? Was I a human hating heathen? A butterfly murderer?

If things happen in threes, what is next for my not.so.pretty left middle finger?


Your friend Suz who is going to wrap her left hand in bubble wrap for the duration of 2021.

36 thoughts on “Hello? Universe? Can You Bee A Bit Clearer?

  1. Bijoux

    I mean, what are the chances?? I thought you were going to tell me the mower ran over a hornet’s nest or something! But yeah, a big ole piece of flying wood is no joke. I’d like to say, “Stay safe!” but that’s been overdone this year. XO

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  2. What are the chances? This is crazy. I admit when I saw the photo of the empty pool, I worried that you were somehow going to end up in there. It really could have been worse. Freak accidents are scary. Your poor finger. Gosh, can you imagine if it had hit your irrigation guy in the family jewels? Goodness. I second the vote for bubble wrap.

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    1. Listen, I have visions of falling into the empty pool. Luckily, we have no window boxes near it for me to climb up to! 😉
      He was concerned about his jewels but assured me the hit was off-center. *sigh*


  3. Have you recently given someone the middle finger? I’m being totally serious. Maybe there IS something to this, and the universe IS trying to tell you something.
    Or you just really need to buy that middle finger garden ornament. Only maybe a larger one because UNIVERSE. 🙂

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  4. The fates are definitely trying to send you a bird blocking message. I have no idea what it is… but beware.
    And I admit I had to look twice at your picture of lawn mower propelled debris. When you said limb, I thought you meant a bone from someone’s arm or leg. Although why you would have a yard full of desiccated body parts I’m sure I don’t know.

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  5. Ohh, I recognize that colour. That’s the colour of brokenness and ick. So… if you believe in all that “The Secret” stuff, perhaps you manifested this. That which you focus on, grows. Stop thinking about your finger and how you don’t want to hurt it again.
    Or maybe you just have really bad luck. One of the two.
    Have a really good rest of your week! -Jenn

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  6. nicoleboyhouse

    OMG! Suz! Your poor finger. Glad that didn’t hit your irrigation guy in the junk, that would have been something. I mean, yikes. Also, glad it didn’t hit you in the face, can you imagine!

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  7. Maddie

    What the? Again?!?

    Hopefully my last comment (on how the window boxes gave you the finger *dramatic pause* injury) will go thru but if not, I’ll repeat myself and say Suz! Take care of yourself! I’m thinking you’re right about the bubble wrap. Or maybe a plastic ball – like they have for hamsters but human-sized?

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    1. The comments are coming through. Do you have a word press profile? that might make it easier.
      I DO love hearing from you and when I don’t I’m all:
      Well, where the hell is Maddie? Is she mad at me? Did we break up?

      I’m taking care. I promise. No more injuries. *holding hands up to the heavens with a pleading face!*


      1. Maddie

        Suz I would never abandon you! Nope. It is just daffy life. Lately every day comes with a surprise – and not the good winning ticket lottery kind! Def not you. You and your blog are some of my favorite things. Like pansies! 🙂

        I think the disappearing comments are device and/or browser related but will look into getting an account. It is so sad to see my comment disappear (I guess that’s actually NOT seeing my comment, huh?). Oh dear. This is going to mean another password, isn’t it? I remember life before passwords *sighs dreamily*….

        SO glad you are fi—- wait, I’m not going to tempt fate by typing it out loud, I’m just happy you are you.

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        1. Remembering passwords gives me the heebie-jeebies. Luckily, my Mac mostly remembers them for me.
          Thank you for your sweet words and for not saying you.know.what.


  8. 16blessingsmom

    Yeah, gloves and a helmet next time you leave the house. Wowza though, glad it DID hit your finger, if it was going to hit a body part. You can at least live without a finger, although it would look rather hilarious if you were missing just that one, and sorry, I know it’s not really funny that you got hurt. I’m glad you both are semi-okay, and good luck with the rest of the project!

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  9. I actually had a similar incident except I only saw the big whatever fly through the air. I realized what they always say about not standing around lawnmowers was true and I have been overly cautious since then. It really can be dangerous. Poor finger. I know that hurt.


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